NBA LIVE 95 (PC) Anyone here like mysteries? Then Let's Hack NBA LIVE 95 (PC)


Does anyone know what purpose these 3 "UNKNOWN" player attributes serve during gameplay, or how to determine what their purpose is? Basically, take a look at the screenshot below, I took of a program that allows me to view LIVE 95 data using a graphical representation of code from the actual PC game. Do you know a tool that would help or you have a tip for what I should look for in the code? I can already edit pretty much anything in the game, thanks to Brien N. Smith who coded an excellent PC app which he named WiNBA (released 11/19/96). As it's the original title in the NBA Live franchise, people in the NBA Live modding scene have been modding this game for about 22 ½ years.

If you think you can help figure this out, reply here, PM me, or whatever. If you need a copy of the NBA LIVE95 (PC) .iso for "educational purposes"
let me know. I know you need a copy to figure this out unless you already know what these 3 unknown player ratings are for.

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