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final kaoss

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TopDrain Stopper [Bottom Stage]jonathan foster104727C3
TopDrain Stopper [Middle Stage]jonathan foster014926C3
TopDrain Stopper [Top Stage]jonathan foster014825C3
TopLeft Outlane Stopper [Bottom Stage]jonathan foster01D41AC3
TopLeft Outlane Stopper [Middle Stage]jonathan foster01D118C3
TopLeft Outlane Stopper [Top Stage]jonathan foster01B016C3
TopNo Item Comes Out Of Either “Cloudy” When Kirby Hits Them [Middle Stage]jonathan foster0110F6C3
TopRight Outlane Stopper [Bottom Stage]jonathan foster01D21BC3
TopRight Outlane Stopper [Middle Stage]jonathan foster01D819C3
TopRight Outlane Stopper [Top Stage]jonathan foster01CC17C3
TopHave Drain Stopper [Bottom Stage]014A2AC3
TopHave Drain Stopper [Middle Stage]011929C3
TopHave Drain Stopper [Top Stage]014828C3
TopHave Left Poppy [Middle Stage]01B7C1C3
TopHave Left Stopper [Bottom Stage]01D820C3
TopHave Left Stopper [Middle Stage]01D51EC3
TopHave Left Stopper [Top Stage][email protected]01D01CC3With this game, only use 1 of the Top Stage Codes at a time.
TopHave Right Poppy [Middle Stage]0113C2C3
TopHave Right Stopper [Bottom Stage]01D721C3
TopHave Right Stopper [Middle Stage]01A61FC3
TopHave Right Stopper [Top Stage]01C01DC3
TopImportant NoteNAN/ANote: Use the Left Twister or the Right Twister. DO NOT USE BOTH, or the game will freeze!
TopDrain Stopper [Bottom Stage]jonathan foster014924C3
TopDrain Stopper [Middle Stage]jonathan foster014723C3
TopDrain Stopper [Top Stage]jonathan foster014822C3
TopLeft Outlane Stopper [Bottom Stage]jonathan foster01D514C3
TopLeft Outlane Stopper [Middle Stage]jonathan foster01D212C3
TopLeft Outlane Stopper [Top Stage]jonathan foster01D710C3
TopRight Outlane Stopper [Bottom Stage]jonathan foster01D415C3
TopRight Outlane Stopper [Middle Stage]jonathan foster01D213C3
TopRight Outlane Stopper [Top Stage]jonathan foster01D911C3
TopThe Left Twister Continuously Turns [Top Stage Codes][email protected]01DC72C3With this game, only use 1 of the Top Stage Codes at a time.
TopThe Right Twister Continuously Turns [Top Stage Codes]01DE73C3
Top30 sec. allowed in Kracko Land bonus room300-B9A-6EB
Top30 sec. allowed in Poppy Brothers' Land bonus room300-499-6EB
Top30 sec. allowed in Wispy-Woods bonus roomGaloob300-B99-6EB
Top99 sec. allowed in Kracko Land bonus room990-B9A-6EB
Top99 sec. allowed in Poppy Brothers' Land bonus room990-499-6EB
Top99 sec. allowed in Wispy-Woods bonus roomGaloob990-B99-6EB
TopAlways Fight Bosses[email protected]0101D1C0With this code, turn the switch-off to leave the bosses area, if you go to King Debe turn the switch-off or the game will lock-up. If it does just push any button to go to the the beginning screen of the game. If you go on to the star you'll be send right back to the boss you were fighting. You can also save & continue later at the boss you are fighting.
TopBeat Whispy To Enable Wands In Boss RoomsUgetabFFA-E9B-E62Makes it so beating whispy lets you collect the wands when you're done
TopBonus Multiplier01??C2C0
TopBonus Score Modifier01??C1C0
TopChoose Which Item The “Stuffed Kirby” Is Thinking (You Choose The Item You Want)[email protected]0123B6C3Switch this code off to get the item. Switch the code back on when the item arrives.
TopDeDeDe Takes 1 HitUgetab01D-1DB-B36
TopExit From Boss Room to Level SelectUgetab182-ABC-6EALets you jump out of the stage instead of playing the level. Doesn't cost you lives to lose. Best used with galoob's 'Infinite balls', and Start at Boss Room
TopFinal Level Starts As AvailableUgetab00B-8CA-912This works well with 'DeDeDe Takes 1 Hit' and galoob's 'Infinite balls' code
TopFull Spring Star0105D4C0
TopGo straight to bonus gamesGaloob3EE-CF9-2A9
TopGo straight to end-of-level bossesGaloob3EE-CF9-2A9
TopInfinite ballsGaloob005-34B-E69
TopInfinite Bonus Room Time (Switch Off To Exit)GaloobFAF-1AA-4C1
TopInfinite bonus room time--switch off to exitFAF-18A-4C1
TopInfinite Kirby's0103B0C0
TopInfinite M-TomatoUgetab743-F6B-C49Helps prevent you from falling through the middle of the stage. Works for all levels in a stage
TopInfinite Time010244C3
TopKrako Takes 1 HitUgetabAF4-568-19E
TopPoppy Bros Boss Takes 1 HitUgetabAF8-69B-19E
TopRaise Score A lot FasterUgetab103-05E-E6A
TopRaise Score Insanely FastUgetab013-0AE-E6A
TopScore Modifier-Eighth Digit01?1C1C0
TopScore Modifier-First Digit010?BDC0
TopScore Modifier-Fourth & Fifth Digit01??BFC0
TopScore Modifier-Second & Third Digit01??BEC0
TopScore Modifier-Sixth & Seventh Digit01??C0C0
TopStart at Bonus Round, instead of normal stageUgetab00E-E39-806
TopStart at Boss, instead of normal stageUgetab12E-E39-806
TopStart with 1 ballGaloob014-7CF-E66
TopStart with 5 ballsGaloob054-7CF-E66
TopStart with 9 ballsGaloob094-7CF-E66
TopUnendlich Baelle[email protected]$0D24056E
TopWhispy Takes 1 HitUgetab00A-C3B-196You'll have to spend a bit of time trying to get in position to get the wand, but it can be done
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