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TopActivator 1 P1Code MasterD0066984 00??
TopActivator 2 P1Code MasterD0066985 00??
TopDual Activator P1Code MasterD1066984 00??
TopEnable Code (Must Be On)Code MasterF1300290 3C01
F1300292 A005
F1300298 03E0
F130029A 0008
F130029C AC20
F130029E 86A0
TopBaby MarioKamek8006527E 00EE
TopBirdoKamek80065284 00EE
TopBooKamek8006527C 00EE
TopBowserKamek8006527B 00EE
TopDaisyKamek80065283 00EE
TopDK Jr.Kamek80065286 00EE
TopDonkey KongKamek8006527D 00EE
TopLuigiKamek80065282 00EE
TopMarioKamek8006527A 00EE
TopParatroopaKamek80065287 00EE
TopPeachKamek80065279 00EE
TopShy GuyKamek80065285 00EE
TopToadKamek8006527F 00EE
TopWaluigiKamek80065280 00EE
TopWarioKamek80065281 00EE
TopYoshiKamek80065278 00EE
TopAces Modifier P1Code Master81153454 00??
TopAces Modifier P2Code Master81153456 00??
TopAll Characters AvailableXAnimal810653C8 FFFF
TopAll Courts AvailableXAnimal810653CC FFFF
TopAlways Have "Nice" ServeCaptain Chronic80153533 0001
D0066985 0010
80153533 0000
Hold "R" when your opponent serves or else he/she will also have "Nice" serves all the time.
TopBackspin AmountSubDrag8115B11C XXXX
8115B12C XXXX
TopBall Bounces ForeverSubDrag8115B173 0000
TopBall CoordsSubDrag8115B0E6 XXXX
TopBall Size ModifierSubDrag8115B1A4 3F8C
8115B1A8 3F8C
8115B1AC 3F8C
TopBounce HeightSubDrag8115B104 XXXX
TopCourt ModifierZap280065240 00??00 - Hard Court 01 - Clay Court 02 - Grass Court 03 - Composition Court 04 - Super Mario Court 05 - Peach Court 06 - Wario Court 07 - Yoshi Court 08 - Waluigi Court 09 - Bowser Court (NOT the item one) 0A - Mario Bros. Court 0B - Yoshi & Baby Mario Court 0C - Wario & Waluigi Court 0D - Donkey Kong Court 0E - Mario & Luigi Court 0F - Yoshi & Birdo Court 10 - Bowser Court (Item one) 11 - Hard Court (Beach)(?) 12 - Pirhana Plant Court
TopDouble Faults Modifier P1Code Master8115345C 00??
TopDouble Faults Modifier P2Code Master8115345E 00??
TopEasy PointsCaptain Chronic8015B16B 0000
D0066985 0010
8015B16B 0001
Once the ball touches the ground, it counts as a point. Be sure to hold "R" when your opponent hits the ball or else he/she will also get points after one bounce.
TopGames Won Modifier P1Code Master8015344D 00??
TopGames Won Modifier P2Code Master8015344E 00??
TopHigh NetsSubDrag8006524B 0008This appears to be beta mode. perhaps some sort of lob challenge. however, at moment it is only a high nets game, and i have not ever been able to get it over. but it is very funny and it saves so you can play it without a shark.
TopInfinite BouncesCaptain Chronic8015B16B 0000If you leave the ball alone, it will eventually bounce out of bounds and you will get easy points.
TopJam A Twice And Ball Gets Hit Backwards On ServeSubDrag8015B0ED 00FF
TopMax Rings In Ring ChallengesSubDrag8106525C FFFF
TopMode Modifier (Unlisted Are Normal)SubDrag8006524B 00XX00 - Normal 01 - Piranha 02 - Normal 05 - Rings 06 - Bowser Stage 08 - HIGH NETS 09 - Demo Doubles 0A - Demo Singles
TopPlayer 1 Characters Sound ModifierSubDrag80153537 00XX
801571A7 00XX
801571AB 00XX
8015D172 00XX
10-13 are GB Transfer Pak characters sounds, use with their model modifier. 14 is a quick sound, then silence
TopPlayer 1 ModifierSubDrag80065217 00XX
TopPlayer 2 ModifierSubDrag8006521B 00XX
TopPlayer 3 ModifierSubDrag8006521F 00XX
TopPlayer 4 ModifierSubDrag80065223 00XX
TopReturn Winners Modifier P1Code Master81153464 00??
