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Warp to Hydra

There is a magic door on the 34th floor that warps you directly to Hydra. To locate this elusive door, vaporize the two blocks and pay close attention to the pillars. Hit the fourth pair of pillars on the left to activate the switch that makes the door appear.
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Change your selections

Enter the Option Mode, and highlight "Exit." On Controller 2, hold L, R and Start, then press Start on Controller 1. Use Controller 1 to change your selections by pressing Left or Right.
RE: Magic Sword Hints & Tips

Floor Select

The special option screen gives you a "Floor Select" option that does not work when you first turn on the game. It will work to get you back to the last floor you were on. For example, if you played normally and reached Floor 40, when you get defeated you may use the code to begin at Floor 40.
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