Mdk 2 Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

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final kaoss

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  • Crazy camera views
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press A, B, A, B.
  • Fart sounds from Doctor Hawkins
Begin game play as Doctor Hawkins, then press L + R + Left + A.
  • Full Pause Screen
Pause gameplay and press X + Y.
  • Game music
Play track two and higher of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game.
  • Hidden artwork and sounds
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find .JPG images, .WAV sounds, and .MP3 blooper tracks from the game in the "mdk2" directory.
  • Indy 500 Camera View
Pause gameplay, hold L + R and press B, A, B, A.
Re: Mdk 2

  • Kurt Wearing Only Boxers
At the Main Menu, hold L + R and press X, X, Y, X.
  • Mixed character
Pause game play, then hold L + R and press Up, Down, Right, Left, A, Y, B, X, X + Start to play as a character that is part Kurt, Max, and Doctor Hawkins.
  • Slow Motion
Start a game as Max, hold Fire and press Up, Up, Up, Up.
  • Soundtrack
Start the Dreamcast without a disc to access the audio CD player. Insert the game disc and play tracks two and above to hear 31 techno music tracks from the game.
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