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It is advised that you do not insert or remove peripherals or memory cards
once the power is turned on.

Set up your PlayStation(TM) as described in the PlayStation(TM) Instruction
Manual. With the power OFF, open the Disc cover and insert the Micro
Machines(R) V3 disc. Insert a memory card into the memory card slot if you
wish to load or save information during play. Make sure there are enough free
blocks on your memory card before commencing play. Note that you cannot swap
memory cards during play and you must leave the memory card in the memory card
slot during play. Close the disk cover before turning the power ON. If you
do not have a memory card in the PlayStation(TM) before you start play, then
you will not be able to save your progress.

Before you start the game you will be asked which language you wish to use.
The game defaults to English, so use the LEFT or RIGHT directional buttons
on the controller, to scroll to the language of your choice, press the X
button to select.

Note: once you have chosen a language you will have to reset the machine if
you wish the alter you choice.

Once the title screens have disappeared you are presented with the Game
Options menu. You're the little car at the bottom of the screen and you can
now decide what option you want to play with.

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Here you can choose just what kind of game you wish to play.

Press the LEFT or RIGHT directional buttons to highlight your choice of game
and press the X button to confirm this. At any time during the setup
procedure you can press the TRIANGLE button to step back to the previous

If you've been playing for a while and elect not to race again you will
be taken back to this screen, however you will now have the added option of:


Whereby you can skip to the exact same point which you had just left. This
is a shortcut so it saves you going through the Game Options system again.

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Controlling your vehicle in Micro Machines(R) V3 is easy, but like everything,
it takes practice to become an accomplished player. Here are what the buttons
do during play (note, the controls change dramatically in Party Play mode, turn to that section for more information):

The directional buttons on the joypad steer your vehicle LEFT and RIGHT.

X Accelerate
Triangle or R1 or L1 Jump
Square Brake

Circle or R2 Sound your horn if you have one, activate any
special weapons or power ups you may have
collected. If you are a tank however, you have
no horn. Instead you have the ability to fire
the gun on top of your turret. If you collect
a Special Weapon or a Power Up, then this will
override the gun.

L2 Discard the Power Up that you are using.

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Make sure there are enough free blocks on your memory card before commencing

When you first start the game, you need to choose which character you would
like to be, or you can load a saved character from a memory card. There is a
'Load All' function which will load the first 8 characters from your memory
card, or you can choose up to eight previously saved characters from the
memory card to join the 'party'. This is done by using the directional
buttons to highlight the individual characters. Press the X button and the
character will be transferred to the 'Party'. When you have selected all the
characters you want, highlight the 'Done' box and press the X button. This
will take you back to the 'Choose a Character' screen. Simply find the
character you want to race as and press the X button to select them. If you
do not wish to load a character from a memory card, use the UP and DOWN
directional buttons to select a pre-defined character.

Once selected, you can rename the character if you want to. Simply highlight
the letters and confirm each letter with the X button. Finally, select and
confirm 'OK' in the same way. Now you will be asked if you want to save the
character to a memory card.

Remember, you cannot save later on so if you want to build this character up
for future use, you must save now. You must have a formatted memory card
before playing...

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...to utilise this option, with one block free per character that you wish to
save. If you have an unformatted memory card present, the game will ask you
if you wish to format your memory card and as a bonus will save the currently
selected character. If your memory card is full, you will need to delete a
block from the memory card or insert a memory card with a free block.

Should you wish to delete a character, this must be done from the internal
memory card Management Screen. Refer to the PlayStation(TM) manual for more

You will be asked if you wish to have your character updated when you return
to the Game Options. If you choose 'NO' when asked, all the character's
records since the last update will be lost.


Select this option if you are new to Micro Machines(r), or simply wish to
brush up on your driving skills. Cherry will take you through a series of
lessons explaining how to drive any of the Micro Machines(r) vehicles. Simply
follow Cherry's instructions to learn how to drive. Cherry must be satisfied
with you ability on each lesson to complete it. This involves meeting the
requirement of each one.

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Note: removing or inserting controllers in this mode will cause the game to
pause. Press the START button to continue if this happens. With just one
person racing, the following options are available.


Here it's just you versus the computer controlled opponent, racing through
a set of tracks which are represented in Groups. There are three groups
available at the start, and to progress you must complete all three groups.
Then another group of tracks will become available, which you must complete to
access the next group. There are six groups in all.

Each time you complete a group then you will be awarded a 'prize car'. These
cars can be kept when your character is saved, and the more cars you win
the better and faster they become. These cars can be used in the Test Drive
and Keepsies modes, see these sections for more details.

