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final kaoss

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TopLevel Up Lock Up FixHagane94EBA8F3 64B5593B
56C63B13 D388C9E0
94EBA8F3 64B5593B
5633F3A9 681F8137
These codes I made last night to fix my game locking up. All you have to do is PRESS SELECT while you're getting the XP things after a fight to prevent yourself from leveling up, that way the game doesn't lock up.
TopMax Attack PointsHaganeB2FF276B 5DDCC8CD
TopMax Dark PointsHagane62BD673D 6E348E16
TopMax Transformation PointsHaganeFD66A620 08BEB88B
Top(M) Must Be OnCodejunkiesF243BDD6 D8B1D250
3C27CDA4 92B4EA91
TopAccess Reverse/RebirthMadCatzE24783B5EAC1
TopAll Battle CardsCodejunkies6E7B68D8 92051742
0DB6A711 EBC26CC9
802E43EE 10928E11
89AE364A BC816B98
D052C797 E0AF554A
0A622869 3C462A7F
6599FA84 10585262
TopAll Map CardsCodejunkies78941AA5 35ED5832
TopAll MovesCodejunkies5E955266 876C52B9
TopComplete JournalMadCatzBC9FC474B228
TopGain Level [Press Select+Up]MadCatzB60554E6C27E
TopHave 50,000 MPMadCatz4350E32275CB
TopHave All Cards [Press Select+L+R]MadCatzB60414C3527A
TopHave All Map CardsMadCatz97CE12AF2E88
TopHave All SleightsMadCatzE8961E7D122C
TopInfinite Health In BattleCodejunkiesA68179BF 2D550DC1
6EA0D147 4AF41694
E8F76F3C BAC49626
8AC1C838 3A005C1C
1E27D83B BBFB6923
TopInfinite HPMadCatz435AAD0D0DD3
TopJournal CompleteCodejunkies27D664BA E5C2158A
D3551AFC 69D558C4
TopMax Cp (Official Code)CodejunkiesB5AD5AF0 638D72AF
TopMax CP (Unofficial -25)CaitSith26247C87D 81FD997DLooking at the max health/cardpoints codes, the current versions of these codes will 99% of the time, cause the game to lockup at level up time, specifically when you are not able to learn a new sleight at that level up. Here are some replacement codes to work around this problem. Choose what you wish to have more, 560HP, or 1900CP. You cannot have both, with these codes, or else you will run into lockup problems.
TopMax Health (Official Code)Codejunkies199BB16F A5DAEB34
16F7FCB6 54D790E3
TopMax Health (Unofficial -15)CaitSith22AAAC388 71D07839
473A3474 4B818FF5
TopMax Moogle PointsCodejunkies2D96A414 88B73093
TopMaximum APMadCatz37C85A863C0E
TopMaximum CPMadCatz4BC130A9CB12
TopMaximum DPMadCatzBC9E5C7E1C34
TopMaximum HPMadCatz3C9A587E1C26
TopMaximum LVMadCatzB48CCCCA1C1C
TopMaximum TPMadCatzEBDC1831763C
TopOne-Hit-KillsLabmaster08E56172 4F5F6D29
8E883EFF 92E9660D
Note by caitsith2. Watch out: you can be struck down just as easily! Be careful, and save often.
TopRikku Always In Dark ModeHiei-YYH72033E6C 0000
82033E6C 8000
72033E6C 8000
520330CC 0002
04DDF608 0000
72033E6C 8000
530026C2 0002
841CCF45 0000
72033E6C 8000
530026C8 0003
4740C868 D17D
72033E6C 8000
530026CE 0002
EE580835 0000
72033E6C 8000
530026D8 0003
BE429E5F 1914
43002F72 08C5
00000002 0020
It needs at least 1 DP or Rikku will try turn normal every time you attack or get hit. You need to attack or take a hit to change the sprite. VBA: This code works only in vba 1.8 or above.
TopSuper Max CpCodejunkiesB4207291 C57DF26E
Top[M] Must Be OnMadCatz982771635219
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