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Move your best arms to 3rd, SS, and right field. I say right field because a hard hit ball through the hole by a slow runner could get thrown out at 1st.

With bases loaded and less than 2 out, hit and run every time, because the computer will automatically throw home every time.

The computer will swing at most anything with two strikes, so throw a slow curve drifting outside from the batter. It will swing but usually come up with nothing.

With men on base and a bloop in the in field, let it fall. The runners will have held, so you can get the force, usually a double play if there are runners on 1st & 2nd.
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Runner on second tip

If you ever get a runner on second follow this tip. On the next batter(s) try and get a hit. After you do get them to throw the ball to the catcher. Make the runner on first leave and steal second. The catcher will throw to second. Immediately after the runner from first leaves make the runner from third go home. Right before the runner from first gets to second, the second basemen will throw home. If the second basemen has a slow throw the runner will score. If he has a good arm it'll be a close play. If you try it once in a game and get thrown out don't try it again.
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Offense tips

On offense, if you get a man on first with no outs, bunt him to second and third. At worst, a man on third with two outs is the situation you now have, at best bases loaded. Have the man on third lead off (watch out for pickoff attempts). Watch the pitcher, and when the pitcher lifts his leg steal home, and bunt the ball. If the runner on third is too fast, the man at first will be thrown out or if he is too slow and cannot score you can turn him around and send him back to third. The computer will throw home and then to third. With good timing and a few good bunts you can score several runs. Also is you have first and second with no outs, try to hit a ground ball to the first or second basemen (while having the runner and 2nd stealing). Often, the computer will throw to 3rd and everyone will be safe. While pitching, hold up and the direction of the batter. This will send a slow curve ball to the plate. The computer swings at nearly everything. Be careful not to throw to far inside and hit the batter. This is best is using a pitcher with high control, and high fatigue if possible. If low fatigue factors, change pitchers every few innings. With the right control on the movement, you can keep the ball just inside the body of the batter and can get 27 K's. The computer will not always swing at these pitches but more often then not. You can mix it up with slow curves outside, and faster pitches, however both of these are dangerous as the hitter may hit the ball with the big part of the bat. Check all the players abilities, as team speed, pitching and defense can win ballgames, as well as hitting homeruns.
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Hitting home runs

Here's a secret to hitting home runs. Hold Down, time the pitch right and swing. You are guaranteed to hit a lot of home runs during the season.
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See the end credits

At the Title Screen press B, A, Down, B, Up, B, B, and A to see the end credits.
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