Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep JAP [ULJM-05600] CWCheats

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [ULJM-05600] CWcheats

_S ULJM-05600
_G Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
_C0 money max
_L 0x2171C1A4 0x000F423F
_C0 medal MAX
_L 0x2171C1A8 0x000F423F
_L 0x2171C1A0 0x00FF425D
_C0 arena Lv MAX
_L 0x0171C1D7 0x00000014
_C0 HP heranai
_L 0x20128448 0x86020382
_L 0x20128460 0xA6020380
_C0 EXP Multiplier
_L 0x20191900 0x0A200803
_L 0x20191904 0x00129XXX
_L 0x2000200C 0x00922021
_L 0x20002010 0x0A264642
_L 0x20002014 0xAE04C1A0
040 = x2
080 = x4
0C0 = x8
100 = x16
140 = x32x32
180 = x64
1C0 = x128
200 = x256
240 = x512
280 = x1024
2C0 = x2048
_C0 Quick Ability Level UP
_L 0x200DFFAC 0x24062710
_C0 Infinite D-Link Gauge
_L 0x2011B904 0xE616003C
_C0 Command Gauge Always Full
_L 0x2013EB4C 0x3C0F42C8
_L 0x2013EB54 0x448F6800
_C0 Full FocusFull Focus Gauge
_L 0x2011788C 0xE48C0044
_L 0x2011B734 0xE60E0044
_L 0x201207C8 0x00000000
_C0 Instant Magic Recover
_L 0x20115788 0x3C0F42C8
_L 0x2011578C 0x448F6000
_C0 ONE HIT KILL rock on?L+R HP01
_L 0x60366F50 0x00000001
_L 0x00010003 0x000001C8
_L 0x200000A8 0x2000015C
_C0 SPEED UP 1.5
_L 0x60366F50 0x3FC00000
_L 0x00020002 0x000007B8
_L 0x200000A4 0x00000000

_S ULJM-05600
_G Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
_C0 Vanitus D-link (Ven Only)
_L 0x2172CA20 0x83000173
_C0 Full Shop
_L 0x8172BFD5 0x024C0001
_L 0x0001C1FF 0x00000000
_C0 All Skills
_L 0x8172B24A 0x005F000A
_L 0x0000005B 0x00000001
C0 arena Lv MAX
_L 0x0171C1D7 0x0000001E
_C0 All Abilites
_L 0x4172c220 0x001E0001
_L 0x0001C180 0x00000000
_C0 All Crystals
_L 0x8172A87E 0x00800002
_L 0x10003201 0x00000002
_L 0x8172A880 0x00800002
_L 0x1000000F 0x00000000
_L 0x1172A89E 0x0000320F
_L 0x0172A8A0 0x0000000F
C0 Skill 1 Mod
_L 0x1172B254 0x0000xxxx
_C0 Skill 1 Lvl
_L 0x1172B256 0x0000xxxx
_C0 Skill 1 Exp
_L 0x1172B258 0x0000xxxx
_C0 Skill 2 Mod
_L 0x1172B24A 0x0000xxxx
_C0 Skill 2 Lvl
_L 0x1172B24C 0x0000xxxx
_C0 Skill 2 Exp
_L 0x1172B24E 0x0000xxxx

Attack Skills

005B - Aerial Break
005C - Final Break
005D - Magic Hour - Aqua only
005E - Meteo Burst - Terra Only
005F - Slide Dash
0060 - Fire Dash
0061 - Dark haze
0062 - Sonic Rave
0063 - Chaos Rave
0064 - Zantetsuken
0065 - Strike Raid 
0066 - Freeze Raid
0067 - Treasure Raid 
0068 - Spark Raid
0069 - Wind Raid
006A - fire Raid
006B - Reflect Blitz
006C - Thunder Blitz
006D - Aerial SLam 
006E - Solo Arcanum 
006F - Last Arcanum 
0070 - Time Splicer 
0071 - Poison Blade
0072 - Wish Blade
0073 - Blizzard Blade
0074 - Stun Blade 
0075 - Slot Blade
0076 - Fire Strike
0077 - Confu Strike 
0078 - Blind Strike 
0079 - Tornado Srike
007A - Brutal Blast
007B - Magnet Sprial 
007C - Holy Rise 
007D - Wind Cutter 
007E - Limit Storm 
007F - Magnet Crush 
0080 - Gaia Break
0081 - Sould Release
0082 - Breaktime 


