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Level 8 tips

This is help for level eight. First of all, get the Gecko, when you lose it, your primary weapon should be the Morning Star which is activated by pressing Select. The first boss is a large penguin. Charge up the Morning Star only a little and fire, keep firing again and again (it will take some practice to master the timing) when the penguin throws the enemies, kill them immediately and keep firing at the penguin. When you get to the part where you go up, get the Gecko, the hardest part is probably where the 4 flames are. As soon as the bottom two flames go away, go in between the floor flame spots. You won't get hit by the ceiling flames most likely you'll take a hit there. When you get past that go to the western most platform. Then you should see the frog below. Jump on the wall (Gecko) and stick. Go down and get the frog. Get through the flames once more and then jump to the High platform not reachable with the gecko. 2nd Boss- a manta. His attacks are unpredictable so be alert hit him with a blast from the Morning Star until he dies. If he slows down, he will do the fireball attack. When you get the be go back to the beginning and fly up to get the mouse. 3rd and final boss, Nightmare king. Dodge his lasers and destroy the red globs before they hit you. If you have high energy go for high charged Morning star hits. If it goes low, use the charge short fire fast technique.
RE: Litle Nemo: The Dream Master

Level select

On the Title Screen press, Up, Select, Left, Right, A, A, B, to get you select your Stage. Press A for each Level that you want to skip.
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