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8015C5E3 0027 Max Heart Containers (20 Hearts)
8116A044 43A6 Blackout Mode
8116A044 3BAB Sky Man
8015C5E7 0028 Infinite Health
8015C5EF 0009 Infinite Lives
8115C5EA 270F Infinite Ryu (Money)
80304012 FFFF Stretchy Stomach and Head Rolls
80304057 FFFF Flying head
8030405A 00FF (In Intro) Out Of Control Scroll
800AA53F FFFF Strobe Sky
800AA51F FFFF Strobe/Lined Doors
800AA4FF FFFF Strobe Doors
800ABDFF FFFF Strobe World
800AADFF FFFF Lifebar Flashy
800AADCF FFFF Flipping "Item"
800AACE8 FFFF Konami Symbol Slightly Flashy
801AC1EF FFFF (In Intro) High-Pitched/Crackling Noises
80168222 FFFF (In Intro) Ruined Houses
80168312 FFFF Beaten-Up Graphics
803077FE FFFF Background At Start Options Screen Looks Like A Desert
801AC2AF 00FF Glitchy Sound/Sometimes Turns It Off
80304055 FFFF Different Desert Shot At Start Options
803040FE FFFF Super Swing When Jumping
803040FE 9999 Super Swing on Ground

D00C7D3B 0020 L Button To Use Chargeable Weapon
8120C896 005D

8015C5DF 00XX Character Modifier
Replace XX with:
00 Goemon
01 Ebisumaru
02 Sasuke
03 Yae

D00C7D3B 0020 L Button For Moon Jump
8116A044 4000

Goemon Character Codes

80304043 FFFF Head Spins Around His Body When He Jumps
8030407F FFFF Is A Headbanger When Walking Mid-Speed
8030409F FFFF Side-To-Side Spring-Head Goemon
80304042 FFFF Head Pops Off When He Jumps
803040BF FFFF Has A Flying Head At Mid-Speed Walk
80304000 FFFF Has A Uncontrollable Left Arm
80304790 FFFF Looks Like He "Bulging" In The Back of His Pants When
Running/When On Surfboard When Swimming
803047F7 FFFF Keeps Looking Back And Forth Over Right Shoulder
803047F2 FFFF Spear Head
803047F3 FFFF Spear Head 2
803047F4 FFFF Backwards Head
803047FE FFFF Head Out Infront
803047FF FFFF Springy Head
803047F0 FFFF Stretched Head
803047F5 FFFF Head Keeps Falling Off
803047F1 FFFF Cabbage-Patch Head
803047F6 FFFF Always Look At Camera
803047FC FFFF Head Comes Off
803047FC 0000 Head On Ground

Ganbare Codes

803047FF 0000 Has a Huge Pole and Droop on the Floor Head (Indoors)
803047F2 0000 Has a Narrow, Punk Rocker Head
803047F2 BBBB Enormous Head Ganbare
803047F2 00FF Big Drooping and/ or Exorcist head Ganbare

Yae Codes

80304010 FFFF Exploding Stomach
80304001 FFFF Exploding Lungs
803040BB FFFF A Flying Hammer When Swung 3 Times
80304050 FFFF Slot-Machine Head When Running
803049CD FFFF Invisible When Skipping

Ebisumaru Codes

8015C6D3 0001 Have Windup Camera
8015C6C3 0001 Have Meat Saw Hammer
8015C6F3 0001 Have Magic Mini Ebisu

8015C6B3 00xx Saw Hammer Modifier

Replace xx with:
00 Normal Saw Hammer
01 Silver Saw Hammer
02 Gold Saw Hammer

Sasuke Codes

8015C6C7 0001 Have Fire Cracker Bomb
8015C6D7 0001 Have Kunai of Severe Cold
8015C6F7 0001 Have Magic Flying

8015C6B7 00xx Kunai Modifier

Replace xx with:
00 Normal Kunai
01 2 Kunai's
02 Gold Kunai

Item Codes

8015C6FF 0001 Have Triton Shell
8015C703 0001 Have Brown Item
8015C707 0001 Have Silver Fortune Doll
8015C70F 0001 Have Brown Round Item
8015C713 0001 Have Gold Key
8015C717 0001 Have Blue Sausage
8015C71B 0001 Have Pink Fish
8015C71F 0001 Have Gold Fish
8015C723 0001 Have Blue Fish

