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[h=3]Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon[/HEADING]

Released: 1998

Written by: Ben Kosmina

Page 1-3
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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Starting up.......................5
How to Play.......................6
Game Flow.........................7
Game Screen.......................8
Using the Controller..............9
The Surprise Match...............13
Character Profiles...............15

Correctly insert the Game Boy Game Pak into the Super Game Boy. Next, insert the
Super Game Boy into the Super NES and move the power switch on the Super NES to
the ON position. For further operation information, please consult your Super
Game Boy and/or Super NES instruction manual.
Page 5

Starting Up
Correctly insert the Game Boy Game Pak into your Game Boy unit, and switch on
the power. Select either "NEW GAME" or "PASSWORD" from the Title screen with the
directional buttons, and press A button to set.

Play the game from the beginning.
Input PASSWORD to play the game from the stage you last left off.

If you select "NEW GAME", the Chapter 1 Title screen will appear, followed by
the Character Select screen. Choose to play as either Goemon, Ebisumaru, or
Sasuke, then start the game.

When you clear a stage, the Title screen for the next chapter will appear,
followed by the Character Select screen. Choose one of the characters you
haven't selected before, then continue playing.
* You can play as any character you want once you reach Chapter 4.
Page 6

How to Play
* "Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon" is an action role-playing game. You must
collect information and items, and defeat the boss characters that lie in wait
for you in each stage to progress.
* You have a certain amount of strength. When you take damage from an enemy
attack, or fall into holes, rivers or the ocean you lose strength. If you
completely run out of strength the game ends.
* You can regain strength by staying at inns or buying items.
* You will find a variety of items with different effects as you progress
through the game.

When you clear a chapter, a PASSWORD made up of a combination of 16 different
pictographs (bamboo pipe, bomb, etc) will appear on the screen. Select
"PASSWORD" at the Title Screen to switch to the PASSWORD input screen. If you
correctly input the 14 pictographs of the PASSWORD in order, you will be able to
start playing from the start of the stage corresponding to that PASSWORD. If you
have made a mistake when inputting the PASSWORD, an error warning will sound.
You can re-input as many times as you like if you make a mistake. To exit, press
A+B+Start+Select at the same time. If you notice that you've made a mistake
while you're still inputting, press the B button to delete one character at a
Page 7

Game Flow
This is how the game is structured.

Character Select
Select either Goemon, Ebisumaru, or Sasuke to be your character.

Game Starts

Sword Battle Action mode
This mode is made up of an outside scene and a dungeon scene. You start outside,
fighting enemies and collecting information, items and clear items.

Surprise Match mode
A boss character lies in wait for you at the end of the dungeon scene. If you
defeat him, you clear the stage.
Page 8

Game Screen
ST.....................Shows your current strength level.
Gold Coin..............Shows how much money you have.
Shuriken...............Shows how many shuriken (throwing stars) you have.
Attack items...........Shows whether normal attack items or special attack items
are activated.
Player.................This is the main character.
Level..................Move to upper or lower level. (Set of stairs)
1000-coin box..........Contains gold coins and other items.
River..................If you fall into the river your strength will decrease by
Enemy..................Moving different character.
Page 9

Using the Controller

A button
Jump, advance through conversations, set a variety of selections.

B button
Set variety of attacks when fighting, talk to other characters, get information,
get items (from 1000-coin box, etc), cancel a variety of selections.

Start Button
Switch through game screens.

Select Button
Switch between normal attacks or special attacks.

Directional Button
Move character, move cursor.
Page 10

There are two different attack methods you can use to progress through the game;
normal attacks executed using items (each character uses a different item), and
special attacks executed using a shuriken (throwing stars).

Normal attack: Pipe
Special attack: Shuriken

Normal attack: Fan
Special attack: Shuriken

Normal attack: Kunai (ninja weapon)
Special attack: Shuriken

* When your strength is at maximum, you can do special attacks as well by simply
doing a normal attack. (You throw one shuriken per attack.)

You can obtain your character's ultimate weapon by picking up its item.
Goemon's ultimate weapon: The First Pipe
Ebisumaru's ultimate weapon: The Fan of Heaven
Sasuke's ultimate weapon: The Legendary Kunai
Page 11

* Consumable Items
You can buy these items or get them from the 1000-coin box.
Gold Coin - You'll need gold coins to buy other items.
Rice Ball - Replenishes your strength level by one.
ST Tablet - Returns your strength level to maximum.
Shuriken - A throwing star all characters can use.

* Level-up items
There are two kinds of level-up items; those that increase your strength and
those that increase your attack power.
Crystal of Life - Adds one extra unit to your strength level.
The First Pipe - Can only be used by Goemon.
The Fan of Heaven - Can only be used by Ebisumaru.
The Legendary Kunai - Can only be used by Sasuke.

* Clear items
You'll need these to clear the stages.
Bamboo - Enables you to move across the water.
The Sign of the Black Ship Gang - Enables you to board the Black Ship Skull.
Bomb - You'll need this to blow things up.
The Conch Shell - Used to summon Impact.
Page 12

Chapter 1 - Gadget Castle

Chapter 2 - The Demon Cave

Chapter 3 - The Black Ship Skull

Chapter 4 - The Skull, Once Again

Chapter 5 - Skeleton Island
Page 13

The Surprise Match
The 100-Metre Dash
Try to get to the finish line before your opponent by pressing the A Button

Test your strength by pressing the A Button repeatedly to pull your opponent
into the centre.

Lantern Attack
Move the cursor with the directional buttons and press the A button to pick
which of the 6 lanterns doesn't belong.

Contest of Nerves
Move the cursor with the Directional buttons and press the A button to turn over
the cards. Try to collect all 8 different patterns of two cards each.

Use the Directional buttons to make your character jump forwards. Memorise the
order in which the different faces appear, then change all the panels to the
face of the character youu are currently using.
Page 14

Octopus Whack
Each button on your Game Boy unit corresponds to one of the jars. Hit the
buttons to whack all the octopi as they come out!

Last Battle
Take on the final boss by moving the target left/right with the Directional
buttons, and pressing the A button to punch!

There are events in each stage. If you win you'll receive items or other

Shoot three arrows at the roulette wheel to make a score equal to or greater
than the target value.

The Quiz Contest
You must get at least five answers correct in this quiz.
Page 15

Character Profiles

Born to fight for justice, Goemon helps the weak and fights the strong, his
trademark pipe in hand.

A robot ninja, Sasuke is a powerful ally of Goemon's.

A glutton who likes to take it easy, Ebisumaru is nevertheless the best person
to have around when the going gets tough (or so he says). He is Goemon's trusted

The only female in Goemon's group, Yae is an unrivalled ninja fighter, said to
be the most deadly in all Edo (Old Tokyo).
Page 16

Baron Skull
Leader of the Black Ship Gang, Baron Skull aims to take over the world. No-one
has ever seen his real face, and his true form remains a mystery. The Baron
controls the giant robots Skull King 1, 2 and 3 and challenges Goemon and his
friends to their final battle.

Black Octopus

The Great Demon Shene

First Officer Sree
(Mechanical Robots 1, 2 and 3)

Skull King 1, 2 and 3
Page 17

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