Killzone Liberation [US] [UCUS-98646] CWCheats

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Killzone Liberation [US] CWCheats

_S UCUS-98646
_G Killzone Liberation [US]
_C0 Infinite Ammo
_L 0x200FE7DC 0x24A50000
_C0 Infinite Grenades
_L 0x200EB218 0x24840000
_C0 Infinite Box Supplies
_L 0x200AFCE0 0xE6ED0004
_C0 Infinite Syringes
_L 0x200ED478 0x24820000
_C0 Infinite Health
_L 0x2008A348 0x0A200800
_L 0x2008A34C 0x24190001
_L 0x20002000 0x172A0003
_L 0x20002004 0x3C19447A
_L 0x20002008 0xAC9900F0
_L 0x2000200C 0xAC9900F4
_L 0x20002010 0xC4ED0000
_L 0x20002014 0x0A2228D4
_L 0x20002018 0x460D6301
_C0 Restore Partner Health For Max
_L 0x2008987C 0x3C0F47C3
_L 0x20089880 0x448F6800
_L 0x20089884 0xE60D00F4
_C0 Infinite Jetpack
_L 0x200EEF48 0x00000000
_C0 Chain Gun Never Overheat
_L 0x200FF2D4 0x00000000
;Set Cheat Hz to 15/1000
#!!---Health Codes---
#Infinite Health
0x0003DE88 0x00000000

#Heal Yourself
;Press Right + L To Increase Your Health
0x0070B000 0x3C0808E0
0x0070B004 0x3C0908DD
0x0070B008 0x3C0A000A
0x0070B00C 0x8D0BBE00
0x0070B010 0x8D6B007C
0x0070B014 0x8D2C6E1C
0x0070B018 0x8D8C0004
0x0070B01C 0x8D8C0044
0x0070B020 0x240D0120
0x0070B024 0x158D0004
0x0070B02C 0x8D6E0100
0x0070B030 0x014E7820
0x0070B034 0xAD6F0100
0x0070B038 0x03E00008
0x0070B03C 0x0E22A2F9
0x000AB6E8 0x0E3C2C00

#!!---Weapon Codes---
#One Shot Kill
0x001CC7D8 0x3C057F7F

#Instant Reload
0x0011E314 0x3C066D88

#Never out of Ammo
0x00138890 0x00000000

#Press Square to Add Ammo
0x00138B0C 0x24A50001
0x00138B18 0x00000000

#No Recoil
0x00138BC0 0x00000000

#Rapid Fire/ All Guns
0x001393dc 0xc60d019c

#No OverHeat Chaingun
0x006F3000 0x3C080894
0x006F3004 0x3C0908DB
0x006F3008 0x8D2B8F60
0x006F300C 0x8D2C9D28
0x006F3010 0xA10B92A9
0x006F3014 0xA10C92A8
0x006F3018 0x03E00008
0x006F301C 0x0E22A0E9
0x000AAC5C 0x0E3BCC00

#Real Guns
0x001f9e3c 0x3c070000
0x0013dad0 0x3c077000

#4 Grenades
0x00122194 0x14D00026

#Rapid Grenades
0x00121B5C 0x10000015
0x00121D80 0x00000000

#Grenades - Far & Fast
0x001cd1d0 0x3c0b4080

#Grenades - High
0x001cd1d0 0x3c0b3f90

#Grenades - Straight Down
0x001cd1d0 0x3c0b3c80

#Grenades - Up
0x001cd1d0 0x3c0b3f9a

#Super Fast Rockets
0x00165330 0x4033

#Shotgun Weapons
;For machine guns
0x001392A8 0x3C0440CA
0x00138EF0 0x3C044200
0x001393DC 0xC60E019C

