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Diddy Kong​

Reach Level 11 or scan a Diddy Kong amiibo.

Donkey Kong​

Reach Level 8 or scan a Donkey Kong amiibo.

Party Level​

When you complete tasks such as completing a round of Toad Scramble, you earn points that increase your party level. You can earn more points if you place first on the modes. Reaching certain Party Levels unlocks game modes, characters, and difficulty settings.

UnlockableHow to unlock
Balloon Bash (mode)Reach Level 3.
Boo's Block Party (mode)Reach Level 9.
Challenge Tower (mode)Reach Level 10.
Coinathlon (mode)Reach Level 2.
Diddy Kong & Dr. Mario Music (character and Rhythm Recital level)Reach Level 11.
Donkey Kong (character)Reach Level 8.
Mario Shuffle (mode)Reach Level 7.
Master Difficulty settingReach Level 12.
Rhythm Recital (mode)Reach Level 5.
Rosalina (character)Reach Level 6.
Staff CreditsReach Level Star.
Toadette (character)Reach Level 4.


Reach Level 6 or scan a Rosalina amiibo.


Reach Level 4.
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