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Fighting Thanos

Equip the Hulk with the power gem to fight Thanos at the end. You'll beat him in no time.
RE: Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems tips & passwords

Special moves

Web-attack: Quarter circle Forward, Y
Web swing: Up, Up, Y
Web jump: While web swinging press Down + Y

Dash: Forward, Forward, Y
Air attack: Quarter circle Forward, Y

Captain America:
Shield throw Forward: Forward, Forward, Y
Shield throw Up: Up, Up, Y
Shield throw Down: Down, Down, Y
Dash: Quarter circle Forward, Y

Rage attack: Forward, Forward, Y
Uppercut: Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Y

Iron Man:
Blast: Quarter circle Forward, Y
Bomb: Down, Down, Y
Fly: (in mid-air) Forward, Forward, Y

These are some moves.

Iron Man:

Bomb: down, down, Y
Uppercut: down + Y


Charge: forward, forward, Y


Charge: forward, forward, Y

Captain America:

Shield Throw: forward + Y
RE: Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems tips & passwords

Fighting Doctor Doom

The best character for fighting Doctor Doom is Spider-Man or Wolverine. Spidey is best though because he has a over powering kick plus he can chain it into his ground combo tallying for 8 hits. First off all you can duck or jump over his beam. After you knock Doctor Doom down wait awhile about a sec then jump up with a jump kick and continue hitting him until he falls. When Doctor Doom flys in the air preparing for a jump kick as soon as your in range jump kick him because Spidey's kick will over power his flying kick. Its best if you have the power gem for this so you can finish him off quicker.
RE: Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems tips & passwords


La2J6 Magus's Battleship

Ca3KX After Defeating Magus

La3NS Next to last stage before final boss
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