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final kaoss

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Top16-bit Activator P1Viper187D1167D14 ????
Top16-bit Activator P2Viper666D1167D1C ????
Top16-bit Activator P3Viper666D1167D24 ????
Top16-bit Activator P4Viper666D1167D2C ????
Top8-bit Activator 1 P2Viper666D015C156 00??
Top8-bit Activator 1 P3Viper666D015C15C 00??
Top8-bit Activator 1 P4Viper666D015C162 00??
Top8-bit Activator 2 P2Viper666D015C157 00??
Top8-bit Activator 2 P3Viper666D015C15D 00??
Top8-bit Activator 2 P4Viper666D015C163 00??
TopActivator 1 P1Code MasterD015C150 00??
TopActivator 2 P1Code MasterD015C151 00??
TopDual Activator P1Code MasterD115C150 00??
TopAll Computer Assitance Turned OffCode Master800A6F2F 000F
TopBaby Size PlayersCode Master800A6F39 000F
TopFast PassingCode Master800A6F4F 000F
TopHot Spots OnCode Master800A6F35 000F
TopHyper SpeedCode Master800A6F47 000F
TopMaximum PowerCode Master800A6F43 000F
TopMaximum SpeedCode Master800A6F45 000F
TopNo ArrowsCode Master800A6F2B 000F
TopNo Goal TendingCode Master800A6F3D 000F
TopNo PushingCode Master800A6F4D 000F
TopP1 Big HeadCode Master800A6F25 000F
TopP1 Huge HeadCode Master800A6F27 000F
TopPlay On Street CourtCode Master800A6F33 000F
TopQuick HandsCode Master800A6F41 000F
TopRed/White/Blue BallCode Master800A6F31 000F
TopShot Percentage OnCode Master800A6F29 000F
TopStealth TurboCode Master800A6F49 000F
TopTournament ModeCode Master800A6F37 000F
TopUnlimited TurboCode Master800A6F4B 000F
Top3 Point FG's Attempted: Player 1Suraht800A6DFD 00??
Top3 Point FG's Attempted: Player 2Suraht800A6E1D 00??
Top3 Point FG's Attempted: Player 3Suraht800A6E3D 00??
Top3 Point FG's Attempted: Player 4Suraht800A6E5D 00??
Top3 Point FG's Made: Player 1Suraht800A6DFF 00??
Top3 Point FG's Made: Player 2Suraht800A6E1F 00??
Top3 Point FG's Made: Player 3Suraht800A6E3F 00??
Top3 Point FG's Made: Player 4Suraht800A6E5F 00??
TopAssists: Player 1Suraht800A6E11 00??
TopAssists: Player 2Suraht800A6E31 00??
TopAssists: Player 3Suraht800A6E51 00??
TopAssists: Player 4Suraht800A6E71 00??
TopBlocks: Player 1Suraht800A6E05 00??
TopBlocks: Player 2Suraht800A6E25 00??
TopBlocks: Player 3Suraht800A6E45 00??
TopBlocks: Player 4Suraht800A6E65 00??
TopDunks: Player 1Suraht800A6E03 00??
TopDunks: Player 2Suraht800A6E23 00??
TopDunks: Player 3Suraht800A6E43 00??
TopDunks: Player 4Suraht800A6E63 00??
TopField Goals Attempted: Player 1Suraht800A6DF9 00??
TopField Goals Attempted: Player 2Suraht800A6E19 00??
TopField Goals Attempted: Player 3Suraht800A6E39 00??
TopField Goals Attempted: Player 4Suraht800A6E59 00??
TopField Goals Made: Player 1Suraht800A6DFB 00??Set the quantity digits for these statistic modifiers between 00 - 63.
TopField Goals Made: Player 2Suraht800A6E1B 00??
TopField Goals Made: Player 3Suraht800A6E3B 00??
TopField Goals Made: Player 4Suraht800A6E5B 00??
TopInjuries: Player 1Suraht800A6E13 00??
TopInjuries: Player 2Suraht800A6E33 00??
TopInjuries: Player 3Suraht800A6E53 00??
TopInjuries: Player 4Suraht800A6E73 00??
TopRebounds: Player 1Suraht800A6E07 00??
TopRebounds: Player 2Suraht800A6E27 00??
TopRebounds: Player 3Suraht800A6E47 00??
TopRebounds: Player 4Suraht800A6E67 00??
TopSteals: Player 1Suraht800A6E0B 00??
TopSteals: Player 2Suraht800A6E2B 00??
TopSteals: Player 3Suraht800A6E4B 00??
TopSteals: Player 4Suraht800A6E6B 00??
TopTurnovers: Player 1Suraht800A6E0F 00??
TopTurnovers: Player 2Suraht800A6E2F 00??
TopTurnovers: Player 3Suraht800A6E4F 00??
TopTurnovers: Player 4Suraht800A6E6F 00??
Top99 Trivia PointsCHILLY800A6C7B 0063
TopAll Baskets Count For Team 1Viper18781027ED4 2400
TopAll Baskets Count For Team 2Viper18781027ED4 2722
81027ED6 0002
TopAll Players Always On FireCode Master800A6F21 000F
TopAway Team Score ModifierDamon Barwin800A66FB 00??
