My $20 Broadband Adapter!

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I did it! I was able to find a Broadband Adapter for around my $20 budget, sort of. I actually found a Dreamcast system on eBay (with some accessories) for $55 shipped. I noticed the modem was removed and shown on the floor next to the system. I thought to myself, hmmm, why would someone remove it? Was it just for the picture? So I emailed the seller asking if there was another modem on the system itself and if so what did it say on the input (LAN or Line). I received a response saying there was one on the Dreamcast and it says LAN on it! JACKPOT! Needless to say I purchased it right away. The system also came with 4 VMUs, two controllers, a third party memory card, and boxed mouse. I figure I can resell those for a minumum of around $30 leaving the Broadband adapter at a fantastic price of $25! YAY ME! :D

Proof you ask? I will post picks as soon as I get it.
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