Madden NFL 95 Hints & Tips (for Super Nintendo)

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Expansion teams

Before beginning a new game, go to the Game Setup screen (the one with two helmets at the top of the screen), highlight either the "Home" or "Visiting Team" option and press the following codes to be the expansion teams:

For the Jacksonville Jaguars, press: L, R, L, R, A
For the Carolina Panthers, press: L, R, L, R, Y

They will both have 99 for all of their team statistics. These codes can only be used in "Exhibition" mode.
RE: Madden NFL 95 Hints & Tips

One minute games

L, R, L, R, L, R and X gives you one minute games!! It even works for season!!
RE: Madden NFL 95 Hints & Tips

15 second quarters

Do the code for the hidden teams, EXCEPT! instead of pressing Y or A, press X for 15 second quarters, works like da others!!!!!!
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