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  • Extra Lives
At the start screen type in Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, A, A, C. You will gain fifteen extra lives.
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  • Level Select
Hold Up + Left + A on Controller Two while you turn on the game. While holding these buttons, press Start on Controller Two. Now push Start on Controller One and select a one-player game. After pushing Start, you will see the words, "Round 1." Press Left or Right to select the levels and push Start.
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  • Moonwalk
In order to moonwalk, all you need to do it to use Michael's kick attack while walking, and if you continue to go the same direction during and after the attack, instead of walking normally, Michael will moonwalk instead.
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  • Play As A Robot
By rescuing the children in the correct order, you can become the mechanical robot. Here's how to rescue them.

In round 2-1, if you rescue the girl in the window located in the upper left first, a shooting star will appear. Jump to get the star and become the robot.
In Level 2-2, go to the top of the garage and rescue the only child up there.
In Level 2-3, get in the elevator and go up one floor. Now rescue the child on that floor to get the shooting star.
In round 3-2, rescue the first girl, located behind the rock.
In level 3-3 go to the left side of the waterfall. Look straight up and rescue the child above you.

Note: In all of these cases, the child-hostage noted must be the first one rescued when you reach that level.
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