Nand Brick


Hi all looking for some help on a psp I bricked

first off I think I have written a nand from a psp 2000 to a psp 1000 as I was trying to unbrick a 2000 using my pandora which has a 3.90 on the mms has never let me down so have not updated it . but due to it not working i updated my mms to 5.00m33 this still did not work so i was messing around in the menu not sure what i was doing but i did manage to get it to the blades using the test function i think.

I decided to put the new mms (5.00m33)in my 1000 to try it out and see if it worked but when it finished it booted up and the screen was very dim and messed up but i could make out the name in the settings and it was the name i had just see of the 2000.(hence why i think i have rewrote the nand)

so I have now got a psp 1000 that when i try and use pandora on it either mms it gets stuck at formatting flash 1

a psp 2000 that if i load pandora on either mms it goes through the process but still does not boot up

I can not get either psp to go into recovery mode not sure if I need files on a memory stick to do that tho ? if so which ones

1 last point is I have got a keys folder for the 1000 psp if that helps me recovery the file but it is dated jan 2009 so not sure what good it is or how i got it

I would like some help on fixing the 1000 first if you can as that is mine if i can fix the 2000 it will be a bonus

the 1000 was running 5.50 gen d b4 i messed it up

thanks for any help in advance

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