Lion King Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

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  • Cheat mode
In the options area press: Right, A, A, b, Start and the cheat area screen will apear.
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  • Maxed Out Roar Bar And Energy Bar
Go to level 1 and find where the extra man. Roll under so you go further down and get the continue. Now get all the bugs on this level that make your energy bar and roar bar bigger. Then die until you have to use a continue. Repeat this a few times and you will max out your roar bar and energy bar.
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  • Music Change
On Level 2 ("Can't Wait to be King"), pounce on the birds in order to change the music.
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  • Playing Tips
When you go down the first waterfall in the Hakunamatata Stage, hold right to go to an easier path.

In the stage with lava, you will pass by a big wall. Go through the wall and get the item inside. In the last part of that stage, there are holes which shoot fire towards the ceiling.

To pass this, wait until parts of the ceiling clog all the holes. When all the holes are clogged, go to the one on the very right and stay on top of it. It'll give you a boost to the next stage.
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  • Random Level Select
Before you turn on your game, insert your controller into the second slot. When you turn on game, press start. You'll start on a random level.
Re: Lion King

  • Unlimited Roars
Press Right, A, B, C, Start at the options screen. The sound of Simba as an adult roaring will confirm correct code entry.
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