Just bought a psp w/5.00 m33-6 and need assistance?


So I just made a post a couple of days ago about how I was getting my girlfriend a psp and I WAS going to get her one with 6.35 installed and I simply was going to install 6.35 pro b3 on it...

Well, things have a habit of changing and I ended up obtaining a psp with 5.00 m33-6 for a cheaper price...

I know my way around 6.35 pro b3 because of my experience with it, and the fact that I hacked one for my friend...

All that being said, I have no experience and no knowledge of how the m33 works..

Essentially I was told I would need to convert my memory card to a magic memory card? I am not quite certain what that entails, and can it be done to any memory card? If i need this 'magic memory stick' on another device or for upgrading this psp to pro b3, could I use that same card? can the 'magic' process be reversed so to speak?

I have read that 5.50 m33 is potentially better? is that true? is it worth the effort? I do not own a pandora battery, as I bought it this way..

Will newer games work on the 5.00 m33? or would I need to upgrade to pro b3? I have read something about plugins online, but I am not certain where to obtain those or what exactly they would do for me..

And finally, is it worth sticking with 5.00 m33? I was told that its cool because it is permanent, but do the benefits out-weigh its cons? or would 635 pro b3 be a better bet? and if I were to update to pro b3, would I need a pandora battery?

I am sorry for all of these questions.. and their newbacious connotations, I simply have no idea what I am getting into.. I have done some research regarding these topics, but non conclusive as to what is better per say, pro b3 or 5.00 and whether or not it is worth the update.

I thank you all for your patience and all of your help!

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