Need help with psp powerin issue!!!


I am having an issue with this psp slim and it is driving me crazy! Ok I have one working psp slim and decided to buy a second one online. After I bought it I was performing a firmware upgrade and the battery fell out of back (I didn't know that the battery case did not fully latch). Anyhow to make a long story short I bricked the darn thing! I did some research and found that to fix this I would need a pandora battery. I want to add that I knew it was bricked because when I attempted to turn it on the green light would come on but screen would just remain black. I tried to hard mod my own pandora battery but had no luck with it. Somewhere in this process my power light stopped comming on, when I put a battery in the power light would just flash real quick then nothing, even with power cord plugged in same thing. It will charge a battery but that is it. I went ahead and purchased a pandora on the internet and put it in psp and all that happens is light flashes over and over like once a second. I know I need the pandora because it is definately bricked, but now before I can fix that I need to figure out what the other issue is. I do know the pandora works because I tried it in my working psp. Does anyone know what the problem may be? I thought maybe with the battery I attempted the first time maybe blew a fuse or something???? :(
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