Jet Set Radio HD Will Hit PC, Console, iOS and Android

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Jet Set Radio HD will be coming to mobile platforms as well.

Fans of the roller skating, graffiti game Jet Set Radio (AKA Jet Grind Radio) will be glad to know that Jet Set Radio HD won't just be hitting Xbox Live, Vita, PlayStation Network, and PC, but also Android and iOS tablets and phones.

Don't worry about the mobile versions being "watered down" ones of the console releases. They'll will include the same maps, but will also have new features such as OpenFeint for achievements and leaderboards and photo-integration to allow players to use photos they've taken as in-game graffiti.

No price point or release date has been confirmed for any of the versions of Jet Set Radio HD. Sega has confirmed that the re-master is expected to hit sometime this summer.
Jet Set Radio HD Will Hit PC, Console, iOS and Android
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