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Original Manual By: Namco Ltd.

This manual is meant for the USA (english) version of KLONOA.

Since there is nothing about "manual copyright notices" in the manual, this
document may be placed on any website and/or FTP site SO LONG AS IT REMAINS INTACT AND NOTHING IS CHANGED. Namco Ltd. owns the copyright to KLONOA:DOOR TO PHANTOMILE, and reserves the right to refuse redistribution of this document.

[ Front Cover ]
Picture of Klonoa (heh, what else?)

[ Inside Front Cover ]
A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain
patterns or backgrounds on a television screen or while playing video games,
including games played on the PlayStation(tm) game console, may induce an
epileptic seizure in these individuals.
Certain conditions may induce previously undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history of prior seizures of epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family, has an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to playing.
IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS WHILE PLAYING A VIDEO GAME. dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness,
disorientation, any involuntary movement, or convulsions - IMMEDIATELY
discontinue use and consult your physician before resuming play.

Do not connect your PlayStation(tm) game console to a projection TV without
first consulting the user manual for your projection TV, unless it is of the
LCD type. Otherwise, it may permanently damage your TV screen.

- This compact disc is intended for use only with the PlayStation(tm) game
- Do not bend it, crush it, or submerge it in liquids.
- Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near a radiator or other source of
- Be sure to take an occasional rest break during extended play.
- Keep this compact disc clean. Always hold the disc by the edges and keep
it in its protective case when not in use. Clean the disc with a lint-free
soft, dry cloth, wiping in straight lines from center to outer edge. Never
use solvents or abrasive cleaners.

[ Page 1 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
It's strange...

Sometimes I can't remember my dreams, though I'm sure I saw them. Where do
these dreams go? But I remember one dream. As clearly as if it were
reflected in a mirror...


STORY ........................... 4 WHAT YOU'LL FIND ................. 15
A WORLD OF ADVENTURE ............ 5 ITEMS ............................ 17
HOW TO BEGIN A GAME ............. 6 VISIONS .......................... 19
OPTIONS ......................... 7 CHARACTERS ....................... 21
THE GAME SCREEN AND RULES ....... 9 ENEMIES .......................... 23
USING THE CONTROLLER ........... 13 HINTS ............................ 26

[ Page 2 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

To load and run KLONOA on your PlayStation(tm) game console, follow these
simple instructions:

Set up your PlayStation(tm) game console according to the instructions in the
Instruction Manual. Make sure the power is off before inserting or removing
the CD. Insert the KLONOA disc and close the disc cover. Insert game
controllers and turn on the PlayStation(tm) game console. Follow on-screen
instructions to start a game.

Reset Button: small circular button on lower left-side of PlayStation.
Power Button: large circular button on lower left-side of PlayStation.
Power Indicator: green light on lower left-side of PlayStation.
Disc Cover: large circular surface in center of PlayStation.
Open Button: large circular button on lower right-side of PlayStation.

Memory Card Slot 1: left slot above controller port on front of PlayStation.
Controller Port 1: left controller port on front of PlayStation.
Memory Card Slot 2: right slot above controller port on front of PlayStation.
Controller Port 2: right controller port on front of PlayStation.

[ Page 3 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
L1 Button: rectangular button on top right of controller.
R1 Button: rectangular button on top left of controller.
L2 Button: rectangular button on bottom right of controller.
R2 Button: rectangular button on bottom left of controller.

Directional buttons: 4-way joypad on left of controller.
Select Button: small rectangular button in center of controller.
Start Button: small triangular button in center of controller.
Square Button: button with pink square on it on right of controller.
Triangle Button: button with green triangle on it on right of controller.
Circle Button: button with red circle on it on right of controller.
X Button: button with blue X on it on right of controller.

[ Page 4 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Phantomile is a world, someplace far, far away.

There is an old legend in Phantomile. it says that the energy from people's
dreams is gathered in the mythical Moon Kingdom and used to give shape to the
world. The legend says that this is the reason why we can't remember dreams
we know we've had.

Klonoa, who lived in the wind village Breezegale, was awakened one day by a
horrible nightmare vision of a flying ship crashing on Bell Hill, and a dark,
ominous shadow closing in overhead. Mysteriously, Klonoa could remember this
dream clearly even as time passed.

And then one day it happened. A flying ship really crashed on Bell Hill.

"It's just like my dream," Klonoa thought, as a moment of fear was overcome
by his overwhelming curiosity.

