Need help with my PSP :(


Hey everyone.
My sister was playing with my PSP FAT (The first psp released) when suddently she dropped it. It fell on the floor in the side of the battery (the right side). Result: It doesn't turn on.
I'll write every single step:
(While NOT connected by the power supply):
It turns on (only the power LED) but then it won't let me turn off.
(While connected to the power supply):
The orange button pops up automatically when i connect it. If i turn it on the green LED pops up, even if t s connected to the power supply (I suppose it should be orange yet).
But well, when i turn it on the screen keeps black, like it's dead.
In other forum someone said it bricked or something like that. But i looked for a search on the net and it seems is a software problem. I mean, this problem happenned when my sister dropped it. So it mustn't be it, i think, i'm not an expert at this.
But now i'm desperate. My ps3 got YLOD, my laptop is at HP at the moment and now that i was gonna use my PSP... it happens this...
Please help me. Is there any solution?
Thank you very much :)
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