0083 - Fire
0084 - Fira
0085 - Firaga
0086 - Dark Firaga
0087 - Cracker Firaga
0088 - Triple Firaga
0089 - Fire Barrage
008A - Blizzard
008B - Bizzara
008C - Blizzaga
008D - Triple Blizzaga
008E - Thunder
008F - Thundara
0090 - Thundaga
0091 - Thundaga Shot
0092 - Cure
0093 - Cura
0094 - Curaga
0095 - Esuna - needs no level
0096 - Detone Shield
0097 - Detone Square
0098 - Detone Chaser
0099 - Zero Gravity
009A - Zero Graviga - gravira?
009B - Zero Graviga
009C - Magnet
009D - Magnera
009E - Magnega
009F - Munny Magnet
00A0 - Energy Magnet
00A1 - D-link Magnet
00A2 - Aero
00A3 - Aerora
00A4 - Aeroga
00A5 - Warp
00A6 - Holy
00A7 - Freeze
00A8 - Gracial Arts
00A9 - Ice Barrage
00AA - Firaga Burst
00AB - Raging Storm
00AC - Mega Flare
00AD - Quake
00AE - Tornado
00AF - Meteo
00B0 - Atmos Break
00B1 - Minimum
00B2 - Blackout
00B3 - Snipe Burning
00B4 - Confu
00B5 - Bind
00B6 - Poison
00B7 - Slow
00B8 - Stop
00B9 - Stopra
00BA - Stopga
00BB - Sleep


00BC - Potion
00BD - Hi-Potion
00BE - Mega Potion
00BF - Ether
00C0 - Mega Ether
00C1 - Remedy
00C2 - Elixer
00C3 - Mega Elixer
00C4 - Balloon Letter
00C5 - Jewel Vanilla
00C6 - Hat Trick
00C7 - Honey Bunny
00C8 - Volcano Curry
00C9 - Snow Bear
00CA - Spark Lemon
00CB - Goofy Parfait
00CC - Queen Berry
00CD - Milky Way
00CE - Rock Crunchy
00CF - Donald Salt
00D0 - *Blank*
00D1 - Black Peat
00D2 - Double Crunchy

Friend Commands

00D3 - Friend Cure
00D4 - Friend Cura
00D5 - Friend Curaga
00D6 - Friend Esuna
00D7 - Confet,
00D8 - FWroks
00D9 - Provoc
00DA - Delight
00DB - Command Shuffle
00DC - Punish
00DD - Union Rush
00DE - Bundle Voltage
00DF - Trinity Limit


00F3 - Slide
00F4 - Jump
00F5 - High Jump
00F6 - Dodge Roll
00F7 - Thunder Roll
00F8 - Wheel Roll
00F9 - Fire Roll
00FA - Air Slide
00FB - Ice Slide
00FC - Slide Turn
00FD - Glide
00FE - Super Glide
00FF - Fire Glide
0100 - Combo Slide
0101 - Teleport
0102 - Sonic Slide
0103 - Double Flight
0104 - Reflect Guard
0105 - Restore Guard
0106 - Charge Guard
0107 - Stun Guard
0108 - Poison Guard
0109 - Reflect
010A - Restore Barrier
010B - Charge Barrier
010C - Confu Barrier
010D - Stop Barrier
010E - Revenge Rush
010F - Revenge Stamp
0110 - Turn Slash
0111 - Barrier Cracker
0112 - Revenge Raid
0113 - Revenge Blitz
0114 - Revenge Fang

