Naild (Nail'd) (2010)PC

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Naild (Nail'd) (2010)PC Game



Year: 2010
Release Date: November 30, 2010
Genres: Arcade / Racing (Motorcycles) / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Deep Silver
Platform: PC

Publication Type: license
Language: English (ENG), German (GER), Italian (ITA), French (FRE), Spanish (SPA)
Crack: Present
Size: 2.09 Gb

Nail’d is a racing game that is all about eschewing boring realism for over the top arcade fun. It’s a racer that challenges everything from player reflexes through to the rules of physics. Riding on ATVs and motocross bikes with powerful boost controls, players will race down near-vertical courses of incredible jumps, stunts and obstacles. The brutal challenge of the Yosemite National Park is but one of the places they’ll learn the meaning of verticality.

* Vehicle Customization.
* Different classes compete simultaneously on the same track.
* Multiplayer - up to 12 players.
* Online options - leaderboards, achievements.
* 14 tracks.

Minimum system requirements:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz, Intel Pentium D 2.66 Ghz, AMD Athlon 64 3500+ or better
RAM: 1 GB Windows XP / 2 GB Windows Vista
VGA: 256 MB DirectX 10.0® compliant video card or DirectX 9.0c® compliant card with Shader Model 3.0 or higher
DX: DirectX 9.0c or greater
OS: Windows XP (with SP3)or Windows Vista (with SP1)
Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card



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