Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. - CTRPF AR Cheat Codes (Update 1.1) [EU]

CTRPF AR codes for the Nintendo 3DS

final kaoss

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The following are known CTRPF AR Cheat Codes for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. on Nintendo 3DS (3DS).


[Mario MAX Stats]
006E841E 03E703E7
006E8422 03E703E7
006E8426 03E703E7
006E842A 03E703E7

[All Beans x99]
006E8603 63636363
106E8607 00006363
006E860D 63636363
106E8611 00006363

[Consumable Items x99]
006E85F0 63636363
006E85F4 63636363
006E85F8 63636363
006E85FC 63636363
006E8600 00636363

[Luigi MAX Stats]
006E8506 03E703E7
006E850A 03E703E7
006E850E 03E703E7
006E8512 03E703E7

[Various Protection (Rings) x99]
006E869E 63636363
006E86A2 63636363
006E86A6 63636363
006E86AA 63636363
006E86AE 63636363
006E86B2 63636363
006E86B6 00006363

[Max Money]
006E85EC 000F423F
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