Lock On

0116 - Meteo Shower
0117 - Flame Burst
0118 - Chaos Snake
0119 - Bubble Blast
011A - Black Volley
011B - Ragnarok
011C - Thunder Storm
011D - Bio Barrage
011E - Rainbow Shower
011F - Pulse Bomb
0120 - Photon Charge
0121 - Absolute Zero
0122 - Lightning Ray
0123 - Sonic Shadow
0124 - Dark Obelique
0125 - Ultima Cannon
0126 - Shinning Bloom
0127 - March Vortex
_C0 Infinite Combo
_L 0x201284481113BFCA 0x00000000

_C0 All Keyblades (Terra only)
_L 0x8172A7D2 0x000C0001
_L 0x10000101 0x00000001

_C0 All Keyblades (Ven only)
_L 0x8172A7CE 0x000E0001
_L 0x10000001 0x00000001

_C0 All Keyblades (Aqua only)
_L 0x8172A7D2 0x000C0001
_L 0x10000201 0x00000001

_C0 Character Mod
_L 0x20176E1C 0x340200XX

01 = Ventus
02 = Aqua
03 = Tera
04 = Ventus (Armor)
05 = Aqua (Armor)
06 = Tera (Armor)
0D = Ventus (Helmetless Armor)

0A - Armored Ven Keyblade Ride
0B - Armored Aqua Keyblade Ride
0C - Armored Terra Keyblade Ride
0D - Helmetless Armored Ven
0E - Helmetless Armored Aqua
0F - Helmetless Armored Terra

_C0 Max Finisher Exp
_L 0x8172C964 0x000F0004
_L 0x10001F40 0x00000000

_C0 Finisher 1 Mod
_L 0x8172C960 0x000000XX

00- Basic Attack
01- Basic Attack
02- Basic Attack
03- Basic Attack
04- Basic Attack
05- Basic Attack
06- Basic Attack
07- Basic Attack
08- Basic Attack
09- Basic Attack
0A- Basic Attack
0B- Basic Attack
0C- Basic Attack
0D- Basic Attack
0E- Basic Attack
0F- Basic Attack
10- One of Terra's Actual Finishers(Actually Appeared as it's Real name)
11- Critical Impact
12- Magic wish
13- Speed Rave
14- Fire Finisher
15- Ice Finisher
16- Lightning Finisher
17- Nothing(Cancel)
18- Blade Drive Finisher(side note: Afterwords sword will have blade after effect)
19- Air Rider
1A- RockBreak - Terra only?
1B- Nothing
1C- Dark impulse
1E- Glowing circle of Balls
1F- Nothing(renders O useless for me)
20- Nothing(renders O useless for me)
21- Nothing(renders O useless for me)
22- Random Beam
23- Some Dash Attack(Possibly a shoot lock skill)or Peter Pan Finisher
24- Thunder Cloud Thing
25- Cinderella Finisher
26- Nothing(renders O useless for me)
27- Hero's scarming
28- Nothing(renders O useless)
29- Aqua Basic Finisher
2A- Basic Ven Finisher 
2B- Nothing(renders O useless for me)
2C- Nothing(renders O useless for me)
2D- Nothing(renders O useless for me)
2E- Basic Attack
2F- Last charge
30- Nothing(renders O useless for me)
31- Nothing(renders O useless for me)
32- Nothing(renders O useless for me)
33- Ukelele Thing(Stiches Final DLINK)
34- I'll Assume PeterPan finisher(Floating in airball attack)
35- Dragon breath
36- Pressing Dance
37- Sweet Seven
38- Hero's pride
39- Finisher
3A- Magical Volley
3B- Air Dive
3C- Land Break
3D- Finisher (ven standard i think)
3E- Another Aqua Finisher
3F- Terra's Normal Finisher
40- More Powerful Ventus Finisher(Glowing)
41- More Powerful Aqua Finsiher (Bigger Balls)
42- More Powerful Terra Finisher(Fire I guess surrounds the blade)
43- Fire SPin Finisher
44- Money Slash
45- Even More Powerful Ventus Finish
46- Even More Powerful Aqua Finish
47- Even More Powerful Terra Finish
48- Third Fire Finisher
49- Thunder Version of Ventus Finish
4A- Terra's First Keyblade throw Finish
4B- Epic Money Slash(Press Certain Button)
4C- Best Ventus Finisher
4D- Best Aqua(nonteleport) Finish
4E- Darkness Combo + Comet(Best Terra Finish?)
4F- Wierd GLide then Slash Finisher(Probs Ventus)
50- Terra's Second Keyblade Throwing Finisher
51- Epic Money Spin Attack(Like Links UP+B in SSB)
52- Same as 4C but with one more spin in it
53- Really Good Aqua Finisher (not Teleport Though)
54- Black Star 2
55- Explosion
56- Ice Burst
57- Celebration
58- Celestial
59- Teleport Blast
5A- Destory Arts

