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TopAll-Night Maskzoinkity801EEF09 0038
TopBlast Maskzoinkity801EEF0A 0047
TopBreman Maskzoinkity801EEF0F 0046
TopBunny Hoodzoinkity801EEF10 0039
TopCaptain's Hatzoinkity801EEF1D 0044
TopCircus Leader's Maskzoinkity801EEF15 003D
TopCouple Maskzoinkity801EEF17 003F
TopDeku Maskzoinkity801EEF0D 0032
TopDon Gero's Maskzoinkity801EEF11 0042
TopFierce Deity's Maskzoinkity801EEF1F 0035
TopGaro's Maskzoinkity801EEF1C 003B
TopGiant's Maskzoinkity801EEF1E 0049
TopGibdo Maskzoinkity801EEF1B 0041
TopGoron Maskzoinkity801EEF13 0033
TopGreat Fairy's Maskzoinkity801EEF0C 0040
TopKafei's Maskzoinkity801EEF16 0037
TopKamaro's Maskzoinkity801EEF1A 0043
TopKeaton Maskzoinkity801EEF0E 003A
TopMask of Scentszoinkity801EEF12 0048
TopMask of Truthzoinkity801EEF18 0036
TopMesh Modifier (Changes The Mesh/Child Map That Is Loaded)Cendamos, Jaytheham801EEE83 00XXExample: (Replaces South Clock Tower with the Grotto that has Dondogo) 811C3BF0 02EA 811C3BF2 2000 811C3BF4 02EB 811C3BF6 1CD0 801EEE83 0070 In order to find a location's pointer do a RAM search for aaaabbbb's value and go to third result, usually it will be the pointer to that scene. -Format: aaaa:bbbb:cccc:dddd- mapname area -Notes: + I suggest if you want to use the mesh Modifer, before enabling cheats go to West Clock Town and then from there enter South Clock Town. + There are 100 scenes, and 11 removed ones. + In MM(J) there is an extra testing level from MQ Debug, it replaces all of the removed levels in MM(J). Values: aaaa:bbbb:cccc:dddd- 01F1:A000:01F2:A630- Z2_SONCHONOIE (Southern Swamp) 02EA:2000:02EB:1CD0- Z2_GROTTOS* (Grottos) 02E9:4000:02EA:0740- Z2_INTRO2* (Introduction) 01F6:8000:01F7:2BC0- Z2_WITCH_SHOP (Swamp hag!) 01F7:D000:01F8:4880- Z2_LAST_BS (Majora) 0000:0000:0000:0000- Z2_OMOYA (removed map) 0000:0000:0000:0000- Z2_BOWLING (removed map) 0000:0000:0000:0000- Z2_20SICHITAI2 (removed map) 01F8:E000:01F9:A680- Z2_HAKASHITA (Caverns under Graveyard) 01FD:A000:01FE:5810- Z2_AYASHIISHOP (Black Market (010E0001) ) 01FD:A000:01FE:5810- Z2_COWLAND* (Ranch Barn (01320000) ) 0200:B000:0200:F0A0- KAKUSIANA (Honey and Darling Game) 0201:5000:0201:C4D0- SPOT00 (Mayor's Office) 0204:3000:0206:1380- Z2_IKANA (Ikana Canyon) 0209:D000:020A:ED20- Z2_KAIZOKU (Inner Pirate Fortress) 020C:3000:020D:03D0- Z2_MILK_BAR (Milk Bar) 020D:C000:020E:E630- Z2_INISIE_N (Stone Temple Main Upside Down) 0213:E000:0214:7880- Z2_TAKARAYA (Treasure Chest Game) 0215:0000:0216:2080- Z2_INISIE_R (Stone Temple Main Room) 021A:A000:021C:4FA0- Z2_OKUJOU (On Top of