Looks like another Unreleased Dreamcast game just....

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Looks like this was a total and complete fake. Sorry all

This time it is a Power Rangers game! :D

I used to watch it back in 93 or 94, whenever it first came out and I was like in 3rd grade. Oh man the memories.
This time it is a PSX port.


Yes that is the Playstation cover.

Unreleased / Prototypes

If, as well as read. I have it for a few weeks, I could not test it thoroughly because I have no Dreamcast, but I've had in the house of a friend, and this is what I noticed:

- The graphics are 640 x 480, unlike the PSX that were 320 x 240. However, it still has many jaggies.

- The graphics of the buttons have been changed to the DC, however, the characters continue with the dubbing of the PSX (Dan directions X, Circle, Square, etc ...). And VMU options listed as "Memory Card".

- On the menu is the date of this bulid: "01/05/2000". A month before the Retail PSX was released.

- Everything is unlocked, the titanium ranger, codes, us and other levels.

- No Raitings system.

- 2-Player mode is very poorly implemented, as the camera only sige to player 1.

- And more things I'm preparing for a mega-article! See you soon!

Here is some PSX gameplay to give you an idea of what to expect.


Special thanks to Dreamcast News for showing us the info!

Dreamcast News: [Game] Power Rangers, un jeu unreleased

Here is the original source of the news.

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