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Bonus costumes​

Complete the indicated task to unlock the costume.

CostumeHow to unlock
Bee MarioTurn eight characters into star characters.
BirdoDefeat an Ace opponent in a singles Exhibition match.
BooPurchase 100 different items in the item shop.
BowserGet 50 Victory Medals from Online Multiplayer Open Matches.
Bowser JrGet 20 Victory Medals from Online Multiplayer Open Matches.
Cloud MarioTurn 10 characters into star characters.
DaisyCollect 700 ring points in Ring Shot Callenge with another player.
Diddy KongMeet 20 Mii characters via StreetPass.
Donkey KongMeet 50 Mii characters via StreetPass.
Dry BowserGet 100 Victory Medals from Online Multiplayer Open Matches.
Fire MarioTurn two characters into star characters.
GoombaAdd 100 items to the item shop shelves.
Koopa TroopaWin 10 consecutive StreetPass matches.
LuigiWin the Star Final Cup Tournament in Doubles.
LumaCollect 1,500 coins in the Galaxy Rally Challenge Special Game.
MarioWin the Star Final Cup Tournament in Singles.
PeachCollect 800 ring points in Ring Shot Callenge.
Petey PiranhaGet 50 returns in the Ink Showdown Challenge.
Propeller MarioTurn five characters into star characters.
Shy GuyWin 20 consecutive StreetPass matches.
Tanooki MarioTurn 15 characters into star characters.
ToadCollect a total of 50,000 coins.
WaluigiCollect 800 Coins in Super Mario Tennis Level 2-4.
WarioCollect 800 Coins in Super Mario Tennis Level 1-4.
WigglerGet a total of 5,000 points in Online Multiplayer Open matches.
YoshiScan the QR Code from the official Nintendo website.


UnlockableHow to unlock
Baby MarioComplete 1-3 in the Super Mario Tennis Special Game.
Baby PeachComplete the Pro Rings level of the Ring Shot Special Game.
Dry BowserComplete the Inksplosion level of the Ink Showdown Special Game.
LumaComplete the Superstar level of the Galaxy Rally Special Game.


CourtHow to unlock
Galaxy Arena Crystal CourtComplete the Final Cup in the Star Open tournaments.
Galaxy Arena Morph CourtComplete the Final Cup in the Star Open tournaments.

CPU difficulties​

For use in Exhibition mode only.

UnlockableHow to unlock
Ace difficultyBeat the Final Cup tournament.
Pro difficultyBeat the Champions Cup tournament.

Fire Mario​

Turn 2 characters into star characters.

Star Characters​

Completing the Champions Cup of the World Open gives the character you played as a star, enhancing their abilities.


TournamentHow to unlock
1-Up Mushroom CupBeat all four cups of the World Open.
Banana CupBeat the Flower Cup tournament.
Champions CupBeat the Banana Cup tournament.
Final CupBeat the Shell Cup tournament.
Flower CupBeat the Mushroom Cup tournament.
Ice Flower CupBeat the 1-Up Mushroom Cup tournament.
Shell CupBeat the Ice Flower Cup tournament.
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