"Let's go, Klonoa!" cried Huepow, the Ring Spirit. Huepow had been Klonoa's
trusty friend since childhood.

Their hearts pounding with excitement, Klonoa and Huepow ran outside to see
what awaited them.

[ Page 5 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Once upon a time, four spirits held sway over Phantomile - the Wind Spirit,
the Tree Spirit, the Water Spirit, and the Moon Spirit. The Moon Spirit
gathered the energy from people's dreams and used this energy to shape the
world. The other Spirits maintained peace in the world by sharing the
special powers of the wind, trees and water that were entrusted to each of

And then one day, the Dark Spirit started a rebellion. He was jealous of the
omnipotent power of the Moon Spirit to create anything in the universe. The
Spirits combined their strength and battled the Dark Spirit. Although the
Dark Spirit's awesome might overwhelmed the other spirits at first, he was
eventually overcome and hunted down by the forces of light. The war raged on
for 100 days and the Dark Spirit was imprisoned at the end of the war.

After the war, the Moon Spirit decided to disappear so that a war like this
would never happen again in the future. Now, the Moon Spirit will not appear
unless Wind Spirit, the Tree Spirit, and the Water Spirit all will the Spirit
to come forth. Thus, the power of dreams is forever hidden, far away in the
land of dreams.

[ Page 6 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Press the Start button on the title screen, and the following options will be
displayed: NEW GAME allows you to start at the beginning of the story (see
below). CONTINUE lets you continue a game from a previously saved game (see
page 7).

Directional buttons ....... Select
X button/Start button ..... OK

This game uses one block of memory from the Memory Card. Each block contains
three files, and each file can save up to four saved games.

If there is a problem with the Memory Card, a warning message will be
displayed. Please follow the instructions displayed on the screen if this

First, select a file to use on the Memory Card Screen. If 3 files already
exist, pick a file to overwrite. Next, enter your name on the Name Entry
Screen. The game will begin after you set your options on the Options
Screen (see page 8).

[ Page 7 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Directional buttons ....... Select
X button/Start button ..... OK
Triangle button ........... Return to previous screen, Erase previous letter,
(Name entry screen)
Start button .............. Same as END (Name entry screen)

First, select the FILE button at the bottom of the screen. Information on
saved game data will appear at the center of the screen. Select the saved
game you wish to load from here. Selecting the OPTIONS icon at the right
edge of the screen will display the Options Screen (see below).

Directional buttons ....... Select
X button/Start button ..... OK
Triangle button ........... Return to previous screen, or Menu.


After you've entered your name on the Name Entry Screen, or selected OPTIONS
on the Memory Card Screen, the Options Screen will appear.

You can choose the settings you wish to change with the buttons at the bottom
of the screen. When you are done making your changes, select END. You will
leave the Options Screen after confirming your changes and saving your

[ Page 8 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Directional buttons ..... Select, Move frame (in Adjust Screen Mode)
X button ................ OK

Use this option to switch between Stereo and Mono playback of the game's
music and sound effects. Make your selection according to the type of TV you
are using. Press the X button to OK your selection.

You can choose from 3 different controller settings. Press the X button to
choose your selection.

This option allows you to align the game screen display on your TV. Use the
Directional buttons to bring the square frame into view on your TV. Press
the X button to set your adjustments. Press the Square button to return the
default settings.

[ Page 9 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

The Mirror Spirit: (Top-left corner of screen) This is displayed temporarily
when you release the Mirror Spirit (see page 18).

Number of Klonoas remaining (Bottom-left corner of screen)

Klonoa's health: (Bottom-center of screen) There are 2 levels to each heart,
making 6 levels in all.

Dream Stone Counter: (Bottom-right of screen) This shows the number of Dream
Stones you have collected in the current stage. You can earn an extra Klonoa
when you collect 100 stones.

Item: (Top-right of screen) Displays keys or any other special items you

Boss's health: (Top-left of screen) You can defeat a boss by making this
meter empty. The amount of damage you can do per attack depends on which
boss you face.

[ Page 10 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Klonoa's adventure is broken up into 6 Visions, with each Vision
consisting of 2 parts. You'll face a boss at the end of part 2.

2. Klonoa's health will decrease by 1 level each time Klonoa touches an enemy
or gets attacked. Klonoa passes out when his health level is empty.

