My son dropped the PSP



Problem. My son dropped the PSP. The UMD drive and battery fell out. The PSP has been on at the time. And what is happening now?
When I turn it on I can hear music at the start, but the screen is black (it illuminates a bit). How do I get it started or ready to play?
I push the activation key to standby and then fast 2x in the same position and the picture appears at once. I can navigate the menu, play games, … If I want to exit the game I have to put the on/off switch to lock position and the again to normal position, which gives me the option to chose »YES or NO« for exiting the game.
I can not write text. When I go to the menu for text writing (web browser) the keyboard is shown for a second and then I get thrown out of text mode. So I can not change web pages, nicks …
The UMD is also not working. When I insert it I can hear the motor working (the UMD is spinning) but apparently the laser on the guide is not moving (the laser is on, I checked). So the PSP is waiting to connect to UMD but it can not.
I also have a problem with the XMB menu. I can change the settings but when I go to exit and pres X the whole thing freezes up. I put the PSP switch to standby and again 2x flick the switch and the picture comes back on. The menu is gone and I can play games again.

Thank you for your help and answers.
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