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Boss gallery

Successfully complete 100% of the logbook scans to unlock the Boss gallery.
Rough Sketch gallery

Successfully complete game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the Rough Sketch gallery.
Storyboard gallery

Successfully complete game on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the Storyboard gallery.
Hard difficulty

Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the hard difficulty.
Promo gallery

Successfully complete 40% of the logbook scans to unlock the Promo gallery.
Character gallery

Successfully complete 60% of the logbook scans to unlock the Character gallery.
Creature gallery

Successfully complete 80% of the logbook scans to unlock the Creature gallery
Samus Body Suit FMV sequence

Collect 75% of the items to unlock the Samus Body Suit FMV sequence.
Dark Samus ending sequence

Collect 100% of the items to unlock the Dark Samus ending sequence.
Dark Echoes multi-player soundtrack

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Dark Echoes multi-player soundtrack.
Darkness multi-player soundtrack

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Darkness multi-player soundtrack.
Luminoth multi-player soundtrack

Talk to U-Mos to unlock the Luminoth multi-player soundtrack.
In-game reset

While playing a game, hold Start + B + X for three seconds.
See Samus' face

Walk to a wall and face it. Charge up your beam and shoot it to reveal Samus' face reflecting off her helmet.
Defeating Ings

After getting the Annihilator Beam, any Ing you encounter will be easy to defeat. Shoot an inactive Luminoth Light Crystal with the Annihilator Beam. This will cause any Ing to seek the light given off. The Ing will walk into the light and die. This is an easy way to conserve ammunition and energy.
Defeating the Alpha Blogg

To defeat the Alpha Blogg, you must first scan him if you want a good ending. However, this is optional. Once you are fighting him, make sure you always have him locked on. Sometimes he will shoot air bubbles at you, then charge at you. When he is charging, charge the Power Beam. Just before he hits you, fire the Super Missile. Do not do this too soon or late or you will hit his side. You will still get hit, but it will not do much damage if you have the energy tanks. Keep doing this until he is defeated. Additionally, the Alpha Blogg can be eliminated the same way you would take care of the normal Bloggs. The only differences are that you can move freely with the Gravity Boost and that the Alpha Blogg shoots sonic waves which will stun you and your gun for a few seconds. To kill it, charge your Power Beam and wait until it rams you. When it gets close to you, it will open its mouth. At that point, shoot like mad. The Super Missile will damage it the most. After you shoot, strafe and dash using Left or Right and B. Repeat this about four to five times to win. After obtaining the Gravity Booster, you will have to face Alpha Blogg. While fighting this giant Boss, keep an extremely far distance from it. When attacking, Alpha Blogg can do one of two things. It can shoot blobs of goo which causes you to lose sight and lower your gun, or it can charge at you like regular Bloggs. If it starts shooting you, side-dash to dodge it. It will most likely charge at you afterwards. While charging, it will open its mouth just before it hits you. You can shoot a charged Power Beam shot or a Super Missile into its mouth. After shooting it, immediately side dash to dodge it because it does not stop charging after it gets hit. This Boss is not difficult if you keep a safe distance away from it.
Defeating Amorbis

There are two stages where you will encounter Amorbis. In one stage, Amorbis will leap into the air and back into the ground, where its impact will damage you if you are close to it. Use your radar more often to see where Amorbis is located. Stay inside the Light Crystals to avoid being damaged by the atmosphere. As it leaps up into the air, shoot it with the Power Beam, Light Beam, or missiles. After several hits, it will be time for stage two. On stage two, it will stay at the center of the arena and will use its physical attacks. Be careful, as Amorbis will also disable the Light Crystals. Move on to the next one if that happens. It will also shoot multiple blue energy beams on the ground. The best way to dodge these is to morph into a ball inside the Light Crystals and hover around the energy beams. Blast Amorbis down with the Power Beam, Light Beam, or missiles. Its head will explode and it will try to suck you in. Quickly form into a ball and let it suck you in, then drop some bombs inside it. The battle repeats both stages again, but with two, then three worms and it gets tougher. Once Amorbis is defeated, the Dark Suit is yours.

