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Alternate cheat mode​

Use a text editor to edit the "cstorm.ini" file in the game directory. Add one of the following lines of text to activate a new menu item at the indicated screen. Note: Unless stated otherwise, the added features may only be enabled in single player mode.

Screen Effect
Herc Base screen Add "Repair all Hercs and Bioderms" and "Autolink pilots" menu items1
Herc Base screen Add three menu items that allow difficulty level to be changed instantly1
Battle movement screen Advanced opportunity fire that cause units to fire on enemies as their approach1
Start of battle Disable warning that other players are cheating in multi-player mode2
Herc Base screen Add one credit to inventory
Herc Base screen Add 1,000 credits to inventory
Herc Base screen Add 10,000 credits to inventory
Herc Base screen Add 100,000 credits to inventory
Herc Base screen Add even more credits to inventory
Herc Base screen Repair all Hercs and heal pilots
Herc Base screen Allow new missions to be played
Herc Base screen Promotion to next rank
Herc Base screen Purchase special BGMs
Herc Base screen All Hercs may be bought
Main combat screen Heal current pilot
Main combat screen Edit pilot data
Main combat screen Repair current Herc
Main combat screen Energize current Herc
Main combat screen Restock current Herc
Main combat screen Reset current unit
Main combat screen Add series of menu items that give current unit an objective to be managed by the CPU.
Main combat screen Reset entire fleet
Main combat screen Super energize the fleet
Main combat screen Instant kill single target
Main combat screen Instant kill multiple targets
Main combat screen Mine all ore
Main combat screen Add series of menu items to alter fog of war

Bark at opponents​

Enter ELSA as a pilot name, then type ELSA at beginning of the connect screen chat line to bark at your opponents.

Have over 12 units in multi-player mode​

Load a single-player force with more than 12 units. Then, rename one of the Hercs on that force to Big John. Then, load this force when starting a multi-player game. Note: Use of this feature may slow or crash the game.

To enter cheat mode​

Enter one of the following codes at the main combat screen during a battle to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code Effect
I Am Whole Again - Heal pilot
I Cheat Therefore I Am - Reset Herc
I'll Be Back - Full ammo
I'm Feeling Much Better - Repair Herc
Look Into My Eyes - Edit pilot attributes
Run Like The Wind - Full Herc energy
Fly Like An Eagle - Energize force1
Hello World Reveal - map1
Hollywood Hercs - Reset fleet1
Mine Your Own Business - Mine all ore1

Transform into Kaesar's Genetic Matrix​

Enter Kurosh as a Bioderm name.
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