_S ULJM-05600 (All credit to Evilman)
_G Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep [JP]
_C0 Room Modifier (Destiny Islands)
_L 0x20355A30 0x0000010A
_C0 Room Modifier (Dark Realm)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00003407
_C0 Weapon Mod (Ven)(Kingdom Key)
_L 0x0171C1D5 0x0000001F
_C0 Character Mod (Ventus)(Armor)
_L 0x20176E1C 0x3402000D
_C0 Room Modifier (Room of Awakening)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000B01
_C0 Room Modifier (Castle Oblivion)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000C01
Re: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [ULJM-05600] CWcheats

Land of Departure:

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Vestibule)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000101

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Reception Hall01)
_L 0x20355A30 0x0000201

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Ven'sRoom1)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000301

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Ven'sRoom2)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000401

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Mt.Path1)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000501

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Mt.Path2)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000601

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Vestibule01)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000701

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Vestibule02)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000801

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Reception Hall02)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000901

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Mt.PathDestroyed)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000A01

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-RoomofAwakening)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000B01

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-CastleOblivion)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000C01

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-Char.SelctScreen)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000D01

_C0 Room Modifier (LoD-VestibuleDestroyed)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000E01

Dwarf Woodlands:

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-Mine:Entrance)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000102

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-Mine:MiningArea)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000202

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-Underground Hall)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000302

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-Mirror Room)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000402

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-Underground Canal)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000502

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-Courtyard)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000602

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-FlowerGarden)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000702

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-DarkForest)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000802

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-InsideMirror)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000902

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-DwarfHome)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000A02

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-DwarfRoom)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000B02

_C0 Room Modifier (DW-Mt.Path)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000C02

Castle of Dreams:

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-CindRoom)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000103

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-MsPassage1)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000203

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-DressRoom1)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000303

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-Entrance)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000403

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-ManorFront)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000503

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-Forest)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000603

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-CastlePlaza)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000703

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-FrntPass)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000803

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-RecHall)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000903

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-LargeStair)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000A03

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-Corridor)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000B03

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-WaitRoom)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000C03

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-DressRoom2)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000D03

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-MsPassage2)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000E03

_C0 Room Modifier (CoD-DressRoom3)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000F03
Re: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [ULJM-05600] CWcheats

Enchanted Dominion:

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasDung)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000104

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasGate)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000204

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasThrn)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000304

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasBase)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000404

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAltar)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000504

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasEntr)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000604

_C0 Room Modifier (Forest:Waterside)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000704

_C0 Room Modifier (Forest:Clearing)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000804

_C0 Room Modifier (Bridge)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000904

_C0 Room Modifier (Bridge)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000A04

_C0 Room Modifier (AudChamb)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000B04

_C0 Room Modifier (AudChamb)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000C04