In his first form, Amorbis will be jumping out of the ground then going back in. He is vulnerable when he is in the air. Shoot him with Charge Beam so you can conserve your missiles for the second form. When you break off its shell, it will attach to the sphere in the center of the arena and go into its second form. It will then have an outer plate on its head, which you can break with a couple of missiles. When it loses its plate, it will try to suck you up. At that time, go into morphball and lay a bomb in its mouth. Repeat this for two worms, then three. Also, when Amorbis has two or three heads, it is able to use a laser attack. Finally, Amorbis has the ability to disable the Light Crystals in the arena. You will have to move to the next crystal every so often.
Defeating the Bomb Guardian

The fight will begin with you fighting an Alpha Sanddigger for a brief moment. First, when the Alpha Sanddigger is not infected by the Dark energy, shoot it in the face with a few Power Beam shots (like a regular Sanddigger). In a few seconds, the Alpha Sanddigger will get infected by Dark energy, transforming it into the Bomb Guardian. The Bomb Guardian is fast -- never stand in one place. It also has a variety of attacks. As you might expect, the Bomb Guardian uses your morph ball bombs against you. It will throw bombs at you, leave some behind as it slithers across the arena, and hurl some out of its mouth. The easiest way to evade the bombs it throws is to keep your reticule locked on to it and strafe. Its other attacks include charging at you, and biting you if you get too close. You should also lock on and strafe to avoid these attacks Note: When you avoid the Bomb Guardian's charge attack, it will get behind you, making you lose your lock-on. When this happens, quickly turn around and lock back on to it. During the battle, you will notice a purple glowing thing on its tail. Lock on to it and shoot it when you get the chance while avoiding its attacks, until it is red and not glowing. Two Charge Beam shots should be sufficient. When you shoot it, the Bomb Guardian will prepare its attack. While it is doing this, shoot it in the head to whittle down its health. Be careful, as it will soon hurl some morph ball bombs from its mouth. It is practically possible to avoid this attack -- do not get hit more than one time. Repeat this process until it is dead. When you kill it, you will obtain your morph ball bombs again. Note: When the Bomb Guardian throws bombs at you or charges at you, its weak spot on its tail will stop glowing. Ignore this, as you still cannot damage it until you make it stop glowing.
Defeating the Boost Guardian

In this battle, your energy will slowly decrease because of the Dark atmosphere. There are no Light Crystals to help you. There are four pillars in the room, and each contains the Ultra Energy Unit when broken down. They are essential to your survival. The Boss will take two forms, normal and liquid. When in its normal form, blast it down with a Super Missile, as it will damage him the most. The Boss will then form into a morph ball and start spiking through the room randomly. Jump over it, or form into a ball to get out of its way. Also watch out for its minions. After three to four spikes, it will follow you on the ground in maroon liquid form. Quickly form into a ball, roll around, and drop bombs behind you. It will repeat spiking and forming into liquid again. Repeat this and it will finally revert back to normal form. Blast it with the Super Missile and repeat the entire process until it is dead. Once it is defeated, the Boost Ball upgrade is yours.

Before you enter the hole to the Boss' chamber, switch to the Light Beam. By doing this, you will start with it when you are out of morph ball mode. When the battle begins, you will automatically change out of morph ball mode. Either scan him or begin charging your Light Beam (which will be your default) and try to get two or three shots on him before he starts glowing. When he glows red, he is temporarily invincible. When he is in ball form, switch to morph ball mode. This will make avoiding his minion Ing easier. If you can, drop a morph ball bomb in front of him before he charges off -- look for the line down the middle of his ball form. He will charge in one of those two directions. If the blast hits him while he is in ball form, he will instantly turn into his liquid form, in which case he will follow you around. Drop M.B.B.s to damage him. If he starts boosting around before you hit him, roll around, dropping morph ball bombs and try to avoid him. If he hits the bomb blasts while he is moving, he will stop and turn into his liquid form. After about three bombs in his liquid form, he will change back to his solid form. Change back to your gun mode and repeat those steps. He should die after about three repetitions.
Defeating Chykka Larvae

This first part is actually very simple. Basically, just stay in the center and fire. The larvae just swims around in a circle, then dives down. Get ready, because it will jump out of the water, allowing you to cause some damage to it. However, when it crashes into the water, make sure you jump over the shockwave or it will knock you into the poisonous water. Occasionally, it will send some Dark Shredders against you. Just shoot them with charged shots or missiles. They are mainly there for refills. Eventually, the larvae will emerge from the water, exposing its front. Use Light Beam charged shots as many times as possible. You should leave this battle with almost all of your health intact. You will also be constantly healing due to the Light Crystal field. Eventually, it will "die".
Defeating Chykka Adult