#Ultra Shotgun/ Big Explo Rockets
0x001392A8 0x3C0442C8
0x001393DC 0xC60E019C

#Fire Blanks
0x00138EF0 0x3C047F80

0x0013862C 0x55E00001

#Reload All Ammo Into Clip
0x0013886c 0x00000000

#Shoot Down Xbows/Nades/Rocketz
0x001652F0 0x0001

#Arrows - Shoot Straight
0x00166034 0xD602

#Arrows - Fast Up Then Down
0x00166034 0x6603

#!!---Player Codes---
#One Punch Kill
0x0011B290 0x3C057AD0

#Perfect Skywalker
0x001BE420 0x00000000

#Climb Hack
0x001BE218 0xC022

0x001BE4C0 0x46118400

#Sharp Turns
0x001B9F20 0xD080

#!!---Speed Codes---
0x0004be20 0x40

#Speed Hack
0x001BE218 0x4000

#Easy Fun
0x001BE398 0xBEEE

#Rapid Game Speed
0x00153E24 0x3C044600
0x0011E314 0x3C066D88

#Slow Motion
0x00153E24 0x3C043E00

#!!---Map Codes---
#Sepia Tone
0x0019735C 0x7000

#High Quality
0x00197334 0x8000

#New Explosions
0x00311734 0x4080

#Mini Hud
0x00277dfc 0x3c053fc0

#Health Bar On Top
0x00190C0C 0x14

#Overhead View
0x00205b98 0x3c0540d0

#Background Noise Reduction
;no background noise
;you manily can only hear shots,
;explosions and mics
0x0060513C 0x00000000

#Background Noise Reduction pt 2
;No background noise
;you mainly can only hear shots,
;explosions and mics
0x00607004 0x00000000

#!Background Noise Reduction V.3.0
;No background noise
;you mainly can only hear shots,
;explosions and mics
0x0060513C 0x00000000
0x00607004 0x00000000
0x00607018 0x00000000
0x00607020 0x00000000
0x00607024 0x00000000
0x00696488 0x00000000
0x006964C0 0x00000000
0x00696B88 0x00000000
0x00696BC0 0x00000000
0x006A41D8 0x00000000
0x006A41DC 0x00000000
0x006A41F4 0x00000000
0x006A41F8 0x00000000

#Mic clearing
;very little background noise
;cant hear guns or people or nothing
0x0060513C 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00607004 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00607018 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00607020 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00607024 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00696488 0xFFFFFFFF
0x006964C0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00696B88 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00696BC0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x006A41D8 0xFFFFFFFF
0x006A41F4 0xFFFFFFFF
0x006A41F8 0xFFFFFFFF

#!!---Joker Codes---
#Scrolling ABCs
;Turn on only in a waiting room
0x00700FF8 0x00000000
0x00701000 0x3C0808DD
0x00701004 0x8D086E1C
0x00701008 0x8D0800F0
0x0070100C 0x8D08000C
0x00701010 0x8D080004
0x00701014 0x3C090101
0x00701018 0x25290101
0x0070101C 0x3C0A08F0
0x00701020 0x8D4B0FF8
0x00701024 0x1D600009
0x00701028 0x3C0B4443
0x0070102C 0x256B4241
0x00701030 0x3C0D4847
0x00701034 0x25AD4645
0x00701038 0xAD490FF8
0x0070103C 0xAD0B0010
0x00701040 0xAD0D0014
0x00701044 0xAD000018
0x00701048 0xAD00001C
0x0070104C 0x8D4C0FFC
0x00701050 0x11800004
0x00701058 0x3C0D0001
0x0070105C 0x018D7022
0x00701060 0xAD4E0FFC
0x00701064 0x8D590FF4
0x00701068 0x1D80001E
0x0070106C 0x3C0D0100
0x00701070 0x1F200010
0x00701078 0x8D0E0010
0x0070107C 0x8D0F0014
0x00701080 0x01C9C020
0x00701084 0x01E9C820
0x00701088 0xAD180010
0x0070108C 0xAD190014
0x00701090 0x8D0E0014
0x00701094 0x3C0F5A59
0x00701098 0x25EF5857
0x0070109C 0x15CF0003
0x007010A0 0xAD4D0FFC
0x007010A4 0x3C180001
0x007010A8 0xAD580FF4
0x007010AC 0x1000000D
0x007010B4 0x8D0E0010
0x007010B8 0x8D0F0014
0x007010BC 0x01C9C022
0x007010C0 0x01E9C822
0x007010C4 0xAD180010
0x007010C8 0xAD190014
0x007010CC 0x8D0E0014
0x007010D0 0x3C0F4847
0x007010D4 0x25EF4645
0x007010D8 0x15CF0002
0x007010DC 0xAD4D0FFC
0x007010E0 0xAD400FF4
0x007010E4 0x03E00008
0x007010E8 0x0E2B103E
0x002C4338 0x0E3C0400