3. You will always lose a Klonoa when he falls into a hole, no matter what
his health level is.

4. When Klonoa passes out with 0 Klonoas remaining, it's VISION OVER.

5. Klonoa can restore his health by getting a Heart item. Klonoa regains all
his health after completing each part.

6. If Klonoa collects 100 Dream Stones, or picks up a 1 UP item, the number
of Klonoas remaining increases by 1.

Pressing the Start button in the middle of the game will display the Pause
Menu. You can make selections with the Directional buttons, and OK it with
the X button.

CANCEL: Cancels PAUSE and returns you to the game.

RETRY: Stops the current game, and restarts the game from the beginning of
the part.

QUIT: Stops the current game and returns you to the title screen.

[ Page 11 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
This is the screen where characters in the game talk to each other. You can
find out important and helpful information when they speak, so make sure not
to skip them! The success of your adventure may depend on it!

X button .......... Next message
Circle button ..... Fast-forward through a message
Start button ...... Skip forward a little bit by pressing once. Completely
skip through by pressing twice.

This screen is shown whenever you complete a stage. All the rescued
Phantomillians play a tune for you in this screen. If you rescue a lot of
Phantomillians in the villages and kingdoms, the music they play will be

Start button / X button ..... Go to Save screen.

[ Page 12 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
After the world map screen is shown, you can save the current game on the
Memory Card. Choose the save location for your saved game with the cursor.

Directional buttons ......... Select
Start button / X button ..... OK

You can continue your game by using the CONTINUE feature even after you've
lost all your Klonoas. You can use CONTINUE as many times as you like. If
you select QUIT, the game ends.

Directional buttons ......... Select
Start button / X button ..... OK

[ Page 13 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Directional buttons ..... Movement

Left: Walk to the left.
Right: Walk to the right.
Up: Face background, enter doorway.
Down: Face foreground.

Pressing the X button or the Triangle button makes Klonoa jump. *

If you hold down the X button or the Triangle button while Klonoa is coming
down from a jump, he flaps his ears and stays afloat in the air for a bit.
He can flap his ears like this once per jump. However, he can flap his ears
one more time after being hurt or after seperating from a TETON. But be
careful, he can't flap his ears while holding onto an enemy.

* These are the default controller settings. They can be changed in the
Options Screen (see page 8).

Klonoa can move left/right or face inward or outward while jumping. He can
also attack in the middle of a jump.

Press the X button or the Triangle button to jump. Holding down the X button
or the Triangle button while falling allows Klonoa to flap his ears and stay
afloat in the air.

[ Page 14 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Pressing the Square button or the Circle button will fire a wind bullet from
Klonoa's ring. When this is done next to an enemy, Klonoa can grab and
inflate it. You can also attack enemies in the background or foreground.
You can inflate some giant enemies, but you won't be able to grab them. But
be careful. You can't inflate or grab bosses.

Press the Square/Circle button to fire the wind bullet. If the wind bullet
hits, you will grab the enemy. Pressing the Square/Circle button again
throws the enemy. The thrown enemy will either hit something in its way or
explode after flying some distance.

When you are holding onto an enemy, it is possible to jump twice as high by
jumping off of the enemy. Just press the X button or the Triangle button
while jumping or falling down to do a double jump.

This double jump allows Klonoa to jump higher than a normal jump. It is also
possible to kick the enemy downwards to attack enemies below. You can grab
another enemy in the middle of a double jump to jump even higher!

[ Page 15 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Grab an enemy. Press the X/Triangle button to jump. While in the air, press
the X/Triangle button to jump again to do a double jump. The enemy will be
kicked downwards. You can use this technique to attack enemies below.


You'll encounter many things in the course of your adventure. Here we will
introduce just a few.

Fan Grass: This is a plant that blows a strong gust of wind upwards at
regular intervals. You can ride this wind to jump higher and reach tall
places you normally can't.

Gondolas: There are some that are always moving, some that move automatically
when Klonoa gets on, and others that are operated by some power.

Rail Car: A rail car starts moving automatically when Klonoa gets on. You
can move around on top of the rail car without worrying about falling off.

[ Page 16 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Locked Doors: Locked doors open when you bump into one while holding a key.
One key is required for each door.

Leaves: Leaves are constantly buffeted by wind and are unstable. It's easy
to fall off of them, so be careful!

Switches: When you hit a switch with a wind bullet or throw an enemy at it,
its color changes and something happens.

Jump Platform: You can jump really high if you press the jump button at just
the right moment while stepping on one of these.

Rolling Logs: These turn slowly, so you can fall down if you stop. You can
jump to adjust your position on the log.

[ Page 17 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

There are many items to help Klonoa on his adventure.

