MMS IPL Failed to Inject


I'm losing my mind here! I already searched this forum and others for help.

I'm trying to make a MMS and I've tried both Rain's Ultra Lite and PSP Grader v8 - same result: IPL Failed to Inject, General write error during IPL injection.

Tried 3 supported/real memory sticks (yes, I checked), same result. Reformatted MS via PSP and PC, same result.

What am I doing wrong?? I'm so frustrated!

Actually- I wouldn't be going through all of this if I could just get my UMDs to play on my Phat 6.20, but for some reason my PSP just won't function right, so I thought I'd go ahead and customize it all together. I'm desperate for a quick fix- will be travelling soon. Either way, I just want my PSP to play my games!

Help please. :(
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