#Mark & Recall
;Left = Mark
;Right = Recall
0x00707FF8 0x3C0808E0
0x00707FFC 0x3C0908DD
0x00708000 0x8D296E1C
0x00708004 0x8D290004
0x00708008 0x8D290044
0x0070800C 0x8D0ABE00
0x00708010 0x8D4B007C
0x00708014 0x240C0080
0x00708018 0x240D0020
0x00708024 0x3C1808F0
0x00708028 0x152C0009
0x00708030 0x8D6C0090
0x00708034 0x8D6D0094
0x00708038 0x8D6E0098
0x0070804C 0xAF0C3000
0x00708040 0xAF0D3004
0x00708044 0xAF0E3008
0x00708048 0x10000009
0x00708050 0x152D0007
0x00708058 0x8F0C3000
0x0070805C 0x8F0D3004
0x00708060 0x8F0E3008
0x00708064 0xAD6C0090
0x00708068 0xAD6D0094
0x0070806C 0xAD6E0098
0x00708070 0x03E00008
0x00708074 0x0E22A87D
0x000AB5CC 0x0E3C1FFE

#Camera Zoom In/Out
;Up and down on direction pad to zoom
0x00706ff8 0x73697774
0x00706ffc 0x00646574
0x00707000 0x3c08088b
0x00707004 0x3c0908dd
0x00707008 0x3c0a08f0
0x0070700c 0x8d2b6e1c
0x00707010 0x8d6b0004
0x00707014 0x8d6b0044
0x00707018 0x8d2ce23c
0x0070701c 0x8d4d6ff8
0x00707020 0x240e0010
0x00707024 0x240f0040
0x00707028 0x24180010
0x0070702c 0x156e0006
0x00707034 0x8d0e8c84
0x00707038 0x01d87822
0x0070703c 0xad0f8c84
0x00707040 0x10000006
0x00707048 0x156f0004
0x00707050 0x8d0e8c84
0x00707054 0x01d87820
0x00707058 0xad0f8c84
0x0070705c 0x118d0003
0x00707064 0x1000c9bf
0x0070706c 0x03e00008
0x00707070 0x0e22a34f
0x000ab590 0x0e3c1c00

;Press L to Jump
0x00705FF8 0x73697774
0x00705FFC 0x00646574
0x00706000 0x3c0808e0
0x00706004 0x3c0908dd
0x00706008 0x3c0a08f0
0x0070600c 0x8d2b6e1c
0x00706010 0x8d6b0004
0x00706014 0x8d6b0044
0x00706018 0x8d0cbe00
0x0070601c 0x8d8d007c
0x00706020 0x8d2ee23c
0x00706024 0x8d4f5ff8
0x00706028 0x24180100
0x0070602c 0x3c1940b0
0x00706030 0x15780004
0x00706038 0x8dab0098
0x00706040 0xadb90098
0x00706044 0x11cf0003
0x0070604c 0x1000d1cd
0x00706054 0x03e00008
0x00706058 0x0e22a2da
0x000ab4f4 0x0e3c1800