8015C5F3 00xx Item Modifier 1st Position

Replace xx with:
01 Silver Helmet
02 Helmet

8015C5FB 00xx 2nd Item Position Quantity Modifier

Replace xx with:
00 0
01 1
02 2
03 3

8015C5F7 00xx Item Modifier 2nd Position

Replace xx with:
01 Japanese Sombrero
02 Metal Helmet
03 Gold Helmet

8015C603 00xx 3rd Item Position Quantity Modifier

Replace xx with:
00 0
01 1
02 2
03 3

8015C5FF 00xx Item Modifier 3rd Position

Replace xx with:
01 Straw Rain Coat
02 Metal Armor
03 Gold Armor
TopActivator 1 P1Code MasterD00C7D3A 00??
TopActivator 2 P1Code MasterD00C7D3B 00??
TopAutomatically Complete Ebisumaru's TrainingZapdos803B52F4 0008
TopHave Magic Mini EbisuCode Master8015C6F3 0001
TopHave Meat Saw HammerCode Master8015C6C3 0001
TopHave Windup CameraCode Master8015C6D3 0001
TopSaw Hammer ModifierCode Master8015C6B3 00??00 - Normal Saw Hammer 01 - Silver Saw Hammer 02 - Gold Saw Hammer
TopHave Chain PipeCode Master8015C6BF 0002
TopHave Magic Sudden ImpactCode Master8015C6EF 0001
TopHave Medal of FlamesCode Master8015C6DF 0001
TopPipe ModifierCode Master8015C6AF 00??00 - Normal Pipe 01 - Silver Pipe 02 - Gold Pipe
TopD-Pad Left To Charge LaserZapdosD00C7D3A 0002
802F706F 0064
There is an activator on this code, because if it is normally used, it will freeze the game.
TopD-Pad Right To Refill RyoZapdosD0067D3A 0001
812F7066 03E7
TopD-Pad Up To Refill Oil (Health)ZapdosD0067D3A 0008
812F706A 03E7
TopMaximum RyoZapdos812F70EA 03E7
TopRobot Boss' Health ModifierZapdos812F7062 ????For D-Pad to Refill codes, the activators are attached because if the codes are on during normal gameplay, they will freeze the game. Also, if the codes are on, and the button they are assigned to is hit, the game will freeze.
Top2nd Item Position Quantity ModifierCode Master8015C5FB 00??01 - Japanese Sombrero 02 - Metal Helmet 03 - Gold Helmet
Top3rd Item Position Quantity ModifierCode Master8015C603 00??01 - Straw Rain Coat 02 - Metal Armor 03 - Gold Armor
TopHave Blue FishCode Master8015C723 0001
TopHave Blue SausageCode Master8015C717 0001
TopHave Brown Item [???]Code Master8015C703 0001
TopHave Brown Round Item [???]Code Master8015C70F 0001
TopHave Gold FishCode Master8015C71F 0001
TopHave Gold KeyCode Master8015C713 0001
TopHave Pink FishCode Master8015C71B 0001
TopHave Silver Fortune Doll [?]Code Master8015C707 0001
TopHave Triton ShellCode Master8015C6FF 0001
TopItem Modifier 1st PositionCode Master8015C5F3 00??01 - Silver Helmet 02 - Helmet (???) 03 - (???)
TopItem Modifier 2nd Position [See Above Note]Code Master8015C5F7 00??
TopItem Modifier 3rd PositionCode Master8015C5FF 00??00 - 0 01 - 1 02 - 2 03 - 3
Top(In Intro) High-Pitched/Crackling NoisesJedi801AC1EF FFFF
Top(In Intro) Out Of Control Scroll/Goemon's Head Tries To Fall Down When Jump-Slashing/Ganbare Has A Strange Slashing Side-Effect In Air Or GroundJedi8030405A 00FF
Top(In Intro) Ruined HousesJedi80168222 FFFF
Top(In Intro) Sky Or Backgrounds Stop Or Flash Usually When Someone Runs By/In Some Buildings In-Game Your Character FlashesJedi800AA54F FFFFMay freeze after the introduction.
Top(In Intro) Strange Text To The Lower-Right Of Konami Sign/Some Things Are Flashy On Your Bar In Some BuildingsJedi800AB26E FFFF
Top(In Intro) Strobe ModeJedi800AA471 FFFF
