Knight's of the Round Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

Game Genie Codes, GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES. (some codes are official and others are unofficial).

final kaoss

Staff member
3C81-4461 + CB81-44A1 + DF81-47D1 Start on stage 2
3C81-4461 + CB81-44A1 + D481-47D1 Start on stage 3
3C81-4461 + CB81-44A1 + D781-47D1 Start on stage 4
3C81-4461 + CB81-44A1 + D081-47D1 Start on stage 5
3C81-4461 + CB81-44A1 + D981-47D1 Start on stage 6
EE2C-C7DC More invincibility time after successful block
DAC9-1DDB Super jump--Arthur
DAC0-17DB Super jump--Lancelot
DAC9-1FDB Super jump--Percival
DD2A-3406 No energy lost from special move
D12A-3406 Less energy lost from special move
F02A-3406 More energy lost from special move
1D6B-47AF Slower timer
F36B-47AF Faster timer
4029-4DD5 + 4022-1DD5 Almost infinite energy
DDAD-17BF Maximum energy from most food
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