Klonoa can pick these items up by touching them.

Dream Stone (small): You can earn 1 Klonoa when you gather 100 stones.

Dream Stone (large): Worth 5 small Dream Stones.

Key: There are doors you can't open without a key.

Heart (small): Klonoa's health is restored by 1 level.

Heart (large): Klonoa's health is restored by 3 levels.

1 UP: Increases the number of Klonoas you have by 1.

[ Page 18 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Klonoa can pick these items up by hitting them with either a wind bullet or a
captured enemy.

Phantomillian Prisoners: These spheres contain Phantomillians imprisoned in
nightmares. A disruption in the balance of dreams in the world caused
nightmares to begin dreaming their own dreams. The dreaming in turn trapped
hapless Phantomillians. The number of people you rescue will effect how
music is played back in the world map that is shown when you clear a part.

Memory Clock: If Klonoa passes out, he can start at the last place where he
picked up a clock. All items that Klonoa had at that point will be restored.

Ngapoko's Egg: When you hit the egg with a captured enemy, something pops

Once upon a time, there was a Mirror Spirit who loved to play tricks. The
spirit would take things and put them in front of the mirror. This confused
people, since it made things look twice as large. Then one day, the Mirror
Spirit made a reflection of the sun that was twice as large, and drove away
night. People couldn't sleep or dream because there was no more night. The
spirit had gone too far this time with its tricks. The spirits were so angry
that they imprisoned the Mirror Spirit.

When you hit this sphere, the Mirror Spirit sppears. While the spirit is
visible, Dream Stones will sparkle. Each stone you pick up in this state is
worth twice as much as a regular stone.

[ Page 19 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

What kind of adventures await Klonoa on his journey? We'll introduce just a
few here.

VISION 1-1: THE BEGINNINGS OF GALE / Breezegale, the wind village
Klonoa and Huepow begin their adventure by heading toward the fallen flying
ship on Bell Hill. On the way, they meet a character named Balue the mason,
who tells them about the legend of Phantomile.

Go through the mine of shining stones and onto Bell Hill. Use the wind to
jump over gaps in the path on the way. There are strange creatures up on the
hill, and they sure don't look friendly!

VISION 2-1: DEEP IN THE DYING FOREST / Forlock, the tree village
The two hurry to the tree village to warn Granny of the danger, but Joka
reached her first! New types of monsters appear one after another, so be

[ Page 20 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Klonoa and Huepow head toward the water kingdom because their path through
the dying forest was blocked. After climbing up a huge waterfall, a voice
calls from somewhere, just as they reach Crustacean Castle.

VISION 3-1: REBIRTH OF THE FOREST / Forlock, the tree village
Klonoa and Huepow return to the tree village to see Granny. If you find a
tied up forest guard along the way, be sure to rescue him.

VISION 3-2: THE STOPPED GEAR / The tree mansion of machinery
Granny's house is full of machinery! You have to steer clear of all the
obstacles before reaching the top of her mansion. The passageways are
confusing, so don't get lost.

There's a lot more to Klonoa's adventure. A fantastic surprise awaits you at
the end. Do your best!

[ Page 21 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

The inhabitants of Phantomile are simple, peace-loving people.

A happy creature living in Breezegale, the wind village. He's known for his
long ears and blue hat. He's always running around the fields with his
childhood friend, Huepow.

A spirit who lives inside a ring that fell from the sky one day. Huepow
normally stays inside the ring and helps Klonoa use the power of the wind.

The legendary Diva who can sing the Song of Rebirth to give life back to the
world again. She is being chased by Ghadius, the dark spirit, who wants to
corrupt her powers.

[ Page 22 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
Balue used to be Head Mason at the Gunston Mine. He believes in the legend
of the Diva Lephise. He says it's his ultimate dream to go to the Moon
Kingdom, where she lives. He's a hopeless romantic.

King Seadoph is king of Jugpot, the water kingdom, Phantomile's only
remaining kingdom. He is guardian of the Elemental Spring, and a keeper of
some of Phantomile's secrets.

Granny is the elder of Forlock, the tree village. She lives in a mansion
full of machinery nestled atop the branches of the sacred Great Tree that
stands tall in the middle of her village. Like Grandpa, she is someone who
knows some of the world's secrets.

Grandpa is the elder of the wind village. He is Klonoa's guardian. A
natural scholar, he has vast knowledge of Phantomile's history and legend.