ClockTower) 021C:8000:021D:2E60- Z2_OPENINGDAN (Opening Introduction) 021E:6000:021F:D390- Z2_MITURIN (Woodfall Temple) 0225:6000:0225:DDF0- Z2_13HUBUKINOMITI (Snow Mountain Entrance) 0226:3000:0227:2870- Z2_CASTLE (Ikana Castle Outside) 022B:5000:022B:DE90- Z2_DEKUTES (Deku Mini Game) 022C:3000:022C:61B0- Z2_MITURIN_BS (Owalda, the democratic indian) 022C:9000:022D:26C0- Z2_SYATEKI_MIZU (Town Shooting Gallery) 022D:A000:022F:59D0- Z2_HAKUGIN (Snowhead Temple) 0236:D000:0237:06B0- Z2_ROMANYMAE (Road to Ranches) 0237:5000:0238:9650- Z2_PIRATE (Pirate Fortress) 0241:2000:0242:3CD0- Z2_SYATEKI_MORI (Swamp Archery Range) 0242:B000:0243:4EA0- Z2_SINKAI (Ocean) 0243:D000:0246:03C0- Z2_YOUSEI_IZUMI (Fairy Fountain) 0247:F000:0248:9C60- Z2_KINSTA1 (Swamp SpiderHouse) 024A:F000:024B:EE40- Z2_KINDAN2 (OceanSide SpiderHouse) 024F:5000:024F:D780- Z2_TENMON_DAI (Clocktower Sewers) 0252:A000:0252:DF90- Z2_LAST_DEKU (Moon Dungeon, Deku Part) 0254:1000:0254:E220- Z2_22DEKUCITY (Deku Palace) 0258:3000:0258:A9D0- Z2_KAJIYA (Blacksmith) 0259:9000:025D:1550- Z2_00KEIKOKU (Termina Field) 025F:B000:0260:47B0- Z2_POSTHOUSE (Post Office) 0260:E000:0261:BC40- Z2_LABO (Marine Research) 0262:5000:0262:AC50- Z2_DANPEI2TEST (Dampe's loveshack) 0264:8000:0265:51C0- Z2_16GORON_HOUSE (Goron Village: Inside) 0266:B000:0267:9770- Z2_33ZORACITY (Zora's Domain) 0268:5000:0268:F270- Z2_8ITEMSHOP (Trading Post) 0269:D000:026B:9460- Z2_F01 (Ranch - Main) 026C:8000:026C:AC10- Z2_INISIE_BS (Stone Tower Boss, vegeterian giant worm bros) 026C:C000:026E:ADD0- Z2_30GYOSON (GreatBay Coast Entrance) 0270:9000:0272:1F90- Z2_31MISAKI (GreatBay Coast 2) 0273:A000:0273:C610- Z2_TAKARAKUJI (Lottery House) 0274:0000:0274:C050- Z2_TORIDE (Pirate Fortress Outside) 0275:B000:0276:4150- Z2_FISHERMAN (Fisherman Hut) 0276:E000:0277:A330- Z2_GORONSHOP (Goron Village Shop) 0278:5000:0279:6BC0- Z2_DEKU_KING (Deku Castle Throne Room) 027A:1000:027A:A5C0- Z2_LAST_GORON (Moon Dungeon, Goron Part) 027C:6000:027C:DB50- Z2_24KEMONOMITI (Entrance to Southern Swamp) 027D:5000:027E:0920- Z2_F01_B (Ranch - Dog Racing) 027E:9000:027F:72B0- Z2_F01C (Ranch - Mohawk Kid) 027F:E000:0280:C1D0- Z2_BOTI (Graveyard) 0282:3000:0282:AFB0- Z2_HAKUGIN_BS (Goht, the local crazy bull) 0283:2000:0284:3560- Z2_20SICHITAI (Southern Swamp?) 