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  • Play as Goji Rokkaku
To play as Goji, first unlock the three previous gangs (Poison Jam, Love Shockers, and Noise Tank), then get a Jet Ranking on the Grind City stages.
  • Play as Love Shockers
To play as the punked out skaters, complete every Shibuya-cho stage with a Jet rating.
  • Play as Noise Tank
To play as the toxic gang, complete every Benten-cho stage with a Jet rating.
  • Play as Poison Jam
You can play as the gang members with the monster costumes by getting a Jet Ranking on ever Kogane-cho Story stage.
  • Play as Potts
To get to play as Jet Grind's lovable pup, first complete the game one time and have all of the previous characters (Goji, Love Shockers, Noise Tank, and Poison Jam) unlocked.. Next, play through the game again and complete Monster of Kogane before Benten Boogie. After Chapter 2, Noise Tank will challenge you. Win that challenge to play as Potts.
  • Skate backwards
Press up then down while skating to skate backwards.
Re: Jet Grind Radio

  • Tag groups quicker
When spraying a member of a group, repeatedley press the spray button and you will hit them 3-4 times.
  • Unlock all gang members
When it says New Game, choose the t word then press X, Y, A, B, B, A, Y, X.
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