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Easily win Arena

Make Kirby have Stone power in the Arena, then make Helper have any power you want to have. When you enter battle, make Kirby use his Stone before he gets hurt. Then take control of Helper. Make Helper push Kirby into the battle zone, then fight with Helper. If Helper ever gets killed, fight with Kirby. You can make another Helper by pushing A with 2P in the Heart of Nova Battle, or by giving Helper the Stone power just before Wham Bam Rock or Fatty Whale make rocks fall down, then swallowing a stone and going back to Stone form with Kirby.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Fighting Marx

When fighting Marx, inhale the cutters, throw your cutters at him and get used to avoid his attacks. Keep attacking until he's cooked for good.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Beat the Arena Quickly

If you are going for time in the arena, use the hammer. If you hold UP and attack, the swing can take out Poppy Bros., Bugzy, the walrus, and the witch in the Computer Virus in one hit! It can also kill many other bosses in a few swings. This type of swing, however takes a bit to wind up for it, so make sure you have room. The most difficult bosses with the hammer are Meta-Knight, Marx, and Dynablade. Make Bonkers to take out Meta-Knight and try to trick Marx near you for the strong swing.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Revive your helper without losing power

If your helper is in the act of exploding, there is a way to revive them without losing your power. If there are any other enemies that give special powers on the screen, just simply let your helper run into them and they will be transformed.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Chef power

To get the Chef power, just defeat a Chef enemy and before it disappears, suck it in and swallow it and you'll receive the Chef power.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

On fire

When you are flame power Kirby, hold back while blowing out flames with the Y button. Kirby will catch on fire and take away a tremendous amount of life from whatever touches him. The drawback about this technique is that Kirby is unable to move while burning.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Share food

To share food with your partner grab the energy and run into him. They should turn to face each other and both of them will gain energy.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Reset the game

To reset the game without getting up to press the reset button, at the same time hold L and R and press Start and it will start back at the beginning.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Kill your companion when you're Bomb

You can kill your companion when you're Bomb. Hold a bomb up until you start running. Now throw it onto your opponent and if it blows up in mid-air, it's gonna damage.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe


The games are easy but for those players out there who think the opposite about the games, I have these tips.

1) Block a LOT! You'll be amazed what Kirby can block. You can't block in the air though.
2) Always make a helper. They are indeed helpful. Just don't get killed trying to save him.
3) If you have low energy and there is no food nearby, let your helper attack. Stay NORMAL and if your helper's dying, press A, swallow him, and press A again so that he's reborn. Be sure to do this FAST!
4) Almost every boss will give you a power. Here are some I've found and how to get them.
Fatty Whale: STONE (swallow the falling rocks)
Chameleo Ram: PAINT (Swallow the rainbow balls he spits out)
Heavy Lobster: PAINT (swallow the little orange blob)
Marx: CUTTER (He throws them)
Cracko: BEAM (swallow the beam enemy he puts out)
Boom Boom Rock: STONE (same as fatty whale)
Computer Virus: too many to count
+The first time you beat every game another game will appear called The Arena.
+When you get about 95% of the games finished a Sound Test will appear.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Fighting Metaknight

When your fighting Metaknight, ignore your life meter and only concentrate on Metaknight and you'll beat him easily!
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Finding the final statue, COPY or TAC

In Milkyway wishes, to get the final statue (COPY or TAC) look above the cloud place and the fire place but below the cave place. You should see a green star, click on it and there will be a secret place.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Become paint Kirby

If Kirby eats one of the lizards balls that he spits out and swallows it, you will become paint Kirby.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Heal your Helper

To heal your Helper, throw away your Special skill and let the Helper touch it. He will become what you were and his health will be restored.
RE: Kirby's Super Star Deluxe

Where is the Fire power in Milky Way Wishes

Go to planet Hotbeat, and go through the cannon in the first area. Then blow up the bomb block. Now, go upward and find a lollipop which turns you to Super Kirby!!! Go back down, to where the lava that appeared when you blasted the Bomb Block. You can fly right through the Lava if your Super is still on. If it's off, it'll still work, but you'll get hurt a lot. Now, you'll be in a room with millions of burning Leo's. Kill them if you need to. Go through the door at the top of the burning Leo room. You'll be in a room with the deluxe fire ability!
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