The field is divided into three platforms, each separated by nothing but a grappling point and poisonous water. The Chykka Adult has a projectile attack that easily blasts you off the platform and into the deadly water. The Chykka Adult must first be stunned by shooting it up front. Then, you must grapple onto a platform behind the Chykka Adult and shoot its wings (preferably with Super Missiles to just hit each point one by one). This can prove to be very difficult if you have not mastered the Grappling Beam. The Chykka Adult will not stay stunned for long -- be quick about it. After destroying all four weak points on the back of its wings, the creature will fall into the water and mutate into the Dark Chykka Adult. The only thing you can do to this creature is shoot its pouch. Take out the Light Beam and blast away. Charged Light Beam shots work the best. It may sometimes launch a group of small creatures at you (mainly to kill and get some refills). After defeating the Dark Chykka Adult, it will revert back to the normal Chykka Adult again. You must repeat the same process again; stun the creature, grapple behind it, and blast the back of its wings with missiles. It may sometimes try to run into you, but usually fails. Then when it turns into the Dark Chykka Adult, use the same strategy and hit its pouch with charged Light Beam shots. This battle could take a while, so be prepared. For all your efforts, you are awarded the Dark Visor.
Defeating Dark Samus

This fight is especially frustrating because it is timed, and learning how to damage Dark Samus can be difficult. Dark Samus will first fly around and stay far away from you. This is perfect time to scan her. If you get too close to her, she will set off an explosion to blow you away. Shoot her with charged Power Beam shots until she starts glowing light blue. She is then invulnerable. When she renders herself invisible, switch to the Echo Visor to see her. Shoot her until she either disappears or becomes invisible. When she takes enough damage, she will move to the middle of the arena and form a shield around herself, causing her to become invulnerable once more. You can scan her again at this time because she is now in a new form. Dark Samus will shoot you with powerful Phazon shots. These can be easily avoided by side-dashing. Occasionally she will expel small amounts of Light Phazon. With your Charge Beam charged, you must collect these small amounts of Phazon until your Arm Cannon glows blue. Then, shoot Dark Samus and she will take heavy damage. The frustrating part about collecting the Phazon is that you must manually collect it as it falls to you -- simply standing there will not do it. Note: While collecting the Phazon, you must try not to get hit by any stray pieces of Phazon, as it will cause you to lower your weapon and lose the charge. After Dark Samus is defeated, a short intermission sequence will begin and the credits will roll. Note: If you die while fighting Dark Samus, the game will ask if you wish to continue from last save. If you choose "Yes", you will not have to fight Emperor Ing again. Instead, it will cut to the scene where Emperor Ing dies.
Defeating Emperor Ing