0288:6000:0289:0FF0- Z2_21MITURINMAE (Woodfall: Poisoned) 028A:1000:028B:5820- Z2_LAST_ZORA (Moon Dungeon - Zora Area) 028C:5000:028C:B700- Z2_11GORONNOSATO2 (Goron Village: Unfrozen) 028E:6000:0290:2740- Z2_SEA (Frozen Cutscene) 0297:7000:0298:F800- Z2_35TAKI (Zora Race Game) 029A:9000:029B:6030- Z2_REDEAD (Ikana's Well) 02A0:D000:02A1:88B0- Z2_BANDROOM (Rooms of the Zora Band) 02A5:B000:02A6:0700- Z2_11GORONNOSATO (Goron Village: Frozen) 02A7:8000:02A8:0790- Z2_GORON_HAKA (Cutscene - Get goron mask) 02A8:9000:02A8:FA10- Z2_SECOM (Sakon's hideout) 02AA:4000:02AB:2650- Z2_10YUKIYAMANOMURA (Mountain Village: Frozen) 02AB:F000:02AC:57C0- Z2_TOUGITES (Spirit House) 02AC:B000:02AD:BB00- Z2_DANPEI (Deku Race track) 02B3:8000:02B4:0090- Z2_IKANAMAE (Entrance to Ikana Canyon) 02B4:6000:02B4:D530- Z2_DOUJOU (The Dojo) 02B5:5000:02B6:E800- Z2_MUSICHOUSE (Inside the Music House) 02B7:C000:02B8:7010- Z2_IKNINSIDE (Ikana Castle) 02B9:3000:02B9:A020- Z2_MAP_SHOP (Swamp Tour GuideHouse) 02BA:1000:02BB:5300- Z2_F40 (Stone Temple) 02BC:2000:02BD:5AF0- Z2_F41 (Stone Temple: Upside down) 02BE:2000:02BE:9060- Z2_10YUKIYAMANOMURA2 (Moutain Village: Unfrozen) 02C0:B000:02C1:0CF0- Z2_14YUKIDAMANOMITI (Mountain Area after village: Frozen) 02C1:6000:02C1:D560- Z2_12HAKUGINMAE (Snowhead Temple: Outside) 02C2:6000:02C2:FBB0- Z2_17SETUGEN (Mountain Area after village: Frozen) 02C3:8000:02C4:0AD0- Z2_17SETUGEN2 (Mountain Area after village: Unfrozen) 02C4:9000:02C4:E2F0- Z2_SEA_BS (Boss: Gyorg, the wonderful giant fish) 02C5:5000:02C6:00E0- Z2_RANDOM (Ikana Cavern behind water fall "Secret Shrine") 02C8:6000:02C9:5470- Z2_YADOYA (The inn) 02CC:C000:02CD:3220- Z2_KONPEKI_ENT (Great Bay Temple Introduction) 02CD:B000:02CE:2F40- Z2_INSIDETOWER (Twisting Corridor) 02CF:4000:02D0:04E0- Z2_26SARUNOMORI (Woods of Mystery) 02D2:4000:02D3:39D0- Z2_LOST_WOODS (CUTSCENE - Introduction Half2) 02D4:9000:02D5:0310- Z2_LAST_LINK (moon dungeon with dinofols) 02D6:7000:02D7:1FD0- Z2_SOUGEN (tree on moon) 02D7:A000:02D8:6970- Z2_BOMYA (Bombshop) 02D8:F000:02D9:DDB0- Z2_KYOJINNOMA (CUTSCENE - Learning Oath to Order) 02DA:0000:02DA:A490- Z2_KOEPONARACE (Horse Race) 02DB:4000:02DC:3690- Z2_GORONRACE (Goron Race) 02DD:2000:02DF:0770- Z2_TOWN (West Town) 02E0:9000:02E1:EE40- Z2_ICHIBA (East Town) 02E2:A000:02E3:AEE0- Z2_BACKTOWN (North Town) 02E4:6000:02E6:8660- Z2_CLOCKTOWER (South Town) 02E7:D000:02E8:A860- Z2_ALLEY (Laundry Pool)
TopPostman's Maskzoinkity801EEF08 003EHere's the list of mask codes for the game. Magic number here is -7F0 from NTSC release values. Check out that Deity Link action!
TopRomani's Maskzoinkity801EEF14 003C
TopScene Replacement (Replaces Hyrule Field With Specified Scene)Cendamos, Jaytheham811C3BF0 AAAA
TopStone Maskzoinkity801EEF0B 0045
TopZora Maskzoinkity801EEF19 0034

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