;L + Up = Up
;L + Down = Down
;Up = Forward
;Down = Backward
;Left = Left
;Right = Right
0x00709000 0x3C0808E0
0x00709004 0x3C0908DD
0x00709008 0x8D296E1C
0x0070900C 0x8D290004
0x00709010 0x8D290044
0x00709014 0x8D0ABE00
0x00709018 0x8D4B007C
0x0070901C 0x240C0010
0x00709020 0x240D0040
0x00709024 0x240E0080
0x00709028 0x240F0020
0x0070902C 0x24180110
0x00709030 0x24190140
0x00709034 0x15380007
0x0070903C 0x8D6C0098
0x00709040 0x3C0D0015 ;modify both 15s to go up & down faster or slower
0x00709044 0x018D7020
0x00709048 0xAD6E0098
0x0070904C 0x10000007
0x00709054 0x15390007
0x0070905C 0x8D6C0098
0x00709060 0x3C0D0015 ;modify both 15s to go up & down faster or slower
0x00709064 0x018D7022
0x00709068 0xAD6E0098
0x0070906C 0x10000007
0x00709074 0x152E0007
0x0070907C 0x8D6C0090
0x00709080 0x3C0D0015 ;Modify all the 5s to move left right forward & backward faster
0x00709084 0x018D7022
0x00709088 0xAD6E0090
0x0070908C 0x10000007
0x00709094 0x152F0007
0x0070909C 0x8D6C0090
0x007090A0 0x3C0D0015 ;Modify all the 5s to move left right forward & backward faster
0x007090A4 0x018D7020
0x007090A8 0xAD6E0090
0x007090AC 0x10000007
0x007090B4 0x152C0007
0x007090BC 0x8D6C0094
0x007090C0 0x3C0D0015 ;Modify all the 5s to move left right forward & backward faster
0x007090C4 0x018D7022
0x007090C8 0xAD6E0094
0x007090CC 0x10000007
0x007090D4 0x152D0005
0x007090DC 0x8D6C0094
0x007090E0 0x3C0D0015 ;Modify all the 5s to move left right forward & backward faster
0x007090E4 0x018D7020
0x007090E8 0xAD6E0094
0x007090EC 0x03E00008
0x007090F0 0x0E29E044
0x001BE394 0x14C00008
0x000AB4C4 0x0E3C2400

#!!---Misc Codes---
#Game Time Hack - 60 mins
; 300.0 == 0x43960000 == 5 mins
; 600.0 == 0x44160000 == 10 mins
; 900.0 == 0x44610000 == 15 mins
; 1200.0 == 0x44960000 == 20 mins
; 3600.0 == 0x45610000 == 60 mins
0x006FB050 0x45610000
0x006FB054 0x766c6953
0x006FB058 0x75537265
0x006FB05C 0x72656672
0x006FB060 0x3c0808ef
0x006FB064 0x3508b040
0x006FB068 0x8d090010
0x006FB06C 0xafa9001c
0x006FB070 0x8d090014
0x006FB074 0x25298598
0x006FB078 0x35291114
0x006FB07C 0x8d020018
0x006FB080 0x01221026
0x006FB084 0x8d09001c
0x006FB088 0x00494824
0x006FB08C 0x00094a02
0x006FB090 0x01291020
0x006FB094 0x00491020
0x006FB098 0x24429000
0x006FB09C 0x01024822
0x006FB0A0 0x25294468
0x006FB0A4 0x3c020006
0x006FB0A8 0x34425744
0x006FB0AC 0x01221022
0x006FB0B0 0x8d290000
0x006FB0B4 0x1120000e
0x006FB0B8 0x00000000
0x006FB0BC 0x8d280000
0x006FB0C0 0x1502000b
0x006FB0C4 0x00000000
0x006FB0C8 0x25290008
0x006FB0CC 0x8d290024
0x006FB0D0 0x11200007
0x006FB0D4 0x00000000
0x006FB0D8 0x25290034
0x006FB0DC 0x8d290044
0x006FB0E0 0x11200003
0x006FB0E4 0x8fa8001c
0x006FB0E8 0x25290004
0x006FB0EC 0xad280000
0x006FB0F0 0x0a2b103e
0x006FB0F4 0x00000000
0x002C4338 0x0e3bec18

0x00704ff8 0x73697774
0x00704ffc 0x00646574
0x00705000 0x3c0808e0
0x00705004 0x3c0908dd
0x00705008 0x3c0a08f0
0x0070500c 0x3c0b0000
0x00705010 0x8d0cbe00
0x00705014 0x8d8d007c
0x00705018 0x8d2ee23c
0x0070501c 0x8d4f4ff8
0x00705020 0xadab0100
0x00705024 0x11cf0003
0x0070502c 0x1000d1cd
0x00705034 0x03e00008
0x00705038 0x0e22a6d2
0x000ab5bc 0x0e3c1400

#Crazy Bullets
0x00138F00 0x5080

#No Turning Back
0x001BE224 0x8800
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