Top(In Intro) Strobe Mode #2Jedi800AA4E1 FFFFMay freeze after the introduction.
Top(In Some Buildings) "Item" Text Really Messed-UpJedi800AADBF FFFF
Top(In Some Buildings) Flashy Bar When You're Ganbare With A Strange Colour Aura Around The Item Box/In Other Buildings The Item Box Flashes When You Throw CoinsJedi800AAD02 FFFF
Top(In Some Buildings) Flipping "Item" TextJedi800AADCF FFFF
Top(In Some Buildings) Fuzzy "Item" Text/Fuzzy Coins 'Pic When Throwing CoinsJedi800AADAF FFFF
Top(In Some Buildings) Item Box Gets Screwy When You Switch CharactersJedi800AACFA FFFF
Top(In Some Buildings) Item Box Gets Screwy When You Switch Characters #2Jedi800AACFB FFFF
Top(In Some Buildings) Item Box Is Always Glitchy/In Other Buildings Your Whole Bar Occasionally Flashes BlueJedi800AAD0F FFFF
Top(In Some Buildings) Lifebar Flashy/Other Misc. Flashy ThingsJedi800AADFF FFFF
Top(In Some Buildings) Part Of Item Box Tries To Disappear & Tries To Expand When You Throw CoinsJedi800AAD2F FFFF
Top(In Some Buildings) Throwing Coins Will Make Half Of Your Bar GlitchyJedi800AAD13 FFFF
Top(In Some Buildings) Your Coin Picture Moves When You Slash & Item Box Is A Bit Flashy/In Other Buildings Your 2nd Bar FlashesJedi800AACFF FFFFFor the '2nd Bar Flashes' part of the code, never attempt to switch characters, otherwise the game willfreeze!
Top(Inside Buildings) Strobe DoorsJedi800AA4FF FFFF
Top(Inside Buildings) Strobe/Lined DoorsJedi800AA51F FFFF
Top(Inside Some Buildings) Goemon's Ryo/Lives & "X" FlashesJedi800AAB6F FFFF
Top(Outside Buildings) Strobe WorldJedi800ABDFF FFFF
Top(Outside In Some Perspectives) Strobe SkyJedi800AA53F FFFF
TopBarely Any Beaten-Up GraphicsJedi80168323 FFFF
TopBlackout ModeCrocc8116A044 43A6
TopBlue Specks Are Here & ThereJedi80168242 FFFF
TopCharacter ModifierCrocc8015C5DF 00??00 - Goemon 01 - Ebisumaru 02 - Sasuke 03 - Yae
TopDrop CameraCroccD01671A1 0020
8016A0ED 0000
D01671A1 0010
8016A0ED 0001
Press L to drop the camera, and R to re-activate it.
TopEven More Beaten-Up GraphicsJedi80168312 FFFF
TopGanbare Has A Flying Head When Jumping In Water & A Huge HammerJedi80304057 FFFF
TopGanbare Has A Rolling Head When Jumping/When On Ground & Slashing Causes Head To Roll And Stomach To Fall/Moving Fairly Slowly Causes Stomach To Float AwayJedi80304034 FFFF
TopGanbare Has A Squished Head While TiptoeingNoah803047FE 0000
TopGanbare's Head Is On The Ground While StandingNoah80304050 0000
TopGanbare's Stomach Is Very Stretchy When Standing Still/Head Rolls When You JumpJedi80304012 FFFF
TopGet Stuck At The Stripey Screen With Intro Music In The BackgroundJedi800AAD01 FFFF
TopGoemon Has A Glitchy Right Arm When Slashing On The Ground/Ganbare's Head Floats Away When Standing Still/Huge Hammer When Jump-Slashing/Missing Stomach When Getting UpJedi80304050 FFFF
TopGoemon's Head Falls Off/Ebisumaru Taps his footZapdos8130408A 4660
TopGoemon's Head Lowers When Jumping & Goes Sideways When Jump-Slashing/Ganbare's Head Can Flip When Walking Slowly/Missing Head When Jumping/Yae's Hair Is Missing When Walking Medium-PaceJedi8030405C FFFF
TopHeight ModifierCrocc8114C324 ????
TopInfinite HealthInterAct8015C5E7 0028
TopInfinite LivesInterAct8015C5EF 0009
TopInfinite Ryu (Money)InterAct8115C5EA 270F
TopKonami Symbol Slightly FlashyJedi800AACE8 FFFF
TopL Button For Moon JumpInterActD00C7D3B 0020
8116A044 4000
With this code, you need to press and hold the 'L' button to rise up in the air, and then let go when you are at your desired height to fall.
TopL Button To Use Chargeable WeaponZapdosD00C7D3B 0020
8120C896 005D
Press the L Button to use a chargeable weapon such as Goemon's Medal of Flames, Yae's Bazooka, Ebisumaru's Wind-Up Camera, or Sasuke's Kunai of Severe Cold.
TopL to Levitate (First Impact Boss?)TR002D00C7D3B 0020
8116A134 402A
TopMax Heart Containers (20 Hearts)Crocc8015C5E3 0027
TopMessed-Up Head/WalkingNoah803047FA 00A2Goemon's head moves to the right while tip toeing, Ganbare's head gets big while tiptoeing and Yae walks on one foot while tiptoeing.
TopPermanently Changes Goemon's Hair GoldJPG8020C8E4 0001The effects associated with this (increased strength) will not be effective unless the player manually earns the gold hair option.
TopPosition ModifierCrocc8114C320 ????
8114C324 ????
8114C328 ????
Find the place you want to start at, then look up the codes in the memory editor. If you want to use them as a starting point modifier, make the codes Cheat Device button activated (89). Also, the first code is the x co-ordinate, the second is the y co-ordinate, and the third code is the z co-ordinate.
TopSky ManCrocc8116A044 3BAB
TopSome Beaten-Up Graphics EverywhereJedi80168325 FFFF
TopSome Doors Are Slightly Messed-UpJedi80168202 FFFF
TopStrange Konami Symbol StuffJedi801AC1B8 FFFF
TopStrange StuffNoah80304762 00FFGoemon: His arm gets big while running. Ganbare: His right arm comes off while walking. Yae: Her leg comes off while tiptoeing.
TopStrange Stuff #2Noah80304760 00FFGoemon's arm gets big while running and Ganbare's right foot comes off while skipping.
TopStrange Stuff #3Noah80304761 00FFGoemon: Left arm gets big while running. Ganbare: Right arm comes off while walking. Yae: Does the splits while tip toeing.
TopStrange Stuff #4Noah80304764 0001Ganbare: Invisible while walking. Yae: Tiptoes on one foot.
TopStrange Stuff #5Noah80304772 0000Goemon: Right foot comes off while tip toeing. Ganbare: Right hand is going crazy while tip toeing. Yae: Is holding a huge spear while tiptoeing and left hand comes off while running.
TopStrange White Lines Come Out Of The Water Occasionally (Difficult To See)Jedi80324162 FFFF
TopTouch And Go Sudden Impact Skills Always GoldTR0028020E8C4 0001
TopTwirly-Head Goemon When Jump-Slashing/Ganbare's Head Is Glitchy When Crawling On The Ground/Huge Hammer When Slashing/Head Goes Downwards When Jumping/Yae's Hair Goes Flying When She JumpsJedi80304052 FFFF
TopWacky Slash Ganbare/Very Rare HugeHammer When Slashing On Ground/Stomach Goes Flying When Getting Off The Ground/Yae's Hair Is Glitchy When Getting Up Or DownJedi80304059 FFFF
TopWeapon ModifierCrocc8015C607 00??00 - Nothing 01 - 1st Weapon 02 - 2nd Weapon 03 - 3rd Weapon
TopYour Character's Arms MoveZapdos813041A6 4001
TopEbisumaru In-Party Modifier [See Above Note]Code Master8015C6A3 00??
TopGoemon In-Party ModifierCode Master8015C69F 00??00 - Not In Party 01 - In Party
TopSasuke In-Party Modifier [See Above Note]Code Master8015C6A7 00??
TopYae In-Party Modifier [See Above Note]Code Master8015C6AB 00??
TopHave Fire Cracker BombCode Master8015C6C7 0001
TopHave Kunai of Severe ColdCode Master8015C6D7 0001
TopHave Magic FlyingCode Master8015C6F7 0001
TopKunai ModifierCode Master8015C6B7 00??00 - Normal Kunai 01 - 2 Kunai's 02 - Gold Kunai
TopHave BazookaCode Master8015C6DB 0001
TopHave FluteCode Master8015C6CB 0001
TopHave Magic MermaidCode Master8015C6FB 0001
TopKatana ModifierCode Master8015C6BB 00??00 - Normal Katana 01 - Silver Katana 02 - Gold Katana
TopBlue ItemUnknown8215d422:0001
TopBlue SausageUnknown8215d417:0001
TopBrown ItemUnknown8215d402:0001
TopBrown Round ItemUnknown8215d40f:0001
TopDisable Background MusicDybbles801F9ED0 0000
TopEbisumaru Can Use His Weapons While He Is SmallDybbles801E7E04 0000
TopFlying MagicUnknown8215d3f4:0001
TopGold ItemUnknown8215d41c:0001
TopGold KeyUnknown8215d412:0001
TopHabe BazookaUnknown8215d3cb:0001
TopHabe Chain PipeUnknown8215d3bf:0002
TopHabe EbisumaruUnknown8215d3a3:0001
TopHabe Fire Cracker BombUnknown8215d3c4:0001
TopHabe FluteUnknown8215d3db:0001
TopHabe Kunai Of Severe ColdUnknown8215d3d4:0001
TopHabe Meat Saw-HammerUnknown8215d3c0:0001
TopHabe Medal Of FlamesUnknown8215d3df:0001
TopHabe Sasuke CharacterUnknown8215d3a4:0001
TopHabe Yae CharacterUnknown8215d3ab:0001
TopHave All 4 Miracle ItemsDybbles8015C85B 0001
8015C85F 0001
8015C863 0001
8015C866 0001
May mess up save, if you aren't careful.
TopHave An Echo In Your Voice Like You're In A CaveDybblesA0172972 0001
TopHyper CharacterDybbles8016A070 40CC
Your character's animations are fast, and your character will attack fast.
TopMermaid MagicUnknown8215d3fb:0001
TopMini Ebisumaru MagicUnknown8215d3f2:0001
TopPink ItemUnknown8215d41b:0001
TopSky Box ModifierDybblesD00C7D3B 0001
80167FE9 00XX
Pause the game, press C-Right, then unpause the game.
TopSudden Impact MagicUnknown8215d3ec:0001
TopUltimate Size ModifierDybblesD00C7D3A 0008
8114C334 3E50
D00C7D3A 0008
8114C336 CCCD
D00C7D3A 0008
8114C338 3E50
D00C7D3A 0008
8114C33A CCCD
D00C7D3A 0008
8114C33C 3E50
D00C7D3A 0008
8114C33E CCCD
D00C7D3A 0004
8114C334 3D17
D00C7D3A 0004
8114C336 8D56
D00C7D3A 0004
8114C338 3D17
D00C7D3A 0004
8114C33A 8D56
D00C7D3A 0004
8114C33C 3D17
D00C7D3A 0004
8114C33E 8D56
D00C7D3A 0002
8114C334 3DCC
D00C7D3A 0002
8114C336 CCCD
D00C7D3A 0002
8114C338 3DCC
D00C7D3A 0002
8114C33A CCCD
D00C7D3A 0002
8114C33C 3DCC
D00C7D3A 0002
8114C33E CCCD
D00C7D3A 0001
8114C334 3BCC
D00C7D3A 0001
8114C336 CCCD
D00C7D3A 0001
8114C338 3DCC
D00C7D3A 0002
8114C33A CCCD
D00C7D3A 0001
8114C33C 3DCC
D00C7D3A 0001
8114C33E CCCD
Press D-Pad Up to be Giant, Press D-Pad Down to be Mini, Press D-Pad Left for Normal size, and press D-Pad Right to be Paper. -While you are paper sized, you can walk through walls.
TopUnendlich GesundheitUnknowne8692539:5982
TopUnendlich RyoUnknowne869253e:596a
TopUnendliche LebenUnknowne8692541:5964
TopUnlock "Gorgeous My Stage" In Sound TestDybbles8015CC21 0001
TopUnlock "I Am Impact!" In Sound TestDybbles8015CC1F 0001
TopUnlock All Warp Locations LocationsDybbles50000B04 0000
8015C8B7 0001
TopUnlock Consecutive Fighting! Large Boss Mode In The Options MenuDybbles8015CC1B 0001

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