[ Page 23 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Joka is a loyal servant of Ghadius who just tries his best to please him.
All he really wants is to be recognized by Ghadius. Still, something about
him just doesn't seem right. He can harness the powers of darkness a little

A beast with savage strength, He can create dangerous shockwaves and ripples
on the ground. His weakness might be his behind.

Pamela is a giant fish who guards the Crustacean Castle of Jugpot, the water
kingdom. Pamela and King Seadoph are both spellbound and manipulated by
Ghadius. But, they are really not evil at all. Bump the king into her to
wake both of them up out of their curse.

Ghadius is a dark spirit who awoke from his long slumber. His imprisonment
in sleep was a punishment that was decreed by the spirits. Ghadius plans to
turn Phantomile into a world of nightmares. He controls the world of
darkness and has the ability to warp space.

[ Page 24 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
These cute critters just wander around the paths haplessly.

Zippoe always tries to chase and ram into Klonoa whenever he sees him.

Spiker is not affected at all by Klonoa's attacks, so the only thing you can
do is to avoid him.

He drifts about in the air and floats even higher when you inflate him.

The wind bullet merely bounces off of this Moo. Throw other enemies at it to
break its armor first.

Boin comes toward you by bouncing along, but be careful!

[ Page 25 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
This Moo has a shield, so you can't attack from the front. Jump over it to
get to its undefended backside.

Mewmew scatters balls with thorns sticking out of them. Jump over the balls
to avoid them and then move in closer to attack quickly!

This Moo has absorbed Dream Stones and transformed into a giant. If you ram
an enemy into it, sometimes Dream Stones will pop out.

After a certain amount of time passes, this dangerous enemy explodes! Be
careful when it starts to glow! When a Boomie hits a wall, it falls straight
down and blows up after a set time.

Shoots out thorny balls from its rear end. Jump over its thorny balls and

Glibz is a double-gun toting enemy who just loves to shoot. Attack him in
between rounds while he's grinning.

Shellie is usually protected by its hard shell. Attack it when you can see
its face.

[ Page 26 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

There are items that are invisible until Klonoa touches them. Make sure to
search for these invisible goodies. Hard to see something that's invisible,
you say? Dont fret, because you can see their shadows. Try jumping on a
suspicious-looking shadow when you see one on the ground.

[ Page 27 ]------------------------------------------------------------------
You cannot succeed in the game without being resourceful with your enemies.
For instance, the floating TETON is useful for reaching high places, and
Boomie, who explodes after a certain time, is indispensible for solving
puzzles that involve timing!

Also, try throwing enemies against places that have an X mark on them. This
might open paths for you and help you earn valuable items.

Don't forget to rescue the poor Phantomillians that are trapped inside
nightmares!!! There are 6 Phantomillians per each Vision.

If you are able to save everyone in each part, something will happen. You
can find out what this secret is after you finish the game!!

[ Page 28 ]------------------------------------------------------------------

All the hints, tricks and cheats!
Under 18, please have your parent's permission.
Touchtone phones only.

$.95/min for automated tips
$1.15/min for live counseling
9-5 M-F Pacific Time

[ Inside Back Cover ]--------------------------------------------------------

Published by: Namco Hometek, Inc.
Designed and Developed by: Namco, Ltd.
Localization Producer: Yas Noguchi
Localization Coordinator: Brian Schorr
Quality Assurance: Marcus Montgomery
Paul Guiaro
Director of Marketing: Mike Fischer
Marketing Coordinator: Jennifer Fitzsimmons
Marketing Administrator: Loan Vu
Manual Development: Yas Noguchi
Brian Schorr
Jennifer Fitzsimmons
Manual Design: Moore & Price Design Group
Special Thanks: Tak Hyodo
Jesse Taylor
Jeff Miller

For questions and information not listed in the 900 line, write to:

Namco Hometek, Inc.
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warranty period, Namco Hometek, Inc. will repair or replace the defective
game pak or component part, at its option, free of charge.

This limited warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by
negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering, or any
other cause not related to defective material or workmanship.

Any applicable implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose, are hereby limited to ninety (90) days from the date of
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The provisions of the limited warranty are valid in the United States only.
Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts,
or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitation
or exclusion may not apply to you. This limited warranty provides you with
specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state to

[ Back Cover ]---------------------------------------------------------------
Namco Hometek, Inc., 150 Charcot, Ave. Suite A, San Jose, CA 95131-1102
KLONOA(tm) (c) 1997 Namco, Ltd. All rights reserved.
Manufactured persuant to license with Namco Holding Corp.

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