TopReturn Winners Modifier P2Code Master81153466 00??
TopScore Modifier P1Code Master8015344A 00??00 - 0 01 - 15 02 - 30 03 - 40
TopScore Modifier P2Code Master8015344B 00??
TopSets Won Modifier P1Code Master8015344F 00??
TopSets Won Modifier P2Code Master80153450 00??
TopSingles/DoublesSubDrag8006524F 00XX00 - Singles 01 - Doubles
TopSmash Winners Modifier P1Code Master8115346C 00??
TopSmash Winners Modifier P2Code Master8115346E 00??
TopSpin Speeds (L, U, R)SubDrag8115B114 XXXX
8115B124 XXXX
8115B134 XXXX
TopStart Set With Score Modifier P1Code MasterD015344A 0000
8015344A 00??
TopStart Set With Score Modifier P2Code MasterD015344B 0000
8015344B 00??
TopAll Characters Have 'Star' OptionKamek810653CA FFFF
TopAll Tournaments Cleared
(Cheat Device 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)
Kamek50000801 0000
81065278 EEEE
TopBall Graphic EffectsLuigi_18015B1EA FFFF
TopBlack Hole CourtAsh_link80169240 0ABCSelect "Composition Court" and begin playing. But what's that? You're only in a black hole and no one seems to be scared that the court and the world is in a black hole and about to disappear!
TopHave D.K. Jr.Kamek800653C8 0001Note: To save changes to the SRAM (so you don't have to use the codes again), play and complete one game in any mode with the codes enabled. This will save the data to the SRAM and you will not have to put the code in again to use the new characters.
TopHave D.K. Jr. & Shy GuyKamek800653C8 0003
TopHave Shy GuyKamek800653C8 0002
TopHold R For 'Nice' Serve~Captain Chronic~D0066985 0010
80153533 0001
TopInept Opponent In Piranha Challenge/Everybody MissesLuigi_18015B16C 9955With this code, you'll win the Piranha Chanllenge easily, but if you're going to play on another game, such as the Tournement Mode, when you swing, you'll miss. Nobody will win anywhere.
TopMario On Drugs ModeAsh_link80153537 001FGo to anything (Exhibition, Tournament, Etc.). Make sure you have a GS on Mario tennis and put on this code (it may not work for earlier versions before 3.3) Enter the code in and enjoy! When you serve straight, the ball goes by REALLY fast, but when he hits the ball it's sooo weak it doesn't even reach the other side, over the net!
TopP1 'Everything Else' ModifierKamek801571AB 00??
TopP1 Model ModifierKamek80153537 00??
TopP1 Sparks ModifierKamek801571A7 00??
TopP2 'Everything Else' ModifierKamek80157193 00??
TopP2 Model ModifierKamek8015353B 00??
TopP2 Sparks ModifierKamek8015713F 00??00 - Yoshi 01 - Peach 02 - Mario 03 - Bowser 04 - Boo 05 - DK 06 - Baby Mario 07 - Toad 08 - Waluigi 09 - Wario 0A - Luigi 0B - Daisy 0C - Birdo 0D - Shy Guy 0E - D.K. Jr 0F - Paratroopa 10 - (Model Only) A Dark-Skinned Boy With A Ballcap 11 - (Model Only) A Short Young Girl With Long Pigtails 12 - (Model Only) A Buff Athlete With A Funky Hairdo 13 - (Model Only) Generic Female Tennis Player 14 - (Model Only) A Question Mark?!
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