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By now, can everyone here agree that the game has earned for itself the title of the greatest fighter on the system??? Lots of content, A supremely high quality conversion from arcade to home and easily one the largest most dedicated player base which has kept the game rather relevant even after more than a decade and 2 sequel installments which have knocked it off the mainstream.

Just this past Friday, A rather popular arcade in my area known as Super Arcade held an impressive MvC2 tournament bringing together some of the most famous and talented players from both past and present. Even more surprising (or perhaps not) is that the tourney was running on the Dreamcast version of MvC2 instead of opting to using the more recent ports of MvC2 via XBLA or PSN.

Here's the recorded stream for anyone interested in catching some INSANE high level play as the US is home to some of the best players in the history of MvC2 :D

Gameplay starts at around 14:00

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