Just found a yellow VMU in my spare room.

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This is my first post, so if this is bad form I apologise....

I used to be a collector of all things video games, and I especially loved the dreamcast. I have lost my job so unfortunately I have begun to sell my collection off...

Whilst having a rummage in the spare room, I have just come across and set of transparent coloured VMU's that I put in a custom case years ago. There is a yellow VMU, which as far as I can tell is pretty rare, however I am at loss as to what a fair price for it is. I thought I would ask here as I don't want to base my price on inflated ebay sellers. I can't see the box yet, but I'm sure I will find it, the VMU is mint and the pull tab is still on the battery.

What would be an honest, fair price for when I come to sell this ? I would appreciate any input you could give.

PS I can post pics if you want, and I am captain.vice on ebay UK if you want to check my reputation.
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