This fight is extremely difficult and requires a lot of energy and ammunition. Before entering this battle, make sure you have full health and ammunition. This fight is very long and there are only a few opportunities to gain power-ups. The first part of the fight begins with the Emperor Ing head and body. Do not forget to scan these, especially if you are trying to fill your log book. The head has some tentacles that perform a variety of nasty attacks. You must kill the tentacles to make the head expose the energy core. The easiest way to kill the tentacles is to use the Seeker Missiles to get rid of them all at once. Note: Although the Annihilator Beam homes in on the tentacles, you will need the ammunition for later in the fight. After the defeat of tentacles, they will occasionally drop ammunition or energy. Once the tentacles are defeated, the head will diminish, exposing the energy core. Do not forget to scan it. You must find the opening and shoot it with a charged shot from the Power Beam or the Annihilator Beam. For ammunition conservation, the Power Beam is recommended. This may take longer, but it will pay in the end. While the Emperor Ing is in this state, it will shoot a beam of energy at you that does a hefty amount of damage and cause you to lower your weapon. Side-dashing is the easiest way to dodge this beam. As the Emperor Ing's energy diminishes, the attacks brought by the tentacles become more intense. Once the energy core is defeated, the head will cover the body and form a sphere. This begins part two of the battle. You must immediately scan this and turn into the Morph Ball. Use the Spiderball to attach yourself to it. There are numerous amounts of bright spots on the sphere. In order to damage the spots, hover over it until you see black bubble forming over it. Then, immediately drop some bombs and get away from it as fast as possible. A tentacle will appear and start flailing. If you kill it, there should be a hole left behind with purple smoth spewing out. You must do this on all of the holes. Note: Getting hit by a tentacle will knock you in a random direction and cause damage. There are also puddles of Dark Matter moving around the sphere. If you are hit by one of these, you will be knocked off the sphere onto the ground, causing you to take damage from the poisonous fog. To defeat the puddles, wait until it follows you, then lay a bomb and it should move over it when it explodes. These puddles are one of your few opportunities to gain ammunition and energy. They usually drop Blue Energy and Missile Ammunition, but will also drop other things such as Light and Dark ammunition, and Red (and rarely) Yellow Energies. If you are low on energy, take the time to kill a few of these dark puddles to gain back as much as you can. After destroying all the holes of the sphere, part three of the battle begins. Again, do not forget to scan this new form of the Emperor Ing. In order to damage this form, you must shoot its heart, which is located in its mouth. Use the Annihilator Beam to shoot the heart. However, be wary of how it opens and closes its mouth because ammunition is extremely limited. After a few shots, its heart will either turn white or dark purple. If it turns white, it must be shot with the Dark Beam. If it turns purple, it must be shot with the Light Beam. Your best bet is to keep using the Annihilator Beam because it damages the heart no matter what color it is, but watch your ammunition. Do not charge the Annihilator Beam because the chances of it missing are high since Emperor Ing's large legs get in the way - this would be a waste of five Light and Dark ammunition. After defeating The Emperor Ing, Samus will have to get out of Dark Aether within seven minutes.
Defeating The Jump Guardian

To defeat the Jump Guardian, you must treat him as a Warrior Ing with the power to jump higher and to generate shockwaves that may knock you out of the Light Field when it lands. It will make a Dark Aurora when it is about to jump, so you can be ready for the shockwaves it makes. Shoot the Jump Guardian with Charge Beam or missiles after it releases its shockwave, and make sure to jump at the correct moment so you are not hit. It is acceptable if you are hit by the shockwave a couple of times, as long as you get back to the Light Field as fast as possible. When the guardian dies, the Space Jump boots are yours. Additionally, the Jump Guardian can take a bit of damage. Use your Charge Beam or missiles to do more damage. The Jump Guardian is much like a Warrior Ing, but can jump and produce shockwaves when it lands. When the Jump Guardian shoots at you, hide behind the Light Crystal; he cannot hurt you there. When the Jump Guardian produces shockwaves, just jump over him. Follow this and you should have no problems defeating him.
Defeating Quadraxis

Take out the Light Beam and use two Charged Shots on each knee when they are flashing. Do not bother about the feet. For the second stage, destroy the central antenna with a Super Missile or two. Note: You can only see the antennas with the Echo Visor. When you destroy the main body antenna, use a Charged Light Beam shot and two regular shots on each antenna. On the third stage, use a fully charged Light Beam to stun the head, then spider on the destroyed main body's legs. Boost onto the head when it comes by. Do this once more to defeat Quadraxis.
Defeating Space Pirates

To quickly destroy a flying Space Pirate, fire a Super Missile while locked on.
Defeating The Spider Guardian

In each "room", you will have to understand the path of the Boss in order to change and head into the electrical barrier. The path will change when you use the bomb-slot. However, this will only be available while the Boss' aura is green. You need to drop bombs in front of him until he is green, and get to the bomb slot as fast as possible. Continue this in each room until the Boss is dead. You will need to be fast in the third room because of the fact that there are three bomb-slots.
Defeating Tallon Metroids

To defeat Tallon Metroids (red ones) quickly without using any Beam ammo or missiles, just stand in front of a closed door. Shoot the Metroid with a Power Beam shot. When it charges you to latch on, it will explode when it hits the door.
Light Suit

After restoring all the power to the Agon Wastes, Torvus Bog, and Sanctuary Fortress Temples, talk to U-Mos and he will give you the Light Suit. The Light Suit enables you to teleport from temple to temple. The Light Suit also takes away the damage taken from walking in the Dark Aether atmosphere.
Sky Temple Key locations