_C0 Room Modifier (Spare)
_L 0x20355A30 0x0000D04

_C0 Room Modifier (Corridor)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000E04

_C0 Room Modifier (AuroraRoom1)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000F04

_C0 Room Modifier (Loft)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001004

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001104

_C0 Room Modifier (AuroraRoom2)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001204

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001304

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001404

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001504

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001604

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001704

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001804

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001904

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001A04

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001B04

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001C04

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001D04

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001E04

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00001F04

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00002104

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00002204

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00002304

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00002404

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00002504

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasAlt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00002604

_C0 Room Modifier (WitchCasGate)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00002704

Mysterious Tower

_C0 Room Modifier (TwrSrcrLoft)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000105

_C0 Room Modifier (MystTwr)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000205

_C0 Room Modifier (TowerEntryway)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000305

_C0 Room Modifier (TwrSrcrLft)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000405

Radiant Garden

_C0 Room Modifier (RGCstlGrdn)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000106

_C0 Room Modifier (RGEntrance)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000206

_C0 Room Modifier (RGCntrlPlaza)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000306

_C0 Room Modifier (RGWaterway)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000406

_C0 Room Modifier (RGResidentialArea)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000506

_C0 Room Modifier (RGNclrPwrRctr)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000606

_C0 Room Modifier (RGFntnPlaza)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000706

_C0 Room Modifier (RGMerlinHome)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000806

_C0 Room Modifier (RGGarden)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000906

_C0 Room Modifier (RGPostern)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000A06

_C0 Room Modifier (RGRestorSite)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000B06

_C0 Room Modifier (RGCstlGrdn)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000C06

_C0 Room Modifier (RGCntrlPlaza)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000D06

_C0 Room Modifier (RGCntrlPlaza)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000E06
Re: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [ULJM-05600] CWcheats

_C0 Room Modifier (Louie'sRuinsPlaza)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000107

_C0 Room Modifier (Louie'sRuinsPathway)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000207

_C0 Room Modifier (Crossroads)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000307

_C0 Room Modifier (UndergroundRuinsEnt)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000407

_C0 Room Modifier (UndergroundRuinsPs1)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000507

_C0 Room Modifier (UndergroundRuinsPs2)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000607

_C0 Room Modifier (JungleRuins)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000807

_C0 Room Modifier (Mountainside)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000907

_C0 Room Modifier (Jungle)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000A07

_C0 Room Modifier (VillagebyRiver)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000B07

_C0 Room Modifier (Swamp)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00000C07

_C0 Room Modifier (StrngSpcCorridor)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00003207

_C0 Room Modifier (Blank)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00003307

_C0 Room Modifier (WorldofDarkness)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00003407

_C0 Room Modifier (wmEvent)
_L 0x20355A30 0x00003507

Some of them are actually used ingame, others are used elsewhere in cutscenes, however the rest are unused places.
Re: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [ULJM-05600] CWcheats

_C0 Maniac Mode
_L 0x201D88F0 0x0A20081A
_L 0x201D88F4 0x44046000
_L 0x20002068 0x00042040
_L 0x2000206C 0x0A27623E
_L 0x20002070 0x00042C00
_L 0x201D8904 0x0A200820
_L 0x201D8908 0x44046000
_L 0x20002080 0x00042040
_L 0x20002084 0x0A276243
_L 0x20002088 0x00042C00
_L 0x201DE6D4 0x0A200803
_L 0x2000200C 0x860401C8
_L 0x20002010 0x0A2779B6
_L 0x20002014 0x00139842
_L 0x2014B188 0x0A20081D
_L 0x2014B18C 0x0014A040
_L 0x20002074 0x3C050080
_L 0x20002078 0x0A252C64
_L 0x2000207C 0x00852024
_L 0x201918FC 0x00129042

he says he fixed it
#Enemy HP is doubled, enemies receive half damage, enemies cause double damage and EXP halved.
#Do not use with 1 hit kill code and exp multiplier
Re: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [ULJM-05600] CWcheats

