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Get a crystal

On the first level each time you go up a set of stairs jump and shoot to your right or left and every once in a while you will hit something and it will sparkle. Keep shooting at it until a crystal appears.
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After your last player is defeated, while holding Down and A, press Start to continue.
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Level select

On the Title screen, hold Select, and the Control Pad according to the list below. While holding these, press Start. For example, for the Pirate Ship stage, you would hold Select and Down, and press Start.

Up: Castle Stage
Right: Ocean Stage
Down: Pirate Ship
Left: Woods Stage
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Boss tip

Fun House/Pirate Ship: When fighting the bosses of these levels, you can make your life a lot easier by letting Minnie (who's invincible) do all the fighting. Here's how: walk towards the ladder to the level where the boss awaits and hit the jump button when Mickey is right below the ladder. Minnie will jump, but Mickey won't. Maneuver Minnie so she lands on the ladder. Keeping Minnie on the ladder, send Mickey up behind her until she reaches the top, then jump down with Mickey. Now Minnie is on top and Mickey's on the bottom, and you can easily destroy the bosses.
RE: Mickey Mousecapede


To warp to a Level, hold Select at the Title Screen, and the following, Up for the Castle Stage, Right for the Ocean Stage, Down for the Pirate Stage, or Left for the Woods Stage
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