The nine keys can only be found in Dark Aether. Also, these keys are protected by invisible creatures only visible with the Dark Visor. These creatures are not difficult to kill (finding them is the only hard part). Just hit them once while in Dark Visor mode, then switch back to combat mode, kill them, and get the key. You must have the Light Suit to get some of these, as they require going into areas that your Dark Suit cannot handle. There are three Sky Temple Keys in the Dark Temple Grounds, two in Dark Agon Wastes, two in Dark Torvus Bog, and two in Dark Sky Temple: Dark Agon Wastes

Dark Oasis: You can get here via the portal from the Space Pirate's base (or any portal in Agon). Once you are in this room, Power Bomb the Denzium wall in the center. Do not go into the area without the Light Suit --the Ingstorm will rip you apart. Go underwater and switch to your Dark Visor. Kill it and take the key. Battleground: This is where you got the second Agon key. Look in the air and there should be some platforms to jump on, only visible with the Dark Visor. The Ing creature with the key at the top. Kill it and get the key.

Dark Torvus Bog

Poisoned Bog: This room is in the upper area of Torvus, two rooms away from the Venomous Pond. Go underwater and kill the creature. Dungeon: This room is in the lower area of Torvus. You can reach it by going through the portal in the Catacombs. There will be two Dark Grenchlers here. Take care of them if desired, then dive underwater. Get past the robots by shooting the Light Portal above their heads. The Ing and key should be at the end.

Dark Sanctuary Fortress

Hive Dynamo Works: Go back to where you defeated the Spider Guardian in the Light World (Dynamo Works). Blast open the yellow hatch door with a Power Bomb. That should lead you to a portal into the Dark World. You must traverse the chasm (either through Spiderball Boosting or Screw Attack). The Ing is on the other side of the chasm. Hive Entrance: Go to the Dark World portal in the Hall Of Combat Mastery. You will emerge into the Culling Chamber. Proceed through the door leading to the Unseen Way. Cross the chasm of the room. You will be in another room called the Hive Reactor. Go through the yellow hatch door at the bottom to reach Hive Reactor Access and Entrance Defense Hall. Go through the door again and you will be at the Hive Entrance, a Dark version of the Sanctuary Fortress' entrance. Screw Attack all the way over to the other side and ride the Light Portal up. Then, Screw Attack again over to the other side, the top level above the entrance where you came from. The Ing and the key are there.

Dark Temple Grounds

Ing Reliquary: Go to the Sacred Path in the Light World and take the portal there into the Dark World. You will emerge at the Profane Path. Note: There is a beam ammo expansion here that you can get by solving a sonic puzzle with the Annihilator. The rooms along the way only have one way to go. Follow the one-way path and keep going until you reach your destination (the path is very linear). Check your map to see where the next door is located. The room is on the second floor of a large complex looking structure. Again, do not go through these areas without the Light Suit.

Accursed Lake: In the Light World, go to the Temple Assembly Site. There is a door with a purple crystal on it. Search around and shoot it with the Light Beam and activate the portal behind it. You will emerge at the Plain Of Dark Worship. Go through the Seeker Missile purple door and continue along the one-way path. You will now be at the Accursed Lake. The Ing is floating in the air. Kill it and get the key.

Defiled Shrine: This final key is actually very close to the Sky Temple Gateway (your destination after you get the nine keys). In the Light World, start at The Hall Of Eyes. Go through the portal here. You will emerge in Base Access in the Dark World. Go through the green hatch door. At the War Ritual Grounds, go through the only door there. You will be at the Shrine Access. Go through the Morphball tunnel and when you emerge, go through the green hatch door. The Ing and the key are in here.

After getting all nine keys, do whatever desired to prepare for the final fight. When you are ready, go to the Sky Temple Gateway in the Dark Temple Grounds. Get all the Energy Tanks, Power Bombs, Missiles, and Missile Combos if desired.
Beam Effects on Luminoth Light Beacons

Different beams have different effects when shot at a Luminoth Light Beacon:

Annihilator Beam: Supercharges beacon for an extended amount of time and causes any surrounding Ing to walk into the light causing it to die. This is very helpful if you are low on energy or ammunition.
Dark Beam: Temporarily extinguishes beacon. Note: Only the Light Beam can change it back, or you can wait for it to change back by itself.
Light Beam: Charges beacon for an extended amount of time.
Power Beam: Charges beacon and offers protection from Dark Aether Atmosphere for a short amount of time.
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