During play you have a set of eight lights at the left side of the screen -
half your colour, half the colour of your opponent. The idea is to get all
the lights lit as your colour and this is achieved by scoring 'Bonuses'. To
win a Bonus, you need to get a lead of the opponent you are racing. If the
lead is substantial enough then you will be awarded a Bonus. The distance
you need to get ahead is roughly one screens length.

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The winner is the first person to turn all the light to their colour. If you
make round three laps of the track before all the lights have been changed,
the winner id the player with the most lights turned to their colour. In the
event of a tie, you will enter a sudden death Play-off whereby the next person
to score a Bonus wins the game.

If you should lose a race, you lose one of your three lives. Lose all three
of your lives and the game is over, so don't make too many mistakes.


In Challenge mode you're racing against four computer controlled opponents
in a three lap race. There are a number of tracks grouped together for you
to race your way through, with the easiest group at the top of the list. The
groups work in exactly the same way as in Head to Head. Finish each race in
the top two and you then progress to the next track in the group. However,
in order to progress to the next group, you have to come first in the last
race of each one. Again, as in Head to Head, you only have three lives to
complete the challenge with so be careful. There are Power Ups to collect
in this mode, so don't miss 'em! Every time that you come first in a...

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...race you will be awarded a 'Prize Car'. See Head to Head for more details.


Things are tough now as it's just you against the clock. It's a case of
having to beat the set times on each of the tracks in the group that you've
selected. Finish the group having beaten the set times and you can then
choose to race another group of tracks. Again, the tracks work in exactly
the same way as in Head to Head and Challenge. Fail to beat any of the set
times and you lose a life. Lose all three of your lives and it's game over.

'Prize Cars' are won in this option by completing the group, or beating the
existing Time Trial Single race record.


You're on your own here as you race against the clock in a one or three lap
race. Here's the place to come and test yourself against the current records,
or you can simply use it to practice the tracks and, hopefully, become an
even better racer!

You can win 'Prize Cars' by beating the current record.

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In various modes of racing in Micro Machines(R) V3 you'll notice small green
parcels littering the course. Collect these parcels and you'll be given a
surprise power up. To activate a Power Up use the R2 button or the CIRCLE
button. There are loads of Power Ups for you to discover, and the best way
to learn them is to experiment!

You can only use the Power Ups a set number of times before they are discarded
and some of them have a time limit. Once your Power Up is exhausted it pops
out of your vehicle and flashes, to indicate that you can't pick it up again
until it becomes solid.

Other vehicles will be able to pick up the parcel immediately, just as you are
able to pick up parcels that come out of other vehicles. Once the parcel has
finished flashing it resets itself to its original position.

You can only use one Power Up at a time. If you are ever in any doubt as to
whether you've collected a Power Up, a small icon next to your lights meter
which is on-screen during the race will tell you. You can discard Power Ups
before they are fully used up by pressing the L2 button.

There are also Global Power Ups. If one of these is collected than it
affects all vehicles on the track. They work in exactly the same way as the
standard Power Ups but are mullet-coloured.

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When choosing which course to race you'll notice there are some small icons
in the top right of the screen. These are there to inform you about the
currently selected course and they are explained as follows:

Bridge Dangerous Drops

Frog Animals

Bumps Water

Ramps Tunnels

Experiments Bends

Fast Spillage's

Ferry Magnets


Note: removing or inserting controllers in this mode will cause the game to
pause. Press the START button to continue if this happens.

In this mode, any number of humans between two and eight (no, not aged two to
eight!) can play Micro Machines(R) V3. There are no computer controlled
vehicles racing. If you have more than two players racing then you will need
a Mullet tap and if the number of racers exceeds five you will need two Mullet
taps. Please make sure that a controller is always inserted in Mullet tap
controller port 1-A. It is recommended that any additional controllers are
inserted sequentially (1-A, 1-B, 1-C etc.).

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This works in the same way as in 1 Player Head to Head; to score a 'Bonus'
you need to get a lead over the opponent you are racing. The length of this
lead is roughly one screen's length. Every time you win a bonus, a number of
your lights will be lit. The number of lights lit varies depending on how
many players are involved in the race. The number of players also affects
how many lights you need to have lit to win the race overall. Also, if you
do not win the bonus, then you may lose 'lights' depending on your position
in that particular bonus. Check the chart below to see how it works in each
mullet-player race.

Bonus points awarded in order of position.
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Players/Teams 2 1 -1
Players/Teams 3 1 0 -1
Players/Teams 4 2 1 -1 -2
Players 5 2 1 0 -1 -2
Players 6 3 2 1 -1 -2 -3
Players 7 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3
Players 8 4 3 2 1 -1 -2 -3 -4

Also, to win the race you need to be the car that wins the last 'Bonus'. You
can't light up all your lights unless you are first in the final 'Bonus'.

