Looking for people interessted in Hombrew Game Dev

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I really would like to get into homebrew game programming and so I'm looking for people who might want to team up to start a cool project. I don't really care about the console.. I love my Gamecube, DC & DS. :)

For the style of the game I would prefer a platformer like gunlord/metroid or an RPG like Shadowrun (SNES) or something cyberpunk'ish...

Now to my skills: I'm mostly a Linux-Guy, not much a Programmer.. But I'm used to code a lot, so I can get into any devkit quite fast. I also like to work with music, so I guess I could get into music making for consoles, too. The thing I'm really good at is running Servers - so an online game would be no problem xD ...

Anyway.. do you guys have any advice where I could look for people who might be interested?
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