TopBasket Point ModifierCode Master800A71BD 00??With this code, it will make every basket scored count as the number you put in for the ?'s, in hex mode, and it will work for both teams.
TopCharacter Has 0 LossesSuraht800A6CA3 0000
TopCharacter Has 100 Trivia PointsSuraht800A6CEB 0064
TopCharacter Has Defeated All TeamsSuraht800A6CC1 001D
TopCheat Device Button to Give Player The BallCode Master800A717F 00??00 - Player 1 01 - Player 2 02 - Player 3 03 - Player 4
TopDennis Rodman's Hair Colour Modifier (Team 1)ShadowKnight800A6C91 000?0 - Green 1 - Blue 2 - Orange 3 - Purple 4 - Red 5 - White 6 - Yellow 7 - Black 8 - No Head! 9 - Faint Lines of Face B - Glitch Head C - Iceman Head
TopDennis Rodman's Hair Colour Modifier (Team 2)ShadowKnight800A6C93 000?
TopHave Ability To Create "Super-Human" CharacterKong K. Rool810A75F5 0050
810A7597 0001
This code gives you the ability to create an unstoppable character. You start with all 80 Creation points plus you can select ALL seven abilities (instead of two out of six)! Now that's super-human!
TopHome Team Score ModifierInterAct800A66F9 00??
TopInfinite Shot TimeDamon Barwin800A66C7 0001
TopInfinite Shot TimeViper187800A66D3 0001
TopInfinite TimeDamon Barwin810A66CC 0000
810A66CE 0300
TopInfinite Time to Create CharacterCode Master800A75F3 003C
TopInfinite Turbo - All PlayersViper1878100E3AC 2400
TopInfinite Turbo P1Code Master800A70E1 0033
TopInfinite Turbo P2Code Master800A7109 0033
TopInfinite Turbo P3Code Master800A7131 0033
TopInfinite Turbo P4Code Master800A7159 0033
TopNo Turbo P1Code Master800A70E1 0000
TopNo Turbo P2Code Master800A7109 0000
TopNo Turbo P3Code Master800A7131 0000
TopNo Turbo P4Code Master800A7159 0000
TopP1 & P2 Always On FireCode Master800A6F21 0003
TopP1 Always On FireCode Master800A6F21 0001
TopP2 Always On FireCode Master800A6F21 0002
TopP3 & P4 Always On FireCode Master800A6F21 000C
TopP3 Always On FireCode Master800A6F21 0004
TopP4 Always On FireCode Master800A6F21 0008
TopPlayers PlayingShadowKnight800A6F8F 000?This is a really screwy code and I don't have the time to figure it out. If anyone wants to then, by all means, try and interpret it.
0 - Only CPU 1 - Player 1 Only 2 - P2 Only
TopTeam Modifier P1ShadowKnight800A6EA9 00??
TopTeam Modifier P2ShadowKnight800A6EAB 00??
TopTime FliesGSC810A66CC 0000
810A66CE 0000
You have about five seconds in each quarter!
TopUnlimited Shot TimeViper18781029480 2400
TopBig Head Mode Always OffCode Master800A77E1 0000
TopBig Head Mode Always OnCode Master800A77E1 0001
TopCPU Assistance Always OffCode Master800A77E4 0000
TopCPU Assistance Always OnCode Master800A77E4 0001
TopShot Clock Always OffCode Master800A77E3 0000
TopShot Clock Always OnCode Master800A77E3 0001
TopTag Arrow Always OffCode Master800A77E2 0000
TopTag Arrow Always OnCode Master800A77E2 0001
TopTournament Mode Always OffCode Master800A77E0 0000
TopTournament Mode Always OnCode Master800A77E0 0001
TopCustom Character Has ?? Attribute PointsSuraht800A75F5 00??
TopHead ModifierViper666800A7701 00??
TopMax Attributes (Cheat Device 3.0 or Higher Needed!)Viper66650000802 0000
810A75E0 000A
TopMax BlookCode Master800A75EF 000A
TopMax DunksCode Master800A75EB 000A
TopMax HeightCode Master800A75E1 000A
TopMax PowerCode Master800A75E7 000A
TopMax ShootCode Master800A75E9 000A
TopMax SpeedCode Master800A75E5 000A
TopMax StealCode Master800A75ED 000A
TopMax WeightCode Master800A75E3 000A
TopNick Name ModifierViper666800A75F9 00??
TopUniform ModifierViper666800A75FB 00??
TopWin ModifierSuraht800A6C9F 00??
TopWin Streak ModifierSuraht800A6CC5 00??
TopP1 First Letter ModifierShadowKnight800A7798 000?X - 2nd letter/number Y - 3rd letter/number
TopP1 Second & Third Letter ModifierShadowKnight800A7799 00XY
TopP2 First Letter ModifierShadowKnight800A779A 000?
TopP2 Second & Third Letter ModifierShadowKnight800A779B 00XY
TopP3 First Letter ModifierShadowKnight800A779C 000?
TopP3 Second & Third Letter ModifierShadowKnight800A779D 00XY
TopP4 First Letter ModifierShadowKnight800A779E 000?
TopP4 Second & Third Letter ModifierShadowKnight800A779F 00XY

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