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final kaoss

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F1091F94 1000 Enable Code (Must Be On)

Dig-Dug Codes

800FE67E 0063 Infinite Credits
800FE709 0002 Infinite Lives P1
810FE706 ???? Score Modifier P1 (Small)
810FE704 ???? Score Modifier P1 (Large)
800FE76B 0004 Infinite Lives P2
810FE76A ???? Score Modifier P2 (Small)
810FE768 ???? Score Modifier P2 (Large)
Galaga Codes

800D76A4 0063 Infinite Credits
800D7510 0002 Infinite Lives (Both Players)
Galaxian Codes

800CD3D0 0063 Infinite Credits
800CD3AD 0003 Infinite Lives
810BCE7E ???? Score Modifier P1 (Small)
810BCE7C ???? Score Modifier P1 (Large)
810BC782 ???? Score Modifier P2 (Small)
810BC780 ???? Score Modifier P2 (Large)
Ms. Pac-man Codes

800BBE4B 0063 Infinite Credits
800BBE23 0004 Infinite Lives P1
810BC7EA ???? Score Modifier P1 (Small)
810BC7E8 ???? Score Modifier P1 (Large)
800BBE27 0004 Infinite Lives P2
810BC7EE ???? Score Modifier P2 (Small)
810BC7EC ???? Score Modifier P2 (Large)
810BC1FA ???? High Score Modifier (Small)
810BC1F8 ???? High Score Modifier (Large)

810BC100 0000 Eat All Ghosts All The Time
810BC102 0000
810BC12C 0000
810BC12E 0000
810BC158 0000
810BC15A 0000
810BC184 0000
810BC186 0000
Pac-Man Codes

800A8817 0063 Infinite Credits
800BBE23 0004 Infinite Lives P1
810A86F2 ???? Score Modifier P1 (Small)
810A86F0 ???? Score Modifier P1 (Large)
800BBE27 0004 Infinite Lives P2
810A86F6 ???? Score Modifier P2 (Small)
810A86F4 ???? Score Modifier P2 (Large)
810A86FA ???? High Score Modifier (Small)
810A86F8 ???? High Score Modifier (Large)

810A8760 0000 Eat All Ghosts All The Time
810A8762 0000
810A878C 0000
810A878E 0000
810A87B8 0000
810A87BA 0000
810A87E4 0000
810A87E6 0000
Pole Position Codes

8010A243 0063 Infinite Time
81107BF8 ???? Score Modifier (0000-9999)
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