(This Ven code but I fixed it so you can use all skills and actually hit with him in Terra's and Aqua's stories.)
_C0 Perfect Ven
_L 0x00367014 0x00000001
_L 0x0171C1D5 0x00000001
_L 0x1171C238 0x000000F5
_L 0x1171C240 0x000000FE
_L 0x1171C248 0x000000FB
_L 0x1171C250 0x000000F6
_L 0x1171C258 0x00000112
_L 0x1171C260 0x00000100
_L 0x1171C268 0x000000FC
_L 0x1171C270 0x00000110
_L 0x1171C278 0x00000104
_L 0x1171C280 0x0000010E
_L 0x1171C228 0x00000055
_L 0x1171C230 0x00000127

Invisibility mod
0x003669EF 0x000000??

?? Digits
3F - Visible
40 - Invisible

Sub disabler (in cutscenes)
0171B0BC 00000000
Re: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [ULJM-05600] CWcheats

nitepr codes

#money max
0x0171C1A4 0x000F423F

#medal MAX
0x0171C1A8 0x000F423F

0x0171C1A0 0x00FF425D

#arena Lv MAX
0x0171C1D7 0x14

#HP heranai
0x00128448 0x86020382
0x00128460 0xA6020380

#Quick Ability Level UP
0x000DFFAC 0x24062710

#Infinite D-Link Gauge
0x0011B904 0xE616003C

#Command Gauge Always Full
0x0013EB4C 0x3C0F42C8
0x0013EB54 0x448F6800

#Full FocusFull Focus Gauge
0x0011788C 0xE48C0044
0x0011B734 0xE60E0044
0x001207C8 0x00000000

#Instant Magic Recover
0x00115788 0x3C0F42C8
0x0011578C 0x448F6000

#Vanitus D-link (Ven Only)
0x0172CA20 0x83000173

#All Abilites
0x0172C220 0x0001C180
0x0172C224 0x0001C180
0x0172C228 0x0001C180
0x0172C22C 0x0001C180
0x0172C230 0x0001C180
0x0172C234 0x0001C180
0x0172C238 0x0001C180
0x0172C23C 0x0001C180
0x0172C240 0x0001C180
0x0172C244 0x0001C180
0x0172C248 0x0001C180
0x0172C24C 0x0001C180
0x0172C250 0x0001C180
0x0172C254 0x0001C180
0x0172C258 0x0001C180
0x0172C25C 0x0001C180
0x0172C260 0x0001C180
0x0172C264 0x0001C180
0x0172C268 0x0001C180
0x0172C26C 0x0001C180
0x0172C270 0x0001C180
0x0172C274 0x0001C180
0x0172C278 0x0001C180
0x0172C27C 0x0001C180
0x0172C280 0x0001C180
0x0172C284 0x0001C180
0x0172C288 0x0001C180
0x0172C28C 0x0001C180
0x0172C290 0x0001C180
0x0172C294 0x0001C180

#Skill 1 Lvl
0x0172B256 0x0000

#Skill 1 Exp
0x0172B258 0x0000

#Skill 2 Mod
0x0172B24A 0x0000

#Skill 2 Lvl
0x0172B24C 0x0000

#Skill 2 Exp
0x0172B24E 0x0000

#Character Mod
0x00176E1C 0x34020000

#Room Modifier (Destiny Islands)
0x00355A30 0x0000010A

#Room Modifier (Dark Realm)
0x00355A30 0x00003407

#Weapon Mod (Ven)(Kingdom Key)
0x0171C1D5 0x1F

#Character Mod (Ventus)(Armor)
0x00176E1C 0x3402000D

#Room Modifier (Room of Awakening)
0x00355A30 0x00000B01

#Room Modifier (Castle Oblivion)
0x00355A30 0x00000C01
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep JAP CWCheats

_S ULJM-05600
_L 0xF786FA4A 0x000F423F
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