Lost Hope... PSP N-1001 OFW 6.38


I'm a complete noob to the scene and I've tried searching for the past 2 days but still feel COMPLETELY lost so please have some patience...

I've received a PSP Go from my girl as a birthday gift.

It had OFW 6.20 and PSN told me I had to update so I could access it to buy some games... Now I'm with OFW 6.38 and was trying to run a backed up copy of Final Fantasy Tactics PSX but I'm receiving a copyright message.

I've been looking it up only to find out that I had to have a CFW to play these and I figured I could just install one but I'm finding trouble as to which CFW to install or even IF I was able to since OFW 6.38 is incapable of downgrading/hacking?

I really don't know where to start!

Please, I'd really appreciate some advice.

Thank you for your time.
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