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How do you beat Tomator on the Baelog part

First you have to get to float with your shield across to the right side of the screen. Pick up the bombs. Now float to the middle and drop the bombs on to the bricks with him on it. He will fall through to the bottom.
RE: Lost Vikings Tips & Passwords

Where is the red key in the final level

When all three Vikings are united, have Erik stand on Olaf's shield and jump up the teleporter and teleport. Have him walk to the edge of the ledge and when Tomator starts walking to the right, jump down and just in front of him (watch out for his shield). He'll shoot two bombs (you won't get hurt), then jump up on the ladder and avoid the beams. Once he shoots the second one, jump down and bash him into the electrical field. Repeat this process four times and he will leave behind the red key. Then have Baelog shoot an arrow to turn of the electric field.
RE: Lost Vikings Tips & Passwords


STRT Level 1
GR8T Level 2
TLPT Level 3
GRND Level 4
LLM0 Level 5
FL0T Level 6
TRSS Level 7
PRHS Level 8
CVRN Level 9
BBLS Level 10
VLCN Level 11
QCKS Level 12
PHR0 Level 13
C1RO Level 14
SPKS Level 15
JMNN Level 16
TTRS Level 17
JLLY Level 18
PLNG Level 19
BTRY Level 20
JNKR Level 21
CBLT Level 22
H0PP Level 23
SMRT Level 24
V8TR Level 25
NFL8 Level 26
WKYY Level 27
CMB0 Level 28
8BLL Level 29
TRDR Level 30
FNTM Level 31
WRLR Level 32
TRPD Level 33
TFFF Level 34
FRGT Level 35
4RN4 Level 36
MSTR Level 37
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