Lost Dreamcast Classic: Frame Gride

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not sure if anyones heard of this game much less seen it but I wanted to see what your opinions were of it. Basically to give you a bra-stroke of the game its made by the people who made Armored Core and therefore it is very much the same KIND of game in a sense that you build and customise a massive mech/core/frame and do battle.

Only difference with Frame Gride is that its set in medieval times and consists of actually building parts from rare crystals that you find when killing enemies, rather than simply saving up and buying the parts you want. You also have magic attacks and weapons and can fight with swords and shields, almost as if you were a giant in a suit of robotic armor.

Its such an awesome game its a shame it never had a PAL or US release nor a sequel, it could really have done with one. I made this video about it to try and show what its like. The menus are in Japanese but its fairly straight forward once you know what your looking for.

Let me know what you guys think and if anyone else has played it

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