Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon (E) (M3) [!]

The place for the Nintendo 64 Game Shark and Pro Action Replay codes! (some codes are official and others are unofficial)

final kaoss

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Top!Enemy Health BarDBMoDiFieD801A2B92 00XX
TopAlways Have Full Beam PowerDBMoDiFieD811A2B3E 0100
TopCoinsDBMoDiFieD801A2B4F 00XX
TopImpact's Health BarDBMoDiFieD801A2B56 00XX
Top!Modify Shisisi Scarecrow's HealthDBMoDiFieD80175ED3 00XX
Top!X-Axis ModifierDBMoDiFieD81174FF8 XXXX
Top!Y-Axis ModifierDBMoDiFieD81174FFC YYYY
Top!Z-Axis ModifierDBMoDiFieD81175000 ZZZZ
TopAll Entry PassesUnknowne85ee11a:597e
TopAlways Most Powerful WeaponDBMoDiFieD80088ED9 0003
TopBeta Two Player?DBMoDiFieD8088E2D 0002
TopChange Bottom Bar To Another PlayersDBMoDiFieD80088ED2 00XX
TopCharacter SelectDBMoDiFieD80088E02 000XX = 0 - Goemon 1 - Ebisumaru 2 - Sasuke 3 - Yae
TopEnd Level WarpDBMoDiFieD80088F97 00XXThis makes the level you appear in when you quit the level you specifiy. (will not work unless area is unlocked) 00 - First area .... 06 - First Boss level etc
TopInfinite Health ImpactUnknownc8707ea6:5a46
TopInfinite Health Player 1Unknowne85ee12c:5958
TopInfinite Health Player 2Unknowne85ee132:5958
TopInfinite Money ImpactUnknowne8707ea1:5922
TopInfinite Money Player 1Unknowne85ee129:594f
TopInfinite Money Player 2Unknowne85ee137:594f
TopUnlimited Gate Opener ThingsDBMoDiFieD80088EC6 0099
TopUnlimited Health P1DBMoDiFieD80088ED4 0004
TopUnlimited Money P1DBMoDiFieD81088ED6 0050
TopUnlimited Money P2DBMoDiFieD81088EE0 0050
TopUnlimited Shield P1DBMoDiFieD80088ED5 0004
8015D3C4 0001
TopZone SelectorDBMoDiFieD81174FF7 ZSZSThese allow you to take down coordinates of where your character is. This is useful in the case that you have made it far into the level and you know that you are going to die, you can open the Memory Editor, and scrible down your coordinates. Then when you die, and start back miles from where you were, go back into the Memory Editor, and change the values to what they where previously, and your character will warp there. An example is : Warp to the end of level one X - 45 B7 Y - 42 58 Z - 00 00 LS - 01 This allows you to skip the whole level. Warp to the end of first Temple level : This level is split into four sectors. To use a warp for sector 2, you have to be in sector 2. So here are warps to the end of each sector. Sector 1. X - 45 04 Y - 43 CA ZS- 05 Sector 2. X - 45 8B Y - 43 CA ZS - 04 Sector 3. X - 44 31 Y - 44 83 ZS - 05 Sector 4 - Just run to the right. Easy.
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