Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two: The Telltale Series

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Various Trophies​

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
A Company DividedCompleted Chapter 2 of Episode 2Bronze
A Friend in NeedCompleted Chapter 3 of Episode 4Bronze
A Gift From The DeepCompleted Chapter 5 of Episode 1Silver
A Light in the DarknessCompleted Chapter 3 of Episode 5Bronze
A Score to SettleCompleted Chapter 2 of Episode 5Bronze
Among EqualsCompleted Chapter 4 of Episode 5Silver
AscensionCompleted Chapter 5 of Episode 5Silver
Bedrock BluesCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 3Bronze
Behind and UnderneathCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 4Bronze
Carry the TorchCompleted Chapter 3 of Episode 3Bronze
Colossal TroubleCompleted Chapter 6 of Episode 1Gold
Down and DirtyCompleted Chapter 5 of Episode 3Silver
Into The RuinsCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 5Bronze
Jesse VictoriousCompleted Minecraft Season 2Platinum
No Free LunchCompleted Chapter 2 of Episode 3Bronze
Not What You ExpectedCompleted Chapter 4 of Episode 4Silver
Not-So-Great EscapeCompleted Chapter 6 of Episode 3Gold
Open SesameCompleted Chapter 4 of Episode 1Silver
Out of TimeCompleted Chapter 5 of Episode 4Silver
Poetic JusticeCompleted Chapter 6 of Episode 5Gold
Poetry in MotionCompleted Chapter 2 of Episode 4Bronze
Rocked the BlocksCompleted Chapter 4 of Episode 2Silver
See a Guy about a ThingCompleted Chapter 3 of Episode 1Bronze
The Battle for BeacontownCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 2Bronze
There Can Only Be OneCompleted Chapter 2 of Episode 1Bronze
Tougher Than DiamondsCompleted Chapter 6 of Episode 4Gold
Trials and TribulationsCompleted Chapter 5 of Episode 2Silver
Ultimate ShowdownCompleted Chapter 6 of Episode 2Gold
Welcome to BeacontownCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 1Bronze
Winter is ComingCompleted Chapter 3 of Episode 2Bronze
X Marks the SpotCompleted Chapter 4 of Episode 3Silver
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