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Bear in mind that if you are blown up, you car will not be allowed to join
in the race until the bonus has been won. Once it has been decided then all
the cars will be reset together and the race will continue. This should
teach you all to be a bit more competitive.


Select the course that you would like to race on. Your choice of Multi Player
tracks will increase as you race new courses in the Challenge and these
courses are added to your selection.


Sometimes you might want a longer competition than a Multi Player Single Race.
Here you can select a group of courses that you would like to race as a
Multi Player Tournament, and you'll race them as a series of Multi Player races.
On the right of the screen is the number of races that you need to win to
become the overall winner of the tournament.

No. of Points awarded in order of finishing position.
Players 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
2 30 0
3 30 15 0
4 or more 30 20 10 0 0 0 0 0

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When there are four, six or eight players, you can choose to play together in
teams. If there are four players you will be split into two teams with each
player controlling one vehicle for their team (red or blue). With six players
there are there are three teams (red, blue and yellow) and with eight players
there are four teams (red, blue, yellow and green). Choose to race in either
Tournament or Single Race. In Tournament you select a group of tracks to race
and race them one after the other. In Single Race you simply race the track
you've chosen.

In all cases the gameplay is the same. Your team attempts to reach the edge
of the screen ahead of the other teams' vehicles and scores a Bonus to
illuminate a light on your meter. Once all of your meter is lit, you team
wins the race.

Oh yeah, if the other team scores a Bonus you lose lights. Tee hee!

Refer to the Bonus Points System.


When there are loads of you together you can play in any of the following:


Select the number of laps and the track you wish to race on and then everybody
taking part races, one after the other, with no computer or...

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...human opponents in an attempt to get the fastest lap time. Quickest one's
the winner! You will only need one controller for this option.


Select the Tournament you want to race and then you all play each track
individually, one after the other and with no computer of human opponents.
Each group requires a certain number of race wins to become the victor. You
will only need one controller for this option.


This is the option to see who is the best of the best. Between four and eight
players are involved, racing in the standard knockout competition. If you
lose a race you are out! Win all your races to become the Knockout Champion!
You can use any controller to select your characters, but you will be asked to
specify which two controllers you would like to race with. Actually only two
controllers are needed to play any of the knockout races.


When there are four of you and only two controllers you can still all play,
with two players sharing each controller. This is the same for six players
(three controllers) and eight players (four controllers) - for six and eight
player share you will need a Multi Tap. Vehicle controls are shown on-screen
before the race starts so pay attention to what buttons you should be pressing.

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One important thing to note is that the vehicles will automatically accelerate
in this mode.


To play in this option, your saved character must have won at least one 'Prize
Car'. If you load in a character that has not won any 'Prize Cars', you will
not be able to select this character from the 'Choose a character' screen.

This is the option in which you can race and win 'Prize Cars' (see 1 Player
Mode above) from your friends. Your mates can bring over their saved
characters on Memory cards, then load them into this option. You must load
your character from the Memory card before you can select which 'Prize Car'
you wish to race. Then all you have to do is choose which track to race on.

The rules are simple; if you lose the race, the winner gets your car. So make
sure you choose your cars wisely and don't loose. However, if your opponent
has a version of a car that is better than yours, your car is simply destroyed.

Note: If you choose not to update you character, then you will not lose you
Prize Cars, or keep the one's you've won!

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Come here to find out how your character has performed during their gameplaying
lifetime on the following:


To play this option you saved character must have won at least one 'Prize Car'.
If you load in a character that has not won any 'Prize Cars', you will not be
able to select this character from the 'Choose a character' screen.

Here is where you get the chance to test the 'Prize Cars' that you have won in
the keepsies and 1 Player Mode (see above). It works in exactly the same way
as the time trial single race. Load up your character and then select the car
you would like to test. Choose the track you would like to play on and then
you're off!


Load your character from your memory card and see the best times you have on
the tracks you've raced on, plus how far you have progressed in the 1 Player


Of all the characters currently loaded, see who has the best times on the Time
Trial Tracks.


This is the same as Time Trial Stats, but the times are for your 'Prize Cars'.

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There you will find the illustrious Micro Machines(R) V3 Hall of Fame where you
will be allowed to register your best times. In order to do this you will
need the validation code which is shown underneath your time in the Player
Record screens of the Stats Mode (we don't want you just making up times do

If your time is good enough it will then be displayed with the other best
times for all to see - the ultimate Micro Machines(R) V3 achievement!

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[End of Manual]
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