Loco Roco 2 Problem


Guys I'm new here and I was wondering if anyone of you could help me fix my Loco Roco ISO. I have the Loco Roco2 game in my psp. After the language selection screen (the one with the flags), Sony Computer Entertainment America Presents, and Japanstudio titles appear, there's just a black screen with small cd on the lower right side that is continuously spinning ( I assumed that this is the loading screen). That's all. It doesn't load. I'm just left with a blank black screen and the cd (a umd?) on the lower right side of the psp's screen. I REALLY want to play this game so if you guys know how to fix this, please help me. :-(

Addt'l info:

custom firmware: 5.00 m33-6
cpu clock xmb: 333/166
cpu clock game: Default
usb device: memory stick
umd iso mode: Sony NP9660
ISO video mount None

Please help me. I really want to play this awesome game :-(
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