Looking for rare accessories.

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I just found this forum in my search for a few items. I am happy to see so many people still enjoy this system. 8-)

I originally bought a Dreamcast in 2000 for the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series which is still my favorite racing series of all time. I recently picked up another Dreamcast along with Tokyo Xtreme Racer 1&2 and Shutoko Battle 1&2 after replaying all the Tokyo Xtreme games for PS2. If anyone is ever looking on ebay for the Shutoko games make sure to check both spellings for the best deal. They are listed under "Shutokou" and "Shutoko"

Alright I will get to the point. I like to collect things and I found a controller and VMU that I have to find. They are the D-Direct carbon series. Here is what they look like.



I contacted play-asia since they are the only website I have found that ever sold them and asked if they could track down any more used ones but they can not.

I have found a used VMU on a japanese auction site but It is hard to navigate and I am not even sure if I could place a bid correctly or if they would ship it to the U.S.

If anyone has these items or knows where to get them I am willing to pay a good amount for them. I will even hook someone up with a finders fee if they find them someplace I can buy them from